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Re: Backlash Presents: WWE 2007 and forward

Roster Update, I decided I need more Men In the Rumble


1/9/09 @ Honda Center

The show begins with one of the #1 Contenders for the Title, Ric Flair standing In the Ring.

"Now, I know I may not be one of The Fastest nor the toughest wrestlers in The WWE, But I know I am The Smartest."


"At The Royal Rumble I will put up a fight like No Other!"


"After all my years in this business, After all the hell I've Been Through, Ric Flair is still Here"

Larger Pop

"And If The Undertaker really wants that World Heavyweight Title, He will have to BEAT The Man and His Name is....RIC FLAIR!"

The Big Show's Music Hits and He comes to The Ring to massive waves of heat from the attendance.

"Flair, if you think that you will take this title from me at The Rumble your out of your Old mind!"


"Big Show, I know you are one of the biggest Superstars in the WWE and I know that you are One of the Baddest Superstars in the WWE but you are not The Nature Boy!"


"Yeah Yeah Yeah, All you do is talk, All you do is Try and Try to Get Pumped For your matches, But all that you are going to do is lay on the mat the Whole match and Try to get up while I win The Match!"

Gong. The lights turn out and pops are slightly heard in The Stands and When The lights return on, The Undertaker is in the Ring with His hands wrapped around The Throats of The Champion and The Nature Boy. He Lifts them up and Slams them To the canvas.

"Big Show"


"You have forgot about One Man"

"And his name is The Undertaker!"

The camera pans over to The Big Show...Not moving an Inch.

Opening Video

Cole: Hello Ladies and Gentleman, And welcome To Friday Night Smackdown!

Styles: Yes Cole and boy do we have a show for you!

Yes we do Joey but lets take you back to

A clip Of The Undertaker Chokeslamming Both Ric Flair and The Big Show in the Ring Earlier was aired.

Eve & Kelly Kelly vs. Brooke & Layla

FINISH: In The End Of This Match, Eve was in against Brooke. Brooke Ran After Eve and She ducked while Eve Turned and Nailed a devastating Clothesline. Brooke Then Tagged in Layla. Layla Came In and Got on top of Eve and Started Blowing The Stuffing Out of her with several Right Hands. Eve then caught One and Threw her off and Tagged Kelly in. Kelly ran after Layla and Threw her over her shoulders and Eve nailed the EveBomb! 1....2......3. Winners are Eve and Kelly Kelly.


Teddy Long's music hit and he Enters The Ring with a mic with 1 Big Announcement.

"Can I get a holla Holla?"

Crowd Yells "Hola Hala"

"Ohh HoKay. Well I have an Announcement Regarding The Main Events of This Week, And Next Week. This Week We Will Have Ric Flair Vs. The Undertaker!"


"And Next week, The Big Show will be in 2 Matches. One against Ric Flair, And One against The Big Show!"


Teddy Long Then Leaves The Ring and walks up the ramp and Backstage.

MVP vs. Chavo
FINISH: In The End Chavo Hit MVP with The Russian Leg Sweep. Followed by him Getting On The top Rope and attempting A Frog Splash on MVP, But It misses as he rolls out of The Way. MVP then gets up and Goes For The Playmaker! It Is Quickly Countered in a Clothesline. MVP then Quickly Gets Up and Tries a clothesline of his own as Chavo ducks bounces off the ropes and Nails MVP with a textbook dropkick. Cover! 1....2...Thr- NO! MVP then Got Up and Ran After Chavo and Hit him with a Scoop Slam! 12 Kickout! Chavo then got up to his feet and MVP Rolled him up and MVP is the winner! After The Match Chavo gets up and Grabs His Head in Disbelief as MVP rolls out of The Ring and out to a large pop.


We Cut to the announce table and they tell us about the Main Event and the past matches This Evening.

Ric Flair is interviewed, Talks about His match This Week and all the business next week.

A WWE Royal Rumble Tape is cut showing The Greatest Eliminations and Entrances and Showing Last years winner, Triple H eliminating John Cena to be the #1 Contender to the title at Mania

Booker T vs. Mr. Kennedy

FINISH: In The End Booker Hit the Book End and Kennedy Flew out of the Ring. Kennedy was Down and Booker Was Up. Booker Ran Over and Nailed Kennedy in the stomach, And kept walking, Panting in aggression. Kennedy Lie on the floor as Booker got into the Ring and Waited for Ken to be counted out.....Kennedy got up at 8 and Got in the ring at 9. Booker then ran after Kennedy who was on The Apron and Kennedy Jumped off while slamming Bookers Throat onto the Rope. He staggered back, Kennedy Got in The Ring and Slammed Booker To The Mat with an electric Chair Drop! Kennedy Then Got onto The Top Rope, Booker on his shoulders and Nailed Kenton Bomb! Cover! 1.....2.....Thr- NO! BOOKER KICKED OUT OF A KENTON BOMB!!! Booker sat in the ring and both of Them reached There Feet! They exchanged Punches Until Kennedy Knocked Booker down. Kennedy scooted him out of The Ring, him following. Kennedy Tried To Irish Whip Booker into the steps but Booker countered and Knocked Kennedy into The Steps with full force! Kennedy and Booker were both tired and they both were DQ'd. After The Match Teddy Long Came Out and Announced that neither Kennedy nor Booker advanced to the next Round.



