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Re: Backlash Presents: WWE 2007 and forward


1/12/07 @ Staples Center

The Show opens straight to the Arena, Which Has Triple H standing in The Middle of The Ring. The end of his theme song is playing and He is not dressed to compete, wearing Jeans and A T-Shirt. He has a mic in hand with a frown on his face, upset at the Results of Last Week.

Triple H: Last Week I had That Match Won. I had It Won!


Triple H: I pedigreed Shawn Michaels face, Excuse Me, The Champions Face down to the mat last week!

mixed reaction

Triple H: But Th-The-That Sneaky
Moron slipped in and won the whole thing!

Heat for the fact that Edge won Last Weeks Match

Triple H:
Vince, I demand that you get your ass out here and Do something about it.

Short pause, Triple H paces around The Ring a few times

Triple H:
Come on Vincey Ol' Pal

Umagas Music hits and Umaga with his Trainer, Armando Estrada enter The
StaplesCenter to large masses of Crowd Heat, They walk down The Ramp and enter The Ring.

Estrada: Triple H, If you think that you got a slap to the Face, You should talk to Umaga

Heat, Triple H gets a cocky smiling face

Triple H: I would if I could speak Crazy.

Pop to Triple H's Remark

Estrada: Hahahaha....Ha. Real Funny.

Vinces Music Hits to heat, Interrupting The Friction between These Two.

Mr. McMahon: Triple H and Umaga. My My My. What will I do with two of you? Two Main Event Superstars? Hmmmmm.

No reaction

Mr. McMahon: Tell you what, Tonight It'll Be Triple H vs. Umaga How 'Bout that?

Triple H: Vince, I want My Chance at Championship Gold, Where I belong.

Mr. McMahon: Triple H, You Will Not be in TheTriple Threat Match Tonight. You, With Umaga Will Be in The Royal Rumble Match.

Heat Knowing That Triple H will not be in The Race To The Rumble

Estrada: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. That's what you said last week. I want Umaga at The Roysl Eumble, In The Championship Match.

Mr. McMahon: That's Too Bad

Triple H: Vice you listen, And you listen Good. If I am not in The WWE Title match at The Rumble, Then I will Interupt it, Yeah That's Right I will Cost Michaels The Match and Let The winner Of Tonights Match Have The Title wether it be Jeff Hardy, Orton or Even Edge.

Mr. McMahon: So Help Me Triple H I will ban You From The Arena That Night Then. Yeah Thats Right. I'll Ban You From The Arena, That's what I'll Do

Heat for That Remark, And JR. Going Wild on The Annonce Table yelling "HE CAN'T DO THAT!"

Triple H: Try


Vince: Triple H, You are in a lot of hot water right now. You will be banned from The Rumble, And Tonight...You'll Team With Umaga. Yeah Thats Right, And your opponents will be The Two men who didn't advance to the Royal Rumble, John Cena and Bobby Lashley!

Mixed reaction

Triple H stands In The Ring With Estrada Looking extremely Angry to the announcement


Pyro Is Hit off and The Crowd Goes Wild!

JR: Hello Ladies and Gentleman and Welcome To Monday Night Raw. I'm good ol' JR. alongside Jerry Lawler

Thats Right Folks and As You Heard Moments Ago, Triple H wil be Banned From The Royal Rumble!

A Clip is shown showing The Annoncement

Match #1
vs. The Hooligans
FINISH: At The Finish Of This match, Debiase and
London were the lgal Men andLondon Was DDT by Debiase. Debiase ran over to the ropes and bounced off and Hit an Elbow Drop before he tagged in Cody Rhodes. Rhodes Came In and started stomping and kicking all over Paul London. One stomp was caught By London and twisted into a LegLock. The move was rolled into a Cover By London and They Stole The Victory. The Tag Team Champions Have Won The Match. After The Match Kendrik and London Celebrate In The Middle of The Ring While Debiase Shakes his Head. Rhodes gets Up And Grabs a Mic.

Rhodes: No N- Nuh Nu No No No!


Rhodes: You arent just going to slip away like that! Ohhh No!


Debiase: Yeah Kendrik,
London. We are Challenging You Two For The Titles At The Rumble.

Mixed Reaction

Kendrik: WE ACCEPT!


Bah Gawd!

Jerry Lawler:
It has Been Confirmed, At The Royal Rumble The Tag Team Championships will be on The Line!

John Cena Interview, Talks about Triple H and Lashley Mainly.

Match #2
Matt Hardy vs. John Morrison
FINISH: In The End of this highly antisipated Matchup, Matt Hardy Nailed Morrison With Backdrop andd Morrison was squirming Around.in pain. Matt Hardy Lifted Him Up and Irish Whipped Him into The Corner.HardyThen Ran over with an attempt to ram Morrison,, But Morrison Dropped The Shoulder, Lifted Him up and Tossed him over The Top Rope, onto the apron. Morrrison, Thinking Hardy was on The Floor, Rested In the Corner. Hardy Then Hit Morrison Causing Him To Fly into the middle of The Ring! Hardy Then Stuck Up His handd Making His "Shocker" Hand Gesture shouting HAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOO! and Climbed The Turnbuckle. He then Jumped off and Hit The Standing Morrison in the spine with his pointed elbow. He soon Picked Morrison Off The Mat and Got Into The Twist Of Fate which was Hit! Cover! 1....2......3! Matt Hardy Wins The Match! After The Match Hardy Celebrates and Walks up The Ramp, Morrison stil layed out on his stomach.

