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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Results - Friday 18th April 2008
Live From The Yokohama Arena
Yokohama, Japan

From Last Week

  • Matt Hardy calling out CM Punk, leading to the intense promo towards the end of the show, ending up with Punk being put in a match with The Undertaker
  • Linda McMahon announcing that The Undertaker’s title match with Shawn Michaels will take place at Judgment Day
  • The main event with Punk getting disqualified for using a chair on The Undertaker
  • Matt Hardy running down and straight in to a chair shot from Punk
  • Shawn Michaels walking out to the stage and catching Punk’s attention, allowing Taker time to stand back up and then level Punk with a chokeslam
  • Michaels & Taker staring at each other with mutual respect as the show came to a close

“If You Rock Like Me”


Linda McMahon’s music hits to a pop as she walks down to the ring with a big smile on her face. She politely collects a microphone before saying how wonderful it has been the last week or so spending time in this wonderful country of Japan. She also thanks them for their continued support, saying everyone associated with the WWE is truly grateful for that and the hospitality they have received over the last week, and says that they are going to give something back in a great show tonight. The fans like that and cheer with Linda smiling again before saying that everyone is well aware that due to William Regal being drafted to Raw a couple of weeks back, Smackdown has been left without a General Manager and that she has been filling the void ever since. She then says that will no longer be the case, as earlier in the week as reported on WWE.com, the Board of Directors have finalised arrangements for a new General Manager to take over, starting tonight.

A big pop meets that announcement as Linda smiles and takes pleasure in the fans’ reaction. She then says that she has the pleasure of unveiling him to the world right now, and asks everyone to stand up and give a warm welcome to the new General Manager of Smackdown, Tazz. “13” hits to a big pop as the no nonsense Tazz walks down to the ring in a suit and his traditional orange sunglasses. He climbs inside the ring and shakes hands with Linda, who then passes him the microphone and leaves. Whistles and cheers ring round for a while before he can finally speak, and says that first off it’s great to be back in Japan, which gets a massive pop. He then turns to the announce table and says just like everyone in the back, even Michael Cole can now call him boss. Another cheer breaks out, and he then says that he’s watched Smackdown ever since he injured his leg a month or so ago and that a lot of people have been getting away with things for way too long now.

He bluntly says that it stops here and now, and that anyone who crosses him will be dealt with as no one will be getting away with any kind of crap starting as of this very moment, talking like he means business, staring right at the camera. The fans clap him again, and he then turns to them and says that it’s not all about the guys in the back, it’s about giving the fans what they want, and tonight, he’s going to give them what they want, a show to remember. He grins as “13” hits again, and then walks over to the pass microphone back to Justin Roberts, acknowledging Cole again with a thumb’s up. Cole says that Tazz might not have been the obvious choice, but he believes he is the best one as Tazz will deal with anyone who steps out of line like he said he would. Coach disagrees and says that Charlie Haas & Chris Masters put him on the shelf, and that anyone could do the same again. Cole then says that he very much doubts anyone would argue with Tazz now that he’s in charge, and that he’s looking forward to seeing Tazz as the boss as the new GM walks back up the ramp with a big smile on his face.


[Commercial Break]

“Break The Walls Down”


Shawn Michaels, the World Heavyweight Champion & his cousin, the Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane
are sat down in their locker room. Shane thanks Shawn for the idea of tagging together last week, and says it was a great night and a great experience for him. Michaels tells him it’s not a problem and that he enjoyed it too, cousins teaming up and kicking ass together when Tazz walks in to the room. Both men stand up and shake hands with the new GM. Shawn says it’s great to see him again, but he says sarcastically that he hopes he’s not in the boss’s bad books already. Tazz grins and tells him he’s good for now, but says he is here on business though. They all sit down on fold out chairs with Tazz saying that he meant what he said about making this a show to remember, and that from where he’s sitting, they’re two guys who can help do just that. Shawn turns to Shane and jokes, telling him that he just knew this guy is the right man for the job with Shane nodding. Tazz says that he saw them both at Wrestlemania leaving with the two title belts on show, calling their performances very impressive. Another sarcastic response comes from Michaels as he tells him thanks with a big smile on his face, and Tazz says that he wants to see them both in action tonight.

