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Re: Backlash Presents: WWE 2007 and forward

Thanks for the video recap. Helps me out when reading this show.

Styles & Cole? Hmm not sure about this team, they both have the same job as commentators. Need a Tazz or Lawler with them really.

The Undertaker calling the steel chair "unforgiving". I see what you were trying to do but it seemed to fail. No DQ announcement is cool and Big Show mentioning the bad reasons for this was cool. However the way it was worded with "possibly" and "kill each other anyway" did not sound very much like what the Big Show would say. The Deadman goin get ya? Oooh no. sounded awful and more of what the Boogeyman would say lol.

Trish beats Eve, not sure who is heel or face as there is no entrances are crowd responses in the match recap. I suggest adding that in. For example "Trish slaps eve, as the fans boo". Something like that works fine. Announcers hyping the no dq match is cool.

MVP wins is a good thing and a very surprising win, I might add. Glad you are keeping things unpredictable. Im guessing MVP is a face, as again I can't tell .

Austin "knocking" Kane over. It made Kane look really weak after that intense promo he just. I think Austin accepting and then brawling with Kane would have give you the same outcome and kept Kane looking strong.

Is Kennedy or Booker heel? Not sure. Rey must be the face and picking up the clean win almost always indicates that. Good to see Booker wait till after the match, a lot of bookers (myself included) like to use run ins a lot. So its good you didn't here.

Big Show beats Flair with an elbow and doesnt Big Show already have a match tonight? Booker vs. MVP announced for the RR seems odd since Booker is feuding with Kennedy.

Kane and Austin always put on a good match, so this was wise booking. Kane attempted a crossbody? Not sure he would, he goes for a flying clothesline, I think that would have fitted better. Stunner ends the match and all is good! Kennedy says he will screw Booker, just took out the remaining bit of suspense I had for the Match at the RR.

Main Event was written slightly longer, which it should as the main event. Ending was a huge sick bump and I loved how the referees called the match off making Undertaker look immense. One week left before the Rumble? And Big Show needs time recover which I believe he needs just a bit more time, however he is the Big Show. Also he is the champ and I expected him so the loss was again unpredictable but it did not bury him as he has already beat Flair earlier in the show.

Overall: SHort show, but I did enjoy it. Lengthen the promos and you have a good BTB going
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