Backstage we see MVP in GM Teddy Longs Office.

"Okay, Now I beat Chavo 2 Times. I will whipe out anyone you put In My Way"

"Ohm, Trust Me Playa-"


"Hey Man, Its Balla"

"Okay "Balla”, You better be able to beat anyone because next week, You face Mike Knox"

MVP stands with a beat up look in his eye as he looks into space, scared out of his shorts

vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

FINISH: Kane Grabbed Austin By The Throat, Stalking Him For the Chokeslam, But Austin Kicked him in The Stomach and Nailed A Neckbraker. Kane was slow to get up, along with Austin. When they got up Kane Jumped and Tackled Austin, Pummeling him and rapidly socking him in the forehead. Kane Then Got up waiting For Austin to reach his feet. Kane booted Austin in the Head and Austin went down. COVER! 1.....2.....Kickout by The Rattlesnake. Austin Then Went over to The Turnbuckle and he started to untie it. The Referee had to yell at Austin and He Tried to put it back on. Behind The Referees back Austin Turned around to Kane who Gave Austin a LOW BLOW! Austin went down and another Cover! 1...2....Thr- No! Kickout by Austin Again! Kane in anger went over to the referee and Grasped Him By The Throat. Austin came up and Kicked Kane! Austin Hit THE STUNNER! He went for the fall but The Referee was grasping his throat in pain and was Slow to do the count. 1....2....Kickout by The Big Red Monster! KANE JUST KICKED OUT OF THE STUNNER! Now, Stone Cold infuriated ran after the Referee, Gave him two fingers and planted a STUNER ON THE REFEREE! THE REF IS OUT COLD! Kane gets up and Trades Punches With Austin. Kane Then Hit The Chokeslam on The Rattlesnake Out Of NOWHERE! Cover! ........ The Referee was still out cold! Kane went over and tried to get him up and He just lie there! KANE COULDN'T GET THE COVER! Kane went over to Austin and He gave him an Armbar. Stone Cold Tried to battle out when The Referee was still out like a light. Austin Got Out and Stunned Kane Yet again! He Knew There Was no use going for a cover so he went over to the ropes, Got Out of the ring and grabbed a Steel Chair! Kane Then Sat Up and Ran after The Rattlesnake who just got in the ring. The Referee was starting to wake! Kane chopped Austin in the Knee when he tried to use the Chair and Austin was down, Holding The Knee. Kane Went To Go Get a Chair Of His Own! The Referee was now sitting up on the floor as Kane Got Into The Ring. The Referee was up and was Trying to get back in the Ring! Kane Hit Austin In The Stomach as he hit Kane in the head! The Referee Saw it and They Were both DQ'd! NO WINNER! GM Teddy Long came out yet again and Said He was Canceling The Hardcore Tourney due to the Amount of Disqualifications! He said more News regarding what will happen to The Hardcore Title will be announced at The Royal Rumble!


Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker
FINISH: In The End, Ric Flair ran after The Undertaker Who was pressed against the Ropes. The Undertaker Lifted His Wait and Pulled Down The Ropes as Ric Flair Fell to the outside. The Undertaker Then Got out of The ring and grabbed the Deadman's head and Slammed it on the announce table. Flair Then Threw Taker into The Ring and Hit The Figure Four Leglock! He had it locked in! Undertaker them Grabbed The ropes after minutes of strain. The Undertaker then grasped his knee while Flair stomped and kicked Taker in all Different places. The Undertaker Finally Got Up and Nailed Flair in The Stomach! He Then DDT'd him to the floor. Undertaker Lifted Him Up and Chokeslammed Flair! Went For The Cover and Out Of Now where The Big Show comes out and attacks The Undertaker. His Hits Taker with a Steel Chair and Taker was Down. He Then Hit Flair With The Chair and Stood Tall as the show came to an end!




World Heavyweight Championship

'Nature Boy'Ric Flair vs.'The Deadman' The Undertaker vs. 'The Largest Athlete in The World' The Big Show


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