Shawn & Shane look at each other with Tazz then telling HBK that he knows he’s got a match with The Undertaker at Judgment Day, but he wants him to put that to the back of his mind tonight. Shawn looks puzzled as Tazz turns to Shane and tells him he’s got a great match in store for him, a match with Matt Sydal to show everyone just what the cruiserweight division is all about, and says who better than him and Sydal to put on a show tonight with the title on the line too. Shane takes it quite well and says he likes the sound of that. Tazz turns back to Michaels, and the World Champ asks Tazz if he’s going to tell him who his opponent is going to be. Tazz says that he knew Michaels was going to ask that, and he says the world title won’t be on the line, but it’s going go to be one of the biggest main events in Smackdown history, the World Champion against Mr. Money in the Bank, MVP. Michaels smiles, stands up and holds his hand out, telling Tazz he’s got a deal. Shane does the same with Tazz shaking both their hands with them both wishing him luck as he thanks them and leaves. Shawn & Shane look at each other and smile with Michaels telling Shane he better get ready and to hop to it. Shane smirks and reaches down to lift his bag up and put it on the bench, saying “yes boss” as Michaels stands and grins at his cousin with the camera fading out.


***Match #1***

Chavo Guerrero vs Kid Kash

Chavo & Kash both make their way back up to their feet, looking a little groggy. As they stand up face to face, Kash throws a lazy right hand at Chavo, but he blocks it and hammers away at Kash, knocking him back a few paces. He then grabs The Notorious K I D by the wrist and whips him in to the ropes, and as he comes back, Chavo tosses him overhead with a back body drop, getting a pop from the crowd. Chavo fires himself up as he anticipates Kash getting back up slowly, and as Kash stands up and turns round, Chavo kicks him in the gut and pulls Kash’s head under his arm. He lifts him vertically up in to the air and falls back, connecting with a suplex, but The Mexican holds on to Kash’s tights and makes his way back up to his feet as the crowd cheer loudly for the second of The Three Amigo’s. Chavo lifts Kash up in to the skies again and plants a second suplex, then with a twist of the hips, he stands back up and completes the trilogy of suplexes to a rousing reception from the Japanese crowd. As Kash’s back hits the mat, Chavo readjusts his position on the mat and hooks both legs for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Kash gets his shoulder up though to break the count, but he remains firmly on his back as Chavo stands back up and walks in to the corner, then climbs to the top rope as Kash remains on his back. Chavo looks up in to the heavens and sets himself up before leaping off the top for THE FROG SPLASH. . . . . NO!. . . . . Kash gets his knees up with Chavo’s stomach landing right across them with The Mexican falling to the mat and clutching his stomach. Kash slowly sits himself back up before getting back up to his feet and pulling Chavo back up with him. He pulls Chavo’s head under his arm, setting him up for a BRAINBUSTER. . . . . Chavo fights it though and is able to pull his back and shift round the back of Kash, who turns round in to a kick to the gut from Chavo. It’s Chavo who then grabs Kash by the head and drags it into his grip for a BRAINBUSTER OF HIS OWN. . . . . Kash fights it too and pushes him back in to the ropes. Before Chavo hits the ropes, Kash runs right at him from behind and drives his knee in to the spine of Guerrero, then ducks down behind him and rolls him up, holding on to the ropes for leverage as the referee makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Kid Kash by pinfall.

AFTERMATH: Kash gets up and quickly pulls himself under the bottom rope, clearly happy as he turns round and smirks as he walks up the ramp with Chavo standing up and not looking best pleased. He grabs hold of the top rope and kicks the bottom one, showing clear frustration which Kash seems to enjoy.


[Commercial Break]

Chavo Guerrero is shown walking through the back, not looking too happy with himself after losing his match just before the break. He carries on walking and sees some poles leaning up against the wall, and stops. He flips out and grabs hold of them, pulling them back and down to the floor, then holds his head in his hands, clearly very frustrated as Ron Killings walks in to the shot and looks down at the poles. Chavo lifts his head back up to see Killings standing there. He asks him what he’s looking at, and Killings tells him to chill, but Chavo isn’t in the mood and tries to walk past him. Killings steps to the side and blocks Chavo off, who tells Killings to get out of his way. He doesn’t and tells Chavo just to chill out and not get so worked up, but that sets Chavo off as he pushes Killings in the chest. Killings takes exception to it and pushes him back, leading to Chavo retaliating and throwing a right hand at Killings. They exchange punches with Chavo then pushing him in to the wall. Killings drops to his knees as he hits with Chavo taking a disapproving look at him before walking off with Killings’ eyes firmly following him.


