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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Shit sorry man, I had a really hectic week last week and the beginning of this week with the birth of a new half sister, so I couldn’t get around to reviewing Raw, but I still have to return the favour, so I will review Smackdown.

Y2J reviews Nige’s Smackdown

Nice promo here from Linda, and to be honest, it came to me as a bit of a shocker when Tazz was announced as the General Manager of Smackdown. I found it funny when he said that now even Cole has to call him boss, and I think that you could make Tazz a good GM. I like how you have incorporated international shows, hopefully you come to Melbourne, I will get front row seats :P. Anyways, I am mixed to having Tazz as the GM, but I would like to see where you are going with this.

Sydal and Jericho absolutely PWN :P. That is all.

Two awesome matches set for later tonight, the main event will be absolutely awesome with MVP vs. Shawn, and Shane vs. Sydal will own as well. I like Shawn nowadays, but when he was the sarcastic, funny Shawn, I liked him better, probably because I am a DX fan .

Nice opening match between two cruiserweights, and it looks as though that Chavo is going on a mini losing streak. The Brainbuster switch towards the end of the match was a nice touch, and the obvious but right choice here was Kash winning by cheating, as Chavo will become even more frustrated with himself.

I didn’t see the preview for this week but this card is STACKED, as I said two of your main events will be great, and Dreamer and Richards vs. the Masters of the Mat which was confirmed last week looks good also. Divas for me = Meh, but I am actually looking forward to their match.

Crazy Chavo is great, and it looks as though he has cemented himself tonight as a tweener. A Guerrero and Killings feud is something different, and I am looking forward to it.

You have managed to make the Diva’s division exciting with a nice feud going on between Beth and Mickie, so kudos to you for that. I was expecting Mickie to interfere and give Phoenix either the DQ victory or a loss, but this was the right decision in my mind as it built Phoenix over.

I am not really buying Elijah Burke and Layla as faces as I said with my other Smackdown review, as just like you said with my John Morrison, as with their characters, they are just meant to be heels. Burke and MVP for next week will be great, and I think that Burke will win and go onto to have a shot at Judgement Day for the MITB Briefcase. Also, making the tag team Number One Contender’s match makes it much more exciting, as Dreamer cannot really carry a normal match nowadays.

I can’t believe you just bagged Australia, GRR . The Victory Celebration is looking good with the Gold Standard, and I believe that it was a nice touch to have Funaki come out in his homeland. That must be the biggest ovation ever for Kung- I mean Funaki.

An obvious Benjamin win here over Japan’s native, and it gets Shelton over by beating a country’s resident. Benjamin and Moore both getting a pushes is great and it is good to see that you are at least using Shannon. Shelton better go over in this feud, he is a future World Champion in my eyes.

Shannon vs. Benjamin for the UNITED STATES Title in AUSTRALIA is good, but Benjamin will go over as Moore will then go into the Cruiserweight Division. This Punk vs. both Hardy Boyz thing is absolutely awesome in my opinion, because as you have seen in my thread, I think heel Punk pwns. Hopefully Punk appears in Australia next week .

I knew that there would be a Jeter vs. Sydal feud, and even though I had the slightest feeling that Sydal would come out the victor and Jeter attack him after the match, this was the right decision. Shane getting a push is good, and hopefully you have a great Sydal and Jeter feud, as I know that you can pull it off.

It was a nice MVP promo here, pretty much stating that he is better than everyone else which I know that simple people on here think is true (wrestlefreak ). Burke and MVP is a great feud, and as for the Jeter promo, it was good also, and the best way to complete his heel turn was saying that he was sick of Sydal. You can have these two put on some great matches, I am looking forward to it.

With me being an ECW mark, this was a good match, but would have loved to see more hardcore action. I would have thought that Dreamer and Richards would dominate a good portion of the match since it is their playground, but it did put the Masters of the Mat over. The Olympic Slam through the table would have been sick to see IRL. Can’t wait for the Masters of the Mat against the UK Pack, it will take place at JD right?

Nice, intense promo here from Hardy against Punk, as it makes the rivalry seem more personal, which it already is anyways. Nice way to put over the feud, Hardy and Punk, so kudos to you for that as well. It was a good promo, and I can’t wait for the confrontation, which will hopefully happen next week.

Finally, the match that I have been looking forward to the most, the World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. MITB MVP. I would have thought that HBK would be a face in peril and then work his way back into the match, as most of your matches seem to be the same structure where someone dominates, and then either wins or there is a short comeback and the other wins. Anyway, I feel that it was a cop out to have such a huge main event end in a DQ finish. Nice touch at the end, and it creates great hype for a huge match at Judgement Day.

Overall, it was a good show Nige as per usual, you hyped your feuds tremendously, such as Hardy vs. Punk, Michaels vs. Undertaker, Benjamin vs. Moore, MVP vs. Burke and the Masters of the Mat vs. the UK Pack. I am not exactly sure when the UK Pack vs. the MOTM will take place, but is sure to be a hell of a match. Tazz as GM is interesting, I am looking forward to seeing this pan out and possibly have him go biased against the Masters of the Mat. Can’t wait for Raw and next week’s Smackdown.

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