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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review:

Wow good way to open the show, didn't expect Tazz to be named as the GM. I really liked this promo and I think it is the beginning of the things to come with Tazz really laying down the law, hopefully Smackdown will get a bit more extreme now as well.

I like that you have Shawn and Michael working together so closely, I think it could lead to a very good storyline with Michaels mentoring Michael Shane. Tazz appearing and making his firsts decision as GM was a good decision as it solidifies the fact that he means business and that Smackdown is going to become more entertaining.

The opening match between Chavo and Kid Kash was a good quick paced match and a good way to kick off the show. Having Kash pick up the win was probably the right choice because it solidifies him as a top heel in the cruiser weight division and sets up a possible unlucky/losing streak storyline with Chavo due to the fact that he seemed very frustrated after the match.

I really liked the backstage segment with Chavo and Killings, looks like Chavo's frustrations might be getting the better of him. I think a heel turn for him would be smart booking because he is more entertaining as a heel then a face.

Beth Phoenix and Mickie James are probably the two best divas in the WWE at the moment so a feud between the two of them is an obvious choice. The match was written well and didn't see the divas fighting more like men like you do in some BTB. Having Beth win was the obvious choice here.

Elijah Burke getting a match against MVP next week is pretty exciting and is a good way to get readers coming back and progress the thread. By the looks of things Tazz's office is going to be getting a real work out but hopefully he can hold his word and handle the pressure well.

Shelton Benjamin's promo was written really well and it looks like you are going for an angle where he finally realises how under used he is and hopefully you give him the opportunity to showcase all of his talents. The match with Funaki helped display Shelton as a dominate superstar and I think it was written particularly well. It appears you a setting up a feud between Shelton and Moore which should be a pretty interesting read.

The CM Punk promo was really good and I love seeing Punk as a heel, can't wait for him to return to action and continue feuding with Matt Hardy and maybe even start a feud between the Undertaker.

Bourne v Shane was a good fast past match which I really enjoyed reading, hopefully they will tie up again at some point in the future. This match was also planned as an obvious set up for a Bourne/Jetter feud which will be a very entertaining read.

You seem to be exceptional at writing these heel promos because the MVP promo was a great read. His character is really being built well and hopefully the MITB briefcase leads to a title reign for him in the near future.

The Masters of the Mat was a much better choice in terms of what would make a better wrestling match then Richards and Dreamer. I was actually a bit surprised that Richards and Dreamer lost due to the fact that the match was fought under extreme rules but it was still a very good choice in my opinion.

I agree with sc2004 when he said in his review that Matt's promo seemed a little irrelevant but it still built up the feud well it will be exciting to see what happens next in this intense rivalry.

The main event was a really good match and a DQ finish makes both the champion and the eventual number one contender stay strong. Undertaker's appearance at the end was a nice little touch to end the show and the show going off air with Michaels and Taker facing off with each other makes us wonder what happened after the show went off air and what will happen next.

Overall this was a really good show that I enjoyed reading, I think this BTB has a lot of good things going for it and I will definitely continue to read it in the future.
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