Mickie James getting her make up done backstage when Beth Phoenix walked up to her, leading to a frank exchange of views and a cat fight until it was broken up by officials.


Mickie James
makes her way down to the announce table dressed in casual clothes to watch the next match as Beth Phoenix makes her way out, not looking best pleased to see Mickie at ringside. She stares down at her as Michelle McCool then walks down to the ring to a decent pop from the crowd.

***Match #2***

Michelle McCool vs Beth Phoenix

Beth is in control and drags the sore McCool up to her feet, then whips her in to the ropes. But as McCool hits the ropes and runs back at The Glamazon, she baseball slides through her legs, races back up to her feet and shocks her with a HAIR PULL DDT. . . . . The crowd cheer as she rushes to go for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Beth kicks out fairly comfortably and sits up straight away, looking a little dazed though as McCool stands up, who then stands there urging Beth to get back up. Slowly she does with McCool pouncing straight away, connecting with a European uppercut, knocking Beth’s head back. She then tries for an irish whip of her own, but she’s overpowered by The Glamazon, who sends her crashing down to the mat as she comes back with a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE SMASH TO THE CHEST. . . . .

Beth just looks down and smirks at McCool before glancing over menacingly at Mickie, who watches on intently from the announce position. Beth turns the attention back to Michelle and walks over to her legs as she then tries to apply a CLOVERLEAF SUBMISSION HOLD. . . . . McCool fights it and kicks her off, then tries to find a way to her feet with Beth also standing back up after being forced back to the mat. As they meet head to head, McCool swings a wild right at Beth, but The Glamazon ducks it with McCool doing a full 360 degree turn. Beth acts straight away, driving her foot in to the gut of Michelle, sending her spinning with Beth then taking advantage by lifting her up in to the air and planting her with THE GRAND SLAM (Lifting Double Chicken Wing Facebuster). . . . . McCool lies their motionless as the deadly serious Glamazon makes the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Beth Phoenix by pinfall.

AFTERMATH: Beth’s music hits as she stands back up and gets her arm raised, turning round to stare at Mickie, still sitting at the announce table and looking a little concerned by the dominance shown by The Glamazon.

[Commercial Break]

Elijah Burke & Layla
walk through the hallway with a pop coming from the arena and looking pretty happy as they come to Tazz’s Office. Burke knocks and we hear the invitation to go in, so he and his very attractive girlfriend step inside. Tazz stands up and shakes hands with Burke, who tells him straight off he’s real happy that he’s put MVP in a match with Shawn Michaels later on, but says he came hear for a favour. He tells Tazz that he’s probably seen he’s made his feelings about MVP pretty clear lately, but he wants the chance to make them crystal clear in a match next week against the big cheese himself. Tazz looks a little taken aback and says that’s big, then has a real short think about it before saying he likes it and that he’s got it. He then tells Burke to go treat the lovely Layla to a night out and take it easy so he’s ready for next week. Burke agrees as Layla also thanks him for the idea before turning round with Burke saying thanks again as he leaves, but just before Tazz can sit back down, the door swings open with Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards walking in.

A pop comes from the arena as Tazz looks real pleased to see his ECW buddies. They’re happy too and Tommy says that it’s great to see him as the new GM, then offers him his congratulations on getting the job. Stevie pitches in, agreeing with Dreamer, and then tells Tazz they’re going to make sure they get payback tonight on Charlie Haas & Chris Masters, not just for them, but for what they did to Tazz. The new GM says he’s chosen to forget all about that, but he’s got an idea to make their number one contendership match a little more interesting later on. They ask him what it is, and he says that he might keep it to himself until the match, but then says that he’ll let the cat out of the bag now instead, saying it’s going to be an Extreme Rules match. The fans in the arena like that, as do Dreamer & Richards who say that they can’t wait to rip Masters & Haas apart. Tazz tells them to make sure they do and wishes them good luck. They thank him as they walk out, leaving a happy GM to sit down and take a breather. The camera switches to show Charlie Haas & Chris Masters watching on a TV in the back, shaking their heads and looking very frustrated. Masters smacks the wall and storms off up the hall with Haas following him.


“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me” hits as the United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring, looking very serious.

