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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Preview - Friday 18th April 2008
Live From The Yokohama Arena
Yokohama, Japan

We have it on good authority that the Board of Directors have come to a decision on who will replace William Regal as the new General Manager of Smackdown. It is believed that the new boss could well be unveiled as soon as this coming Friday when Smackdown comes to you live from the Japanese city of Yokohama for the very first time. If our information is correct, you must tune in to your favourite Friday night show this week to see who will rule the roost on Smackdown.

For the first time since the 1998 Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker will fight it out for the grandest prize in our industry, the world title. After defeating Edge two weeks ago to earn the right to challenge for Shawn Michaels’ World Championship, The Undertaker learned last week, as well as everyone around the world that his title shot would take place in less than six weeks at Judgment Day. Two of the greatest ever superstars to enter a WWE ring will collide head on for the gold, and the mutual respect they have for each other was very clear last Friday night. The Undertaker looked set to be on the receiving end of a steel chair shot to the skull before HBK’s arrival saved the phenom. The appreciation was there for all to see as both men locked eyes, but will it stay that way much longer?

We’ve seen CM Punk push his luck over the last few months on Raw in regards to his stance on not holding back when he probably should, but last week he discovered that is a consequence to mouthing off. Matt Hardy was frantically running all over the place to get his hands on Punk after the straight edged one cost him the United States Championship a week earlier. He was getting more and more frustrated as time was running down, leaving him no choice but to go to the ring and call Punk out, something that may have been a mistake for all concerned. He made his feelings crystal clear, but so did Punk as he made his entrance via the crowd, and that’s where he stayed, along with two security guards to protect him.

Words flew out of each others mouth until Linda McMahon stepped in and put Punk in a match with The Undertaker. Punk didn’t do a bad job to be fair to be him, but he got a chance to take the easy way out, and he took it, hitting the dead man with a steel chair to get himself disqualified. Matt tried to save the day, running down to the ring to get his hands on Punk like he’d wanted to all night, but he let his heart rule his head as Punk smashed him in the skull with the chair too. The former Raw star got what was coming however as Shawn Michaels’ distraction allowed The Undertaker to chokeslam Punk to hell. Rumour has it that Punk may have suffered a minor injury, but we will find out more this Friday.

The satisfaction of earning a title shot for any time in the next year appears to have been well and truly knocked out of MVP following Elijah Burke’s shocking actions two weeks ago. After being drafted to Smackdown and being disrespected by MVP, Burke made his feelings known to MVP with a vicious right hand, and The Franchise Player hasn’t been the same since. Last Friday saw Burke’s first match on Smackdown since his return with a very stern faced MVP watching on as The Guiding Light defeated Orlando Jordan. Once the match was over, the former allies didn’t take their eyes off each other. It looks like Burke has really gotten under the skin of the most valuable player. Will that still be the case when they touch down in Japan?

The Masters of the Mar returned two weeks ago from their suspension following their repeated attacks to Tazz, Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards, and they were quick to make their presence felt. However, they weren’t the only ones, as The Extremists welcomed them back in typical ECW fashion. Last week though, the infuriated Charlie Haas & Chris Masters demanded that Linda McMahon show Dreamer & Haas the same punishment they received, but she didn’t do exactly as they pleased. She agreed to send the ECW originals home for the night, but she also announced that the two teams would compete this week for the number one contendership and the right to take on The UK Pack for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Which duo will it be that grabs the bragging rights once and for all?

After winning the United States Championship two weeks ago, Shelton Benjamin showed his true colours last Friday night as he literally shoved aside his partner in crime. Only a matter of weeks before, The Gold Standard recruited Shannon Moore to help him in his quest to dethrone Matt Hardy of the title, but Shelton made sure Shannon won’t be standing by his side any longer after branding him useless with it being CM Punk’s interference that won him the title. The new champ carried on like nothing had happened as he went on to defeat Chavo Guerrero in his first match as champion later in the evening. But what’s in store for the champ when he enters The Yokohama Arena with his newly won title strapped around his waist?

Matt Sydal & Johnny Jeter appeared to be getting on a lot better last week as Sydal put the disappointment of Wrestlemania and the week before behind to him to overcome Matt Striker in a highly competitive match up. Jeter appeared to support his friend after the bell, applauding his efforts while Sydal celebrated his hard earned victory. Is all well between the two friends?

Mickie James & Beth Phoenix gave Smackdown a taste of the old Monday nights on Raw last week with a familiar slanging match. This went a little further though, mainly down to Mickie’s comment about The Glamazon being on a losing streak after losing the Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania before being beaten by Mickie on her Smackdown debut two weeks ago. It seems that the two fiery divas are more than comfortable on Friday nights now that they have brought their old Raw rivalry across with them to settle them in to their new surroundings. Beth however will get a chance to be in a very familiar surrounding as she enters the ring this week to take on one more of the draftees in Michelle McCool. Can she put her so called losing streak behind her, or will she suffer the bitter taste of defeat once again?


Number One Contendership Match
The ECW Originals (Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards) vs The Masters of the Mat (Charlie Haas & Chris Masters)

Michelle McCool
vs Beth Phoenix

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