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WWE - Change Happens

WWE – Change Happens
As 2009 is drawing nearer and nearer and the annual Wrestlemania event is coming closer, the stress is on the creative team to book amazing shows each week. Vince McMahon was seemingly unhappy at the way WWE was going, and decided to disband the ECW brand. He also decided to fire most of his backroom staff and bring in some young minds. One of these young minds is Ric Flair’s nephew Richard. Vince made a bold decision and put him at the head of creative. Richard has already made it clear that he will waste no time in getting rid of people who don’t cut it anymore, and he would mould the WWE Universe around his fresh and surprising storyline ideas. He drafted some of the ECW Roster over to Smackdown and Raw, and then terminated the contracts of the rest. A few days later, the Unforgiven Pay-Per-View went on air. Every single champion kept their belts (apart from the ECW Title, but that doesn’t count ), and Vince started to regret his decision to hire Flair. Nevertheless, he kept Flair on, in the hope that he would still deliver the best Wrestlemania in the history of the company. The plans for the event were drawn up, and it was certain that from between now and Wrestlemania, change will happen.

WWE Championship Scramble
Triple H defeated The Brian Kendrick, Shelton Benjamin, MVP and Jeff Hardy to retain the WWE Championship

World Heavyweight Championship Scramble
CM Punk defeated Batista, JBL, Kane and Rey Mysterio to win the World Heavyweight championship

Extreme Rules Scramble to crown the last ever ECW Champion
Rob Van Dam defeated Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Terry Funk and Mark Henry. Van Dam celebrated in the ring with the other originals, but then Henry cleaned house and beat them all down, before Matt Hardy ran in and made the save.

Unsanctioned Match
Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels after forcing him to tap out to the Walls of Jericho. After the match Jericho beat down Michaels so bad he had to be carried out on a stretcher.

The Undertaker entered the ring and demanded Vickie Guerrero come out and meet her fate. Instead the music of Carlito hit. Carlito told Undertaker that his tricks are getting old. He said taking peoples souls isn't cool. Carlito went face to face with Undertaker and took a bite from his apple. Taker grabbed Carlito's throat, and got apple spat over his face. Carlito kicked Taker in the balls and scarpered up the ramp.

Intercontinental Championship
Santino Marella defeated Kofi Kingston with a roll-up to retain the Intercontinental Championship

WWE Tag Team Championship
Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins defeated Jesse & Festus to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships

World Tag Team Champions
Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase defeated Cryme Tyme to retain the World Tag Team Championship.


Male Superstars
Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
Chuck Palumbo
CM Punk (World Heavyweight Champion)
Cody Rhodes (World Tag Team Champion)
D'Lo Brown
“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
John Bradshaw Layfield
John Cena (Herinated Disc, out until Late November)
John Morrison
Kofi Kingston
Lance Cade
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Primo Colon
Randy Orton (Broken Collarbone, out until October)
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella (Intercontinental Champion)
Shad Gaspard
Shawn Michaels
Ted DiBiase Jr. (World Tag Team Champion)
The Miz
Val Venis
William Regal

World Heavyweight Champion – CM Punk
Intercontinental Champion – Santino Marella
World Tag Team Champions –Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

Tag Teams/Associates
Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes (World Tag Team Champions)
Chris Jericho & JBL
Paul Burchill & Katie Lea-Burchill
Glamarella (Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix)
Cryme Tyme (JTG & Shad Gaspard)

Other On-Air Talent
Jerry Lawler (Colour Commentator & Occasional Wrestler)
Lillian Garcia (Ring Announcer)
Michael Cole (Play-by-Play Commentator)
Mike Admale (General Manager)
Ron Simmons (Occasional Wrestler)

Male Superstars
Big Show
The Brian Kendrick
Curt Hawkins (One Half of the WWE Tag Team Champions)
Edge (Taking time off, expected back in December)
Elijah Burke
Evan Bourne
Eziekiel Jackson
Gregory Helms (Recovering from a broken neck, out until October)
Jeff Hardy
Jimmy Wang Yang
Kenny Dykstra
Matt Hardy
Mark Henry
Montel Vontavious Porter
Mr. Kennedy(Dislocated shoulder, out until February)
R. Truth
Rob Van Dam
Scotty Goldman
Shelton Benjamin (United States Champion)
The Great Khali
The Undertaker
Triple H (WWE Champion)
Umaga (Torn posterior cruciate ligament, out for 2 weeks)
Vladamir Koslov
Zack Ryder (One Half of the WWE Tag Team Champions)

WWE Champion – Triple H
United States Champion – Shelton Benjamin
WWE Tag Team Champions – Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
Cruiserweight Champion - ???

Tag Teams/Associates
Jesse & Festus
Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder (WWE Tag Team Champions)

Other On-Air Talent
Eve Torres (Backstage Interviewer)
Jim Ross (Play-by-Play Commentator)
Justin Roberts (Ring Announcer)
Runjin Singh (Great Khali's Translator/Manager)
Tazz (Colour Commentator)
Vickie Guerrero (General Manager)


First show up sometime next week
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