He walks over to the ropes and asks for a microphone, then walks back to the centre of the ring. He says that two weeks ago was one of the greatest and most significant moments of his career, as he became the WWE United States Champion. He then says that he’s seen celebrations for lesser success stories than him, but he wasn’t granted what he deserved last week. Boos come from the crowd, but the angry champion carries on to say that the fact there was no GM isn’t an excuse, what matters is that his talent and success is being swept under the carpet like everything he’s ever done in this company and he’s sick of it. He starts getting more worked up and says that he’s going to change that himself from now on, dealing with the only person he can trust, himself.

He says that there will be a Victory Celebration for his efforts, just tonight or next week as it’s wasted on Japan and Australia, because it’s the United States Championship he’s dealing with. He then says that the celebration will be in two weeks time when he returns to the States, but he’s not going to stand around and do nothing, he’s going to show everyone just why his talent and success should be recognised by extending an open challenge to anyone who wants to see how they measure up to the Gold Standard. He steps back and waits, and after a couple of seconds, Funaki’s music hits as Japan’s own walks down to the ring to a huge pop. Shelton backs up, smiles and hands both the microphone and his title over as Funaki slaps hands with everyone in the front row and soaks up the reception.

***Match #3***

Non Title Match
Funaki vs Shelton Benjamin

Shelton scoops Funaki up and slams him down to the mat, with the Japanese fan favourite landing hard on the mat. The United States Champion then walks in to the corner and climbs up to the top rope, waiting patiently as Funaki slowly gets back up to his feet. As soon as he’s up, Shelton jumps off and tries to hit a MISSILE DROPKICK. . . . . Shelton crash lands in to the mat as Funaki sidesteps it, delighting his native Japanese fans in the crowd. Shelton doesn’t stay down long as he immediately makes his way back up with Funaki reacting straight away, grabbing his arm and trying for an irish whip. Benjamin reverses it though, and as Funaki comes back off the ropes, Shelton plants him with a thunderous SAMOAN DROP. . . . .

Gasps echo around The Yokohama Arena as Shelton turns over and hooks both of Funaki’s legs for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The brave cruiserweight just gets his shoulder up, leaving Shelton stunned. He doesn’t look impressed with that at all as he makes his way back up to a vertical base and drags Funaki up too. He whips him in to the corner straight away, then follows in, connecting with a STINGER SPLASH. . . . . Funaki just manages to stay on his feet as he staggers out of the corner and in to the grasp of Benjamin, who looks to finish him off with a T BONE SUPLEX. . . . . He turns himself round on the mat and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Shelton Benjamin by pinfall.

AFTERMATH: “Ain’t No Stoppin Me” plays as the United States Champion grabs his title belt off the referee as soon as he gets it and climbs to the top rope in the corner to lift it aloft. The fans boo him quite vociferously, but they start to cheer, not all of them though as Shannon Moore runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. He walks over towards Shelton, keeping a short distance as the champ then climbs down off the ropes and turns round in to an enziguri that connects with the side of his head. Shannon stands back up to a pop from the crowd with a big grin on his face as he looks down at the man who humiliated him last week. He then turns round and leaves the ring, walking back up the ramp, then turns round to look at Shelton with the champ coming round and sitting up, staring angrily towards Moore, who just grins right back at him.


[Commercial Break]

Michael Cole & The Coach are shown at the announce table with Cole saying that during the break, new Smackdown GM, Tazz has made a United States Championship match between Shelton Benjamin & Shannon Moore for next week, live from Australia. He then says that last week, CM Punk was in a match with The Undertaker which led to him sustaining a minor neck injury which has forced Punk to stay behind in the States. He also says that earlier today, Punk made some comments at WWE Headquarters about what happened last Friday night. The camera cuts to show CM Punk sitting down with a neck brace on as heat comes from the Japanese crowd.

The Straight Edge Superstar looks very serious as he says that as much as he would have loved to have travelled to Japan, it’s just not to be. He then says that there’s not one, not two, but three people they can blame for that, The Undertaker, Linda McMahon & Matt Hardy. He says that the treatment he was dished out last week from an inadequate authority figure was ludicrous, not just because it was plain victimisation against the sole called bad guy and easy target, but because he was singled out. He then tells us that Matt Hardy was guilty of the same crime he was sentenced for, but he wasn’t given the same punishment or any punishment whatsoever for his part in it before reminding us that it was Matt who was hounding him out all night long. He then says that it was the golden boy who avoided any kind of consequence to his actions.

