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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Probably the first time in a long time, I didn't need to read the video recap

Tazz was a fantastic and original choice. I liked how Linda thanked the fans like she would do. Tazz saying he is glad he is back in Japan was a nice little touch and a nice place for him to become GM. Acknowledging Cole was good but I don't think he would say that everyone has to call him boss, that came off quite heelish. Coach reminding us on who took Tazz out was a quick reminder there, thanks for that.

I could be wrong but have you put two debut packages one after another? Seems strange thing to do. EDIT: Sydal is already part of the roster

Thank God, HBK isn't the serious character the WWE have had him portray for a long time. Really liked Michaels having some fun here. Lets not overuse Tazz on his first night, I have a small feeling that you might.

Lovely Opening. I liked the fast paced of the match to kick off the action. Kash got the win, I was surprised, don't see many people having Kash win a match here at WF. As you had no entrances Im glad that you put crowd responses in, so I know whos heel and face.

Chavo/Killings - Wasnt a fan of this promo. Seems your trying make Chavo Heel here. I have no problems with that but the way in which you tried I don't felt worked. I couldn't see Killings trying help him out and then squaring up to him, which then leads into a fist fight. Just didn't seem in Killings character. Also I had problems reading what happened at the end, found it hard to read the last sentence.

McCool is a face, hmm, I know I can't get everything my own way, but she is soo much better as a heel. Beth really needed a strong showing tonight and you gave her that. Not sure about Mickie looking on concerned, would prefer her stand up to Beth and make her look like a legitimate challenge.

Liked how you linked the two segments together, it was one of those things I didnt think you would do and we would have Tazz segments throughout the show. Elijah and MVP feud continues and have their blow-off match next week. Glad this was announced a week before, as it seems to be a feud that has being built up on SD! for a while now. Ha tazz putting the past in the past and then making the Extreme Rules match was great. Loved how this played out and it looks like Tazz will be getting his own back later. Like the shot of Masters/Haas afterwards as it builds up the match more.

In the Shelton promo, I think you made an error in the grammar and meant to put "Not tonight or next week". Not much to say on the promo without repeating it in the review. I do like the overall focus on the fact that Shelton feels under appreciated.

I actually thought Funaki could steal this one, but in the end it just puts Benjamin over more as a heel. Shannon Moore attacking Benjamin! Not liking this im afraid. I have been really liking the pus Shelton just got over the past two segments and then you kinda bury him . Hopefully Shelton can get over Shannon fast and move on to bigger things in this thread.

As soon as I say that, the match is announced for next week. I really don't mind who wins it as Benjamin could move onto the world title. The Punk promo was really good. Shows that he is over when he is really injured and still gets heat. Him blaming Linda McMahon helped to bring out on the heat to him. I see Punk and Hardy having a bloody battle some where in the future.

I mentioned my views of Jack Hayger last week . No need say that again.

I have to admit, I was slightly worried, by the way you wrote this, that Sydal would go onto win it. Jeter! WTF! Not happy he spoiled a fantastic match. Good things about the match was the Cyclorama (not sure why sydal didn't go for the cover afterwards) and the handshake at the end.

Just a quick note, I myself really don't like all the graphics you have in the BTB. They dont look professional and the amount they are repteated is getting annoying.

Not much I can say about MVP in this promo. Hard review these in recapped. MVP seemed in character. Nice transition into the Jeter promo. Didn't like Josh saying that Jeter "cost Sydal" the title. As Sydal was never champion and it was not sure he would have hit the SSP.

Bit worried that after the UK Pack had a video promo, they wouldn't be used on the show, after last weeks minor role. But they are out here in this match from the start, which means more air time. Good move there. Damn you gave him the Bridiging German Suplex!! Please let Haas do another move for the long two count . He has way more moves . YES HAAS DOES THE OLYMPIC SLAM! Oh wait well he did attempt it! Oh wait he ends the match with it. Superb, and im so happy Haas isn't cast typed into the German Suplex Boy!. Masters of the mat going over the ECW vets in an extreme rules match, makes them look more stronger. Nice little stare down at the end to keep the focus on the feuding teams.

Maria looking surprised is no surprise as Hardy seemed very deep here. Matt has the ability to do this, so don't over do it and ruin how special it is, but I think you made a good decision to use it here. Punk and Hardy need lock up soon, it feud is red hot now.

Not often MVP is in the main event usually. Ahh man, I didn't like the DQ ending. Michaels was on a roll. Didn't see why MVP had to use the low blow, as he ducked the move. Didn't like the ending.

Holy Shit, I felt that MVP that was going to cash in the MITB. Luckily Taker and Shane stopped that. Didn't like Taker and Michaels going face to face as the show went off the air. I know both are faces but they need to have some physical encounter, and I thought this was the right time for HBK to take down Taker.

Overall: On the whole, I enjoyed the show, the ending and aftermath of the Main Event, were slight disappointments. I would slow down on all the graphics, but thats your prerogative.
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