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Re: Backlash Presents: WWE 2007 and forward

Smackdown Review:

The opening promo was definitely to short, it's rare that the Undertaker gets any mic time so when he does it should be special and in this particular promo he just didn't seem in character. It also seemed like Big Show was a bit out of character acting scared and what not, Teddy Long's lines where good however and he seemed to be written well.

The opening match between Eve and Trish seems like a standard divas match, good to see Trish win.

I would have liked to see you make an attempt at writing out the Booker T promo, just saying: "Booker T gets interviewed on how he was DQd last week with Mr. Kennedy, Says he looks for Revenge soon for not winning last weeks match." doesn't really let us no much about Booker T's character in this BTB and doesn't really give us much of an insight on the storyline.

MVP v Mike Knox seems like your standard smaller wrestler is getting dominated then makes a late comeback for the win. A few grammatical errors here that kind of screwed up the flow of the match.

The backstage promo with Kane was set up well and the way Austin came in and accepted was good but I think some of the things Kane said he wouldn't say in real life like claiming to be one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Rey v Kennedy appeared to be a pretty exciting match but again if you read through it some of it doesn't really make sense. Booker T interfering in the end was a good way to end the match and follows up Booker T's earlier promo well.

Ric Flair v Big Show was well written in terms of each wrestlers mannerisms but again their where a few things that if written better would have increased the quality of the match. Also Big Show winning with an elbow seems pretty strange.

The backstage promo with MVP and Theodore Long was pretty good and once again Long was written well and seemed in character. Not much to say about this, it served it's purpose.

Kane v Austin was a bit of a strange match on account of Kane attempted a cross body which I don't think he could pull off in real life, apart from that it was pretty well written. The backstage promo with Kennedy after the match didn't seem write because Kennedy lost his match against Rey cleanly he wasn't screwed by Booker T.

The Big Show v Undertaker was pretty good match and was given plenty of time but why was Big Show fighting two matches in one night, as far as I can see there is no description or back story to that.

Overall the show was decent but you need to work on your grammar and sentence structure, the show even though it was written in recap also seemed a bit short. Hope this helps.
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