He then sits forward, but he appears to twinge a little and then touches his neck brace before looking deep in to the camera to say that when he’s good to go, which won’t be long, he promises to make sure Matt will be dealt with in the same manner he was. He then says that he’s going to do the exact same thing to Matt that he did to his brother, Jeff, and that he’s going to be powerless to stop it, just like Jeff was at Wrestlemania when he couldn’t even utter the words I Quit. Punk slowly leans back and bares a smile, then says that he has a feeling he’s going to enjoy this one even more, putting both The Hardy Boys on the shelf for a long, long time. He sn-iggers and smirks as the camera zooms on the grin before fading out.


We see Josh Hayger working out in a gym and a wrestling ring, cutting to a still image at the end.

VOICEOVER: To some, there are challenges. . . To some there are obstacles, and to some there are limits. . . However, to this man, there are no limits. . . He is Josh Hayger, and he’s coming to Friday Night Smackdown.


Matt Sydal
celebrating a victory over Matt Striker with Johnny Jeter applauding him afterwards, but then looking very shifty, seeming to be not so happy at all with Sydal’s win.


Matt Sydal walks down to the ring with Johnny Jeter alongside him to a pop from the crowd. Sydal looks slightly nervous, but Jeter tries to calm the nerves. Michael Shane then makes his way out, looking pretty relaxed to a good reception from the Japanese fans.

***Match #4***

Cruiserweight Championship
Michael Shane (c) vs Matt Sydal w/Johnny Jeter

Sydal & Shane both slowly try and make their way up to the ropes, and it’s the challenger who is up first. Sydal then runs back in to the ropes, but as he comes back, Shane takes him down to the mat with an arm drag. He’s not staying down for long either, racing back up to his feet, but Shane is right on him, approaching from behind and tossing him back with a german suplex. Shane doesn’t waste a second either as he crawls across and hooks the leg for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Sydal gets his shoulder up, and Shane shrugs it off straight away as he gets back up to a vertical base and walks towards the corner. He then climbs up to the top rope as Sydal remains on his back, but squirming as Shane then leaps off for a DIVING ELBOW DROP. . . . . Sydal rolls to the side though with Shane crashing down to the deck. Both men remain there for a good ten seconds before they begin to pick themselves back up with the crowd cheering them on. Sydal runs right at Shane and strikes with a FEINT ENZIGURI IN TO A HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN. . . . . That gets a pop from the crowd, and as Sydal gets right back up, Shane pulls himself up on to his knees too. Sydal sees it, and pulls him right back up, grabbing him around the upper chest before planting him with one hell of a CYCLORAMA (Belly To Belly Moonsault Slam). . . . .

The crowd liked the look of that as Sydal stands back up and looks in to the stands, getting a great reaction before reaching down and dragging Shane in to the corner, setting him up for THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS. . . . . Sydal goes to climb the ropes and steadies himself up top while the referee kneels down and checks on Shane, taking his eyes off Sydal for a minute, allowing Jeter on the outside to climb up on the apron and push Sydal off the top. It was oblivious to everyone in the ring, and not even Sydal saw that coming as he crashes down to the mat, landing past Shane and rolling towards the centre of the ring. Jeter quickly jumps down to the floor as the referee tries to figure out what happened with Jeter playing innocent on the outside as Shane then crawls the short distance to the ropes, using them to help him up. As he stands up, Sydal also makes an attempt to get back up, which he does slowly, and as he stands back up, then turns round, Shane paces out of the corner and nails the challenger with a SUPER KICK. . . . . Sydal just falls back in a heap with Shane dropping to his knees to try for a cover with the eager Jeter watching on as the referee makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: By pinfall, and still Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane.

AFTERMATH: Shane’s music hits as Jeter grins at the fallen Sydal and turns round to walk to the back with Shane looking surprised by the exit of his opponent’s friend. He shrugs it off before celebrating and posing with the title. Sydal comes round and starts to sit up, looking confused with Shane then turning round and seeing his opponent. He offers Sydal a hand to help him up, and he accepts, continuing to shake his hand once back up, still looking bemused at what happened.


[Commercial Break]



Josh Matthews
is stood outside the dressing room of MVP. He says that later on, Mr. Money in the Bank will be facing the World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels, and next week, he will be going one on one with his former friend, Elijah Burke. He then knocks on the door and walks in, not waiting for permission to go in. As he walks in, MVP is lacing his boots up and looks angered by Josh barging in. He asks him what the hell he thinks he is doing walking in on him while he’s trying to get ready. Josh says that he wants to get his thoughts on his match with Shawn Michaels tonight and Elijah Burke next week. MVP stands up, looking pissed still, and tells Josh that he wouldn’t usually show anyone the courtesy of doing them a favour after barging in like he just did, but he wants to tell the world just what he’s feeling right now.

