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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

The opening promo was very good and a good way to kick off the show. Just the sort of promo you would expect from Orton and Kane and Bearer coming down was good, and this did a lot to develop this feud. Orton seemed a little less afriad than he has been in recent weeks which is good. I liked what both Orton and Bearer had to say, and the RKO on Bearer was awesome. That was a really great move to make this rivalry even more intense and Kane is sure to be fuming, i'm looking forward to what happens from this.

The segments after with Bearer getting taken to the Hospital is a good little idea to put over what Orton just did, and I guess since he's not a wrestler he can get away with being this hurt. Orton leaving is interesting, not sure if he'll stay out, but it means Kane will have to unleash his anger on someone else.

Good win for the Colon Brothers here, seemed like a decent match and it ended in a realistic way. Should be a rematch soon.

This was a great segment, as you know I am really enjoying this feud and this segment was very good to create even more tension between Kofi and Cody. Cody was great here acting like a really controlling heel, and LOL at Cody telling a wrestler not to wrestle. This is getting really interesting and I'm just waiting for Cody to attack Kofi.

This was another very good segment, really enjoyed it. Santino was funny as usual and him saying China instead of Japan was funny, as was him thinking about Melina in the shower. Regal was great too, and I wonder what else he'll be doing on his night in charge.

Kane taking out Cryme Time is cool, I wonder who else he'll be taking his anger out on.

Impressive win for Kelly Kelly, and you managed to continue Melina's problems with Hornswaggle at the same time which is good booking. The aftermath was great and the problems between these two appear to be getting worse.

Another well written promo here. Evolution kinda came off a bit like heels but they can all be like that, and it doesn't really make Regal look very powerful on his night in control looking scared of them, but the match had to be set up and Regal got his authority by making the match. Good segment and the No DQ match should be good.

This was a nice little match, I was expecting The Miz to pick up the win so he and Morrison continue to impress as we approach Backlash, but I guess Kendrick has to look strong as it looks like he'll be in line for a push in the future. Plus London and kendrick get a big win which makes them look like they could retain at Backlash. Nice pre match promo too.

The reaction from the McMahon's was interesting, they look a bit worried but I'm sure they'll find some way of getting involved in the match. JBL's rant was good and it was quite funny what he said about Regal.

The promo to set up the tag match was very good, all three men were right in character and were all entertaining, Dykstra especially was great. Regal setting up the tag match is good to allow him to make a decision, and it gets Finlay on the card again, although I don't like face Finlay and Hornswaggle, guess you need another credible face on the show. The match itself seemed like a great match, perfect ending too and you allowed DiBiase to pick up the big pinfall, and you continued the Cena/Dykstra rivalry by having them brawl through the crowd. Santino distracting Finlay means Finlay doesn't lose too much credibility too.

Next two segments were good too, Natalya's wasn't anything special but got her some mic time, and I liked her comment about Victoria thinking life was going to be easy. Santino was great again, he's been on a lot but he's hilarious so it doesn't matter too much, and him calling the shillelagh a rattle was funny lol.

Wow, Kane! Thought he was going to destroy Santino here but the DQ is better for Santino. The attack from Orton after was quite surprising, I suspected he might possibly come back though after saying he was leaving earlier. It's good for Orton to get one up on Kane again, but I think he may regret it next week.

The main event was really well done, this is a huge win for the McMahon's and the dirty win is just what you'd expect in a No DQ match. The use of the brass knucks was good and i liked how you had Batista knocked off the apron. Batista to turn on Evolution? I know I predicted it for Mania but it could happen again now, but I still think they'll stay together. HHH could be mad at Batista too, so it'll be good to see where this goes. The Coast to Coast is always great to see and it leaves the McMahon's looking good to close the show.

Very entertaining show once again mate, good job.

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