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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Originally Posted by Rawlin67 View Post
or they just like what they like. youre not the judge of what an average movie is. no one is. the greatness of movies is based around opinions, is everyone here that arrogant they think they are the judge of what is average and what isnt?
Of course they are going to say what they like. And if they wanna say something idiotic then I'll know not to take their opinion seriously.

like, do you want everyone to all have the same taste, and to all praise the films that you praise? Thatd be a pretty shit movie world in my opinion. If you dont agree with what someone rates an "average" movie, that doesn't mean their opinion suddenly becomes invalid. Maybe to you, but thats just you. but since you don't make up the entire world of moviegoers, im sure their opinion is still pretty valid to a nice amount of people, considering just how many people enjoy a lot of "average" like movies.
And no it's not just me. If someone wants to give a crap movie a 10 out of 10 then their idiocy will be seen by whomever knows anything about movies. Now should they be able to give any movie they want a 10 out of 10? Of course. Should I be able to point out how idiotic that is? Of course. I'm not saying they aren't allowed to have their own opinion, I'm just saying some people don't care how seriously their opinions are taken. And there's nothing wrong with that.

People are certainly allowed to be idiotic with their opinions. And I'm free to laugh at them for doing so.

For example, you are free to think that Date Movie is the best movie ever made and I'm free to think you're an absolute idiot for thinking so. And, thus, I would chose to place absolutely no value on your opinion about movies, what-so-ever. See how that works?

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