He says that coming off the back of the biggest win of his career at Wrestlemania, winning the Money in the Bank contract, ever since, he’s had to put up with a joker like Elijah Burke disrespecting the future world champion. He then says that Burke is going to get his next week, much like Michaels is tonight and tells Burke to watch real good, because he tells him that once next week is through after the beating of his life, to remember that it was him who asked for the match in the first place. He then tells Josh that if he wants to stay out of harms way, he should get the hell out of his locker room unless he wants to end up in the same state as Burke & Michaels once he’s done with them, and that the next time he walks in to his locker room without asking, he won’t be walking out of it.

Josh walks out of the room with MVP slamming the door shut as Johnny Jeter walks right past. Josh stops him as he walks past by getting his attention and asking him why he just cost his friend, Matt Sydal, the Cruiserweight Championship. Jeter turns back with a smirk on his face, and says that Josh just made his first mistake, Matt Sydal hasn’t been his friend for a long time. He says that he’s sick of everything ever being about Matt Sydal, but that won’t be the case from now on, it’s still all going to be about one person, but not Matt Sydal, it’s all about Johnny Jeter, and tells Josh to remember that. Jeter turns round and walks off as Josh looks disgusted by the ignorance of Jeter.


***Match #5***

Number One Contendership Match – Extreme Rules
The ECW Originals (Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards) vs The Masters of the Mat (Charlie Haas & Chris Masters)

The UK Pack walked out early on, watching from top of the ramp as Masters drags Stevie back up to his feet and whips him in to the corner. He then runs in at him straight away, but Stevie steps to the side with The Masterpiece running right in to the pads, chest first. Stevie steps away from the corner, and Masters turns round grimacing as he staggers out in to a kick to the stomach from Stevie, who follows up with a SINGLE ARM DDT. . . . . A pop meets that as Stevie desperately goes to cover Masters 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kick out, and at the same time on the outside, Haas reverses a whip from Dreamer, sending him in to the barricade. He sees the danger in the ring and slides inside from behind Stevie as he gets up, grabbing him around the waist and connecting with a BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Stevie gets his shoulder up, leaving Haas frustrated as he sits up. The angry Haas stands back up and pulls his straps down, showing his frustration even more, and he sees a table lying on the mat towards the corner.

It was brought in to the ring earlier by Dreamer. Haas walks over to collect it and pulls it away from the corner before setting it up as Stevie makes his way back up behind him, totally unaware that Haas has evil intentions. Haas finishes setting the legs up on the table and turns round, stomping his feet as Stevie gets closer to standing back up. Dreamer stands back up on the outside and spots the danger back inside, just as Masters also comes round in the corner. Dreamer rushes to slide back in the ring behind Haas as he lifts Richards in to the air for THE OLYMPIC SLAM. . . . . Tommy pushes to the table to the side and pulls Stevie down off Haas’s shoulders, but Masters runs right at Dreamer and clotheslines him inside out. Stevie turns round to face Haas and goes for a STEVIE KICK. . . . . Haas ducks it though and drags Stevie closer to the table, and this time he is able to OLYMPIC SLAM HIM THROUGH THE TABLE. . . . . Masters watches on and grins as Haas pulls Stevie away from the wreckage and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: The Masters of the Mat by pinfall.

AFTERMATH: “Masterpiece” hits to heat from the crowd as The Masters of the Mat are announced by Justin Roberts as the winners with Haas & Masters standing up and hugging each other in the ring for a couple of seconds, celebrating their victory. They turn and see Smith & Burchill stood at the top of the ramp with both teams looking right back at each other with Masters & Haas looking quite smug while the referee checks on Dreamer & Stevie.


is standing by, and she introduces us to her guest, Matt Hardy. He walks in to the shot to a big pop from inside the arena, and Maria asks him what his thoughts are on CM Punk’s comments earlier on. Matt says that Punk’s being running his mouth for months and months now, and last week, he finally talked himself in to trouble and got what was coming to him. He says he’s not going to feel bad about it, but he says that Punk might have a concussion because he seems to forget that he swung a chair at both him and The Undertaker last week, taking the easy way out. He then says that Punk should worry about the consequences of that than worrying about getting even with him, but if Punk wants a fight, he’s more than willing to oblige. He looks at the camera and directs this message to Punk, saying he’s more than willing to wait until his neck is healed. He even says that he would be willing to wait for the pleasure of getting retribution for costing him the United States Championship and for everything he did to his brother. He then says that if anyone should be worried, it’s not him, it’s Punk. He stares down the camera for a couple of seconds before turning to the side and walking off with Maria looking a little surprised at Matt’s strong words.


