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Re: Backlash Presents: WWE 2007 and forward

Opening promo, very short and seemed kinda rushed. Although it did serve it's purpose and set up a big time match, NO DQ, between Taker and Show, it was very quick as each man had one line, or two tops.

Nice to Trish pick up the victory in a very quick match I could imagine. Not sure it's the best idea to say that your announcers blabbed on, but whatever works. Not having written out interviews in some parts, and then having it in others is weird. But nonetheless, nice to see the Bookerman wants some revenge against Kennedy, gonna be a great match.

Big time win for MVP right there getting a nice win over Knox. Hopefully this can lead to a push for MVP up towards the big title.

Again, not a big fan at all of the Austin/Kane promo. Very, very short, and not a lot happens. I can understand this one being short as it is a match set up, but some dialogue would have been nice, as Austin/Kane is gonna be a big time fued.

Mysterio picking up the win over Kennedy. Not quite sure what Kennedy does now, as that kills his momentum, and in my opinion, any shot at the Rumble. Nice to see a Booker attack, as hopefully we get a match between the two. Maybe even WrestleMania, which could be nice.

Show/Flair, wow a big time match, maybe not designed for a regular episode of Smackdown! as that match could be big. Understandably short, as Show has gotta wrestle twice tonight, but him winning with an elbow is odd. If he picks up two wins tonight, that is gonna be huge for him, and makes him the favorite for the title at the Rumble, IMO.

Again bro, not a fan of the one lined promos. Your really gonna need to expand on them. Sets up a nice match between MVP and Booker, but why? Booker was just attacking Kennedy a few minutes ago, doesn't make much sense to me. Still, nice little announcement for the gold come Rumble time.

Austin/Kane!? On Smackdown!? I thought you meant like down the line, not tonight. That's a WrestleMania match if I ever heard one. That could be huge. Not sure as to why you decided to have it on Smackdown!, especially with a clean finish, which basically ends the fued. Nice to see Austin get the win though as he can only go up, and where Kane goes, I have no idea.

Kennedy making his intentions clear, I'm sure MVP's happy to hear that.

Damn, you go absolutely all out with these matches. This definitely had a PPV feel to it. Crazy finish, maybe a little overkill with all the great stuff that happended already in the night, and Undertaker is trying to kill Show! Maybe Taker is the new favorite now to walk out the Champ.

It was a decent show, you had a ton of big time matches that were a lot better than Smackdown! material. Your promos are just way to short for me, as they are mostly one liners. I don't mind if you generalize what someone says, either do that, or write out the entire promo, as just leaving one line makes everything seem bland and uneven. And when your typing, you have random capitals in the beginning of words, which throws me off a little bit. Maybe it's just me, but try to fix that up a bit. You have some nice storylines, and the Rumble looks good, and you give every show some great matches, so just clean it up a little bit and make a few tweaks, and you could have a very nice show.

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