JR: Well What an amazing Match!

Lawler: You are absolutely Right JR!

A Royal Rumble Prom Is Aired Showing Past superstars winning such as Rey Mysterio, Batista, Umaga, Big Show and Last years Match when Triple H Beat John Cena.

Backstage, We See Triple H walking Down The Hallway. He eventually along his way To the ring Bumped Into Shawn Miichaels. They get into a big staredown, Not blinking Once.

Triple H: At the Royal Rumble Shawn, I will Be at The Side of Your Match. I will be also winning The Royal Rumble Match. I will meet Edge at Wrestemania because YOU will not be The Champion after then..

Michaels: Yeah, If you can even get into The City Of
San Antonio.

Triple H ges an Anry look on his face

Triple H: Oh Don't worry.....I will


Match #3
Triple H and Umaga vs. John Cena and Bobby Lashley
FINISH: In the End of This One Umaga was In Trouble, Going up against John Cena. John Cena was Hitting The 5 Nucka Shuffa and Triple H wasn’t anxious to tag Umaga.Cena hit the 5NS and Umaga wa Down and out John Cena Stalked Him For The FU, But Umaga Soon got up and Clotheslined Cena. Umaga went crawling for the tag but Triple H wouldn’t do it as he walked down The Stairs. Umaga gets angry and turns around to be lifted up and NAILED with an FU followed by a 3 Count. Cena and Lashley Had Won! They celebrate in the ring as we fade to The Backstage Area.

Backstage we see Santino bust into Regals office

Santino: Regal! How could you let that horridable CM Punk-a beata Me?

Regal: It was a tie you oblivious Idiot. And You wrestled The Match

CM Punk enters the Office

Santino: Mama Mia!

CM Punk: Santino, I am going to win The Royal Rumble, And I am going to Eliminate you first

Santino: Ohh Ah You tink so ehh?

They Get into an argument, broken up by the GM.

Regal: Shut Up you Two. You two are a disgrace to Raw. You two will never, ever, ever, face eachother again that was a horrible match Last Week.


Match #4
JBL vs. Kofi Kngton
FINISH: In the end, JBL was hit with a Drop Kick, And Kofi then proceeded to “Boosh Boosh” and then go for a legdrop which missed JBL as he rolled out of the way. Then all of a Sudden JBL got on The to Rope and hit a standing Elbow on the Standing Kingston. Kofi Was Then Hit with The Clothesline from hell to pick Up The victory.

Randy Orton Is interviewed and he talks about being the winner of The Triple Threat.

Match #5
Sunny Vs. Victoria
FINISH: in the End of this match Victoria Slid under the Running Sunny and She bounced off the ropes and Victoria Booted Her in the face. Victoria got on the top rope and Jumped and tried for a diving headbut but missed, crashing to the canvas with a thud. Sunny went for the cover! 1…2…Thr- Kickout by Victoria, Who trapped Sunny in a Leglock, Exploding With anger, Wrenching The Pain In! Sunny Eventually tapped out to the Devastating Submission. Victoria Won! She celbrates n the ring as we head to commercial.

We See Jeff Hardy walking down the hall as his Match is Next!


Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy vs Edge
FINISH: In the End, Jeff Hardy Bounces of the Ropes and Double Clotheslines both Edge and Orton, Who get Right back up as Jeff Bounces Off The Other Rope and Orton Jumps Up and Nails an RKO! He goes for a cover which is broken Up by Edge, Who Lifts Up Orton and They Trade Punches, Soon The Be countered into the Legsweep delivered by Orton. Edge Fell To The Mat as Orton stalked him for The RKO! Edge got Up and Orton ran and Was SPEARED BY EDGE! 1…2….Thre- JEFF HARDY BROKE THE 3 COUNT! BAH GAWD! Jeff Hardy Lied There as Edge got infuriated and started punching Jeff Hardy Lying On The Mat. Jeff Hardy Eventually Caught One and Dragged it Into an Armbar. Orton Then Ran and PUNTED JEFF HARDY IN THE SKULL! OH MY GOD! But Randy Orton was caught up in the moment, Staring at Hardy Panting. He turned around and Edge Speared Orton! 1….2…..3! EDGE IS THE WINNER! OH MY GOD! Edge is going To The Royal Rumble! Edge Stands and Celebrates! All Of a sudden, Triple H’s Music Hits and He enters The Arena Runing down The Ramp with a Sledge Hammer and Edg tries to escape but He had nowhere to Go. Triple H drove Edge in The Gut ith the Sledge Hammer, And Pedigreed him To The Mat! Triple H celebrates as we head to the end of The Show

NOT in Entry Order*
John Cena, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Lashley, JBL, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Umaga, John Morrison, Santino Marella , Jack Swagger, Batista, The Great Khali, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Kane, Mr. Kennedy, Mike Knox, Val Venis, Chavo, Carlito, MVP, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shad, JTG, And 1 Unknown Entrant

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hooligans vs. Priceless

WWE Championship
‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge vs. ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Championship
'Nature Boy'Ric Flair vs.'The Deadman' The Undertaker vs. 'The Largest Athlete in The World' The Big Show


*RR Card subject to change

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