[Commercial Break]

***The Main Event***

Non Title Match
Shawn Michaels vs Montel Vontavious Porter

Michaels reaches down and pulls a groggy MVP back up to his feet, then unloads on him with a succession of right hands, forcing Mr. Money in the Bank back in to the ropes. HBK then grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the opposite set of ropes, then walks back in to the centre of the ring as MVP comes back and ducks a clothesline from the World Champion. He runs through and back off the ropes again, taking Michaels down with a falling clothesline. He stands back up and stands over Michaels’, then stomps all over his chest several times before bending down and helping him back up to his feet before whipping him in to the corner. He runs in at him and hits him with a hard clothesline. MVP backs up as Michaels staggers out of the corner, but MVP doesn’t give him a chance to recover as he whips him in to the opposite corner with HBK hitting the pads hard, back first. The World Champion remains there this time as Porter takes a couple of seconds before running in at him, getting closer and going for THE PLAYA’S BOOT. . . . . Michaels steps out of the corner and to the side as MVP runs right past him, but reaches out and holds on to the top rope, stopping himself in time. He breathes a sigh of relief, but as he turns round, Michaels goes for a little SWEET CHIN MUSIC. . . . .

MVP ducks his head and grabs HBK straight away, pulling him in to position for THE PLAYMAKER. . . . . Boos ring out, but Michaels escapes the grip just as quickly, running back in to the ropes and charging back to connect with a FLYING FOREARM. . . . . Cheers break out as Michaels flips back up and walks quickly in to the corner and climbs all the way to the top with the crowd getting louder and louder in their support for The Heartbreak Kid. MVP squirms around on the mat, but Michaels leaps off the top and is still able to drill him with THE HEARTBREAK ELBOW. . . . . An even bigger pop echoes around the arena as the champ goes to cover the challenger with the ref making the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . . . MVP shows some resilience and kicks out, but it doesn’t deter HBK as he stands back up and walks back in to the corner, tuning up the band to the ecstasy of the Japanese fans who stand up from their seats to clap and stomp their feet in turn as MVP slowly makes an effort to stand up. It’s not long before he is back on both feet with Michaels then exploding out of the corner and going for the SUPER KICK. . . . . MVP ducks to his knees and low blows HBK, giving the ref no choice but to call for a DQ as Michaels falls to the mat.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels by DQ.

AFTERMATH: MVP stands up and stares down at Michaels with no remorse whatsoever, then sees his Money in the Bank briefcase in the corner of his eye. He walks over to the corner and picks it up, then stalks HBK as the champ starts to move around on the mat, but at the same time, Michael Shane runs down the aisle and slides in to the ring. MVP runs at him and swings the briefcase towards his head, but Shane ducks the shot, and as MVP turns round, Shane goes for a super kick. This time, MVP ducks it and levels Shane in the head with the case as he turns back round. With HBK getting to his knees, MVP turns his attention back to him, but then, the lights go out and a gong hits. A split second later, the lights are back on and MVP is face to face with The Undertaker. The dead man grabs the briefcase out of MVP’s hands and drops it on the mat before placing his hand around MVP’s throat and chokeslamming him down to the mat to a thunderous ovation. Michaels stands back up behind Taker and their backs touch. Michaels looks slightly worried, but both men turn round and come face to face, looking right at each other as Smackdown comes to a close.


Kid Kash df. Chavo Guerrero
Beth Phoenix df. Michelle McCool
Shelton Benjamin df. Funaki
Michael Shane df. Matt Sydal
The Masters of the Mat df. The ECW Originals
Shawn Michaels df. MVP

The Empire (Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders) df. Super Crazy & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan


United States Championship
Shannon Moore vs Shelton Benjamin (c)

Elijah Burke vs Montel Vontavious Porter


Theme Song
“Take It All” by Zididada

Shawn Michaels (c) vs The Undertaker

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