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Re: Backlash Presents: WWE 2007 and forward

Heres SD!, Hopin' for reviews!




  • Undertaker Choke slamming both Ric Flair and The Big Show
  • Some parts of Flair vs. Undertaker
  • Big Show hitting Undertaker with the chair.

Opening Video

Styles: Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to Friday Nights! I’m Joey Styles along with Michael Cole

Cole: Yes indeed and last week, you heard it, Big Show will be in 2 matches tonight!

The Undertaker enters and Goes to the Ring with his normal entrance. He has a mic and Is in an abnormal ravishing Rude Mood.

“Last Week The Big Show hit me over the head with an Unforgiving Steel Chair.”


“Well Big Man, Tonight when I get back into this Ring I am going to-“

The General Manager Teddy Long‘s Music Plays as he enters the Stage With a swagger.

“Playa, it’s really good that you want redemption, because tonight I’m making your match tonight No Disqualifications“

Big Show now enters the arena to thousands of booing fans

“Teddy, how could you POSSIBLY make it a no disqualifications contest? We would kill each other anyway. Did you See lat week when Kane and Austin Knocked out the referee and went at it with weapons? Huh? And did you see RAW when Triple H assaulted Edge with his Sledge hammer?”


“I don’t care what they did playa you better not be scared, Because The Deadman gonna getya!”

The Lights Dim and Turn purple as Undertaker does his pose in The Ring.


Eve vs. Trish Stratus
Finish: In The end, Eve nailed Trish with a high heel (No Pun Intended) Knocking her to the ground. She then sprang off of the top rope and nailed Stratus in the throat with her Arm. Stratus Got up and Eve went for the eve bomb which was countered into the Chick Kick following the 1…2….3. Trish Stratus beat Eve.

We cut to the announce table as they blab on about the upcoming No Disqualifications match and The Previous Diva’s Match.

Booker T gets interviewed on how he was DQ’d last week with Mr. Kennedy, Says he looks for Revenge soon for not winning last weeks match.

MVP vs. Mike Knox
Finish: In the end of this match, Mike Knox was brutalizing MVP with hard Chops across The Chest when MVP out of nowhere nailed him in the gut, Irish Whipped him In to The corner and Had gave him a boot to the side of the head, followed by a 3 count. MVP shocked the WWE Universe and Beat the man who took out a Legend, in a match! MVP celebrated as Mike Knox Got up Shaking his head battered and Busted up.


We see Kane backstage in The Darkness, Sitting in a dark room.

“I’m one of the earth’s scariest creatures. I’m one of The Best Wrestlers in The World! I’m The Man that won The Brutal War Last week, And I’m challenging Austin to a match tonight, And I will beat him this time.”


Austin Enters The Dark Room vastly and Knocks Kane over and Stands In front of The Camera Bending Down over Kane..

“I accept”

Mr. Kennedy vs. Rey Mysterio
Finish: In the beginning Rey mostly was swiftly in control as he astonishingly had many dramatic moves over Kennedy. Kennedy Later on Booted Rey to the face and Irish whipped him To The Corner. He then charged up attempting a Cross Body, But missed and nailed the Turnbuckle. Rey took control with a high flying move sending Ken face over the Second Rope as Rey Hit the 619! 1…2….3 End of the match! After the match Booker T entered through the crowd and Attacked Kennedy. He Nailed The Book End To cap it off and he celebrated in The Ring.

We see Ric Flair Make his way down The Hall, as his match is NEXT!


Ric Flair vs. The Big Show
FINISH: in the End, Flair had been hitting the Show with a lot of Dirty Tactics such as Low Blows and Eye Gouging But one time in The Match, Big Show Tossed him out of The Ring and Stepped Out There also and Banged Flairs head on the Announce table and Also Destroyed Him with that steel Ring Post. The Big Show Put Flair in The Ring, And would not let Up as He nailed an Elbow. He went for The Cover and 1…2…3! Big Show won!

Backstage MVP Enters the SD! GM Teddy Long’s Office.

‘Teddy, I beat the Master of Disaster tonight, the Weird, Feared Guy with the Beard!”

“Playa, You sure showed me. Tell You what, at The Royal Rumble, You Gonna to Defend Your United States Championship against none other than Booker T, Hope Yah Win Playa.”

MVP Looks Weird as the GM leaves the office and the crowd gives off heat

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane
FINISH: In The end Of This Match, Kane hit Austin with his boot up in the face to knock him down as Kane Climbed The ropes and attempted a cross body, But Stone Cold Steve Austin rolled out of The Way! And nailed The Big Red Machine in the face with his fist, Knocking Kane to The Ground. Austin gave him the Finger Gesture and stalked for The Stunner! The Stunner! The Stunner! Kane is implanted on the canvas! 1 2 3 STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN beat KANE!
Mr. Kennedy is interviewed and is talking about how Booker T screwed him tonight and How he will Screw Booker at The Rumble.


The Undertaker vs. The Big Show
Finish: In the end of this match up, The Undertaker Hit The Big Show with a Thunderous Clothesline, Knocking him to the canvas. He then got out of the ring and got a steel chair. When he got in The Ring, The Big show Kneed him in the Crotch, Causing ‘Taker to fall to his knees. Big Show then hit him in the head with his fist. Show picked up the chair and Smashed it over ‘Takers head and wet for the cover! 1….2…No! Big Show got frustrated and went after the Chair, when he turned around, Undertaker sat up. Undertaker Got up and Ducked under The Big Shows attempted Chair collision with Undertaker’s Head and Undertaker Bounced off The ropes and nailed a DDT on The Big Show! Undertaker got him up and Clothes lined him out of the ring. Taker got out and grabbed his head and walked u the Ramp and Gig Show Elbowed Taker, and threw him into the Barricade! The Undertaker then got up and Hit The Big Show with a Steel chair laying in the stands by where he was hit into the barricade. The Undertaker Then Took Big Show up The Ramp and Big Show Elbowed him and Suplexed him on the ramp! He soon lifted him up carried him to the Edge and tried to Throw him off But taker Ducked, Hit him a couple Times when The Show finally nailed him with a Right Hand. Undertaker was wounded, and Big Show backed up, and charged after The Undertaker Who Stuck out his hand, Choking The Big Show! Undertaker shook his head and said “It Ends”. He Lifted him up and CHOKESLAMED HIM OFF THE STAGE! THE REFEREE DECLARED BIG SHOW UNABLE TO FIGHT AS MEDICAL ASSISTANTS ASSISTED HIM! He was carried out on a stretcher, and then taken out on an ambulance.


Calendar Date: 25th January 2007
Theme: Addicted by Saving Able

NOT in Entry Order*
John Cena, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Lashley, JBL, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Umaga, John Morrison, Santino Marella , Jack Swagger, Batista, The Great Khali, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Kane, Mr. Kennedy, Mike Knox, Val Venis, Chavo, Carlito, MVP, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shad, JTG, And 1 Unknown Entrant


‘Half Man, Half Amazin’ MVP vs. Booker T

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hooligans vs. Priceless

WWE Championship

‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge vs. ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Championship'Nature Boy'Ric Flair vs.'The Deadman' The Undertaker vs. 'The Largest Athlete in The World' The Big Show


*RR Card subject to change

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