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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BYSC2004 >>>

>>> The choice of Tazz as you eluded to yourself in the opening promo was certainly not an obvious one however I think it could work. Tazz is a no nonsense, says it like he means it kind of guy who wonít put up with any crap and thatís whatís needed in a GM Iím just glad youíve got rid of Linda as she is just a horrible character to read. It would have been cool if you had a superstar or another possible candidate come out and object allowing Tazz to flex some muscle early on and make a point.

>>> Well thought out backstage promo. You managed to further advance the new close knit relationship between HBK and Shane as well as make Tazz look like a man of his word by going straight ahead and signing two huge matches for tonightís show.

>>> Both Chavo and Kash looked great in the match. This was a nice choice as opener, fast paced and fun, would of got the crowd going early on. The finish, although strong was not a clean one, leading me to believe you have more plans for these two in the future.

>>> The backstage altercation between Chavo and Killings was put there Iím guessing to further showcase Chavoís growing frustrations. An uncomfortable altercation. Not too sure where youíre going with this if Iím honest but I figure you may be planting the seeds for a feud.

>>> I just donít think a Mickie James, Beth Phoenix programme is going to set the world alight because we have seen it so much in real life. However if you mix it up and put a decent storyline together it could work. Deep down I know you got a great deal of satisfaction by having Beth pin McCool clean on TV. LOL.

>>> I just want to point out how well this promo flowed. It was seamless. From Burke requesting a match with MVP next week, to Dreamer and Richards congratulating Tazz on the GM job to Masters and Hass cracking up due to their match up tonight becoming extreme rulz. Just very nicely done. I surprised at Tazz not wanting to punish Haas and Masters more, but I guess by putting that stipulation in place he is in essence getting back at them.

>>> Iím glad you gave Shelton some Mic time. Granted he isnít the best talker in the world, but in time and with practice he could be. The open challenge idea is an old one, but it worked here given the surrounding and the opponent. Mooreís attack although predictable was effective and I like where this is going.

>>> Great heel tendencies show here by Punk. You write him so well. I even hate him here. Shame he is not on the show, but itís smart on your part, making us wait for the follow up in two weeks time. Punk, Matt doesnít have the same appeal and Punk, Jeff, but it is still bound to be a great storyline.

>>> The Sydal, Jeter dynamic has been interesting to say the least over the last two weeks and Iím glad youíre taking up a notch. Jeter probably cost Sydal the title here so that will most definitely add some fuel to the fire. The amount of new or progressing storylines and feuds that have started tonight is mind blowing. The seeds were sown last week and it appears as if things are going to really start to happen in the coming weeks as we head to Judgement Day.

>>> MVP is such a prick and I get a kick out of it every time. Super confident here as ever claiming that heís going to take care of both HBK and Burke. I like how calm, cool, collected and confident MVP is here. Nothing seems to phase Mr MITB. Jeterís comments about Sydal not being his friend for sometime made a great deal of sense. We all knew he was jealous in a way. Reminds me of HBK and Janety back in the day. Friends destroyed by jealousy.

>>> Well I guess you made the right choice in having the masters of the Mat go over here although Dreamer and Richards will be hurt by loosing an Extreme Rulz match, they are after all ECW originals. The stare down at the end was a nice touch.

>>> A little odd that you brought Matt to Japan for a 2 minute promo. Anyway, I donít think his words were all that strong, but he was intense. This segment felt like an afterthought and seemed out of place. I would of rather you just waited until next week, have Matt win a match and then respond in the ring. The fans would of added something to it that way.

>>> I think that this is the second week in a row youíve given us a DQ finish in the main event. I wonít knock you though as you had clean finishes all night, well pinfall finishes at least. You needed to keep HBK and MVP strong. I liked the aftermath with Taker and HBK coming back to back, nice touch. I could of done without MVP taking the choke slam, but it wasnít a big deal and it would of kept the fans happy.

OVERALL: After the last SmackDown I was hoping you would step it up and that you did. Just a great show. There are so many budding feuds and storylines, itís great. Nothing to fault really, just an awesome show with numerous talking points and well booked match ups.

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