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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thunders Review - try and be as helpful as I can

- I really do like the opening packages in peoples BTB as new readers are usually lost. So thanks for this.

- Linda explaining that Edge is out was a good idea, although im not sure why Taker wasnt dqed last week. Haas & Masters is a good team, glad you are using Haas and having Masters as the mouthepice is good move. Punk is a heel right? Good move and Matt and Punk in a feud is a plus.

- Shelton promo I did not like. Shannon and Benjamin I don't feel click.
- Im glad Jeter and Sydal aren't staying a team as Sydal owns and Jeter cleary doesn't. I hope this doesn't turn into more than a one match feud though. Put Sydal over and finish it.

- Chavo and Shelton put in a short but good and high paced TV match. Solid here and strong ending keeping Benjamin a strong champion.

- You allowed the Cyclorama. sweeeet. And I am glad it came near the end of the match and not some where in the middle/ Although the match seemed a tad spotty., thats what Sydal does though. Loving the teasin at the end of the show

- Mickie having make-up being put on . Dont spoil the fact we think shes naturally gorgeous. Beth grabbing her hair was a bit girly, as Beth is a dominate monster character. Mickie calling Beth "crazy" was the best word to use, most bookers would have used "bitch" and they do. but it just doesnt fit/

- HBk/Shane was a nostalgic moment and I am glad Shane is CW champion. He is a talent. I do hope you can elevate Shane by having him with Shawn or the whole angle will be counter productive

- Having Tazz in the room I thought was odd but made
perfect sense as he picked the opponents for HBK/Shane. Logic 101, something Vince needs look at in real life.

- Bout time we got a match . J/k athough it seemed a long time reading this. Elijah and Jordan was a decent match and it only lasted 6 minutes, so I am glad it was kept short as both are quite green, imo. Elijah is a face is a new thing around the BTB, I believe. Will have to read more of your work to see how well you portray him as a face. The match itself seemed a little hoolw. Nothing really happened, Jordan didnt get much offence in at all.

- Josh Hayger? any need change his name really. being different for the sake of it, isn't always a good thing. His name doesnt have any meaning.

- Over using masters/haas, I think it was obv. that they did not like the decision made earlier and I think the Hardy thing could have been used without having Masters and Hass in there as the UK Pack would still have gotton there air time.

- Punk with security. Classic Heel Punk. calling Jeff a "pothead" wasnt in character. Linda again. boring me
now. Punk cutting her off was a good move though. Punk/Taker! great match announced. The segment severed a purpose in the end and I am glad Linda came out. But it seems to be the formular is a) people argue b)Linda comes out and makes match. Bit repititive tonight.

- Haas using the German Suplex. Come on! he has more moves than that! Synched SuperKick at then was a cliche ending and only 7.50 of a match after the build up throughout the show. Bit shame see you push Haas/Masters and make them job within 8 minutes.

- Punk using the split-leg is cool, I take it RVD isn't on the roster then. Spinning Wheel Kick from nowhere was cool and the ending is brewing nicely. Punk using teh chair to get dq'ed was clever and I liked it as it kept Punk looking strong.

- Wow Hardy got owned pretty bad by Punk. not liking this, Punk and Hardy could have fought through the crowd leaving the intesne showdown at the end. Just seemed daft have Punk owned at the end after having such a strong show.

Overall: 7/10 - Some Great things, a lot of solid things and some unwise thinsg from my point of view. Still overall it was a good show.

Bit rusty on reviewing, So I hope it was okay.
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