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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BY SC2004>>>

>>> Just a silly thing, but Iím going to say it. Raw is never live from another Country, itís always shown on time delay as it has to air at 9pm eastern on the USA Network. (Iím a nerd, who cares. LOL)

>>> I like the fact that Regal has been left in charge. I wonder will he try and pull a fast one with Eric out of the picture for the night?

>>> Nice opening. Itís good to see Orton as cocky as ever and he had a right to be after hitting the RKO last week. Orton pretty much guaranteed victory here and I like how you had him get one over again. You need to make Orton look strong because I for one would not expect Kane to drop the title so soon. The RKO to Bearer is a nice way of mixing it up and it may even result in Kane showing some emotion.

>>> Orton made it seem like he was leaving because he had nothing more to do, where in actual fact he was leaving because Kane would be after him. Bearer being taken away in an ambulance sells the attack. I liked how you made it appear as if Kane is about to snap.

>>> Nice way to open the show with this tag team match. Iím not sure if the win will help the Colon Brothers as it wasnít a clean win which made sense. I think if anything the cheap victory will only further a feud between these two teams.

>>> Brilliant segment packed with drama and real emotion. Itís the kind of segment I love to write. Cody is reminding me of Marc Mero here and how Mero use to bully and control Sable. If you do this storyline well it could make Kelly a star, but not Cody. Ending the friendship between Kofi and Cody came sooner than I had expected, but it made sense after what happened last week. Canít wait to see where this is going!

>>> Another really well constructed segment here. What I liked the most was the contrast between this segment and the previous segment. Drama followed by comedy. It worked a treat. Santino was hilarious and I loved Regals line about finding the troublesome little bugger.

>>> I kind of saw where you were going with Kane tonight, so the attack on Cryme Tyme wasnít a surprise. It was however still effective and left me wondering what will he do next?

>>> Youíve just got to love this whole set up during the divas match. Santino chasing Hornswaggle around the ring is worth the price of admission alone. The distraction costs Melina the match, therefore keeping her strong but allowing the face to pick up the win. The aftermath with Kelly, Kofi and Cody was great drama again. This is by far my favourite storyline at the moment.

>>> Youíre on fire. Another pitch perfect promo. It was very funny how you had Eric dump on Regal. The JBL, HHH match should be okay. Iím not expecting you to give us to much on free TV. Glad you announced the match early this time, not like on SD last week.

>>> Nice match up with Kendrick and The Miz. It didnít matter who won, it was all about furthering the tag team feud. Iím huge Miz and Morrison fans, but I always get the urge to split them up. LOL. Poor Val, I guess Kane got to him.

>>> Nice backstage segment with the McMahon boys. You really put across how angry and frustrated they are not just with evolution, but also with Bischoff and the fact Eric has so much power. Vince is used to doing what he likes so itís no surprise that heís about to take the law into his own hands.

>>> I think itís great that youíre using Cena in order to get Dykstra over. Iíve never used him in BTB, but a lot of Bookers seem to hold him in high regard around here. Finlay and Cena as a team seems odd, but Iíll buy it. Pretty huge seeing Dibaise pin Finlay, but you have pushed him to the heavens so I guess I shouldnít be so shocked. Also Santino distracted Finlay so I guess the finish wasnít exactly a clean one. A Lot of Santino on the show tonight!

>>> As Iíve just said, Santino was all over the show tonight. To much IMO. I like how you set up the match, but I donít like the booking of the match. Kane should of just went on attacking people and I canít see why Regal would want to punish Santino, he didnít do anything wrong really. It was brilliant how you had Orton return and attack Kane. I didnít see it coming and it was exactly what you needed to do tonight.

>>> I honestly didnít see the Game getting pinned here. There was a lot of outside interference from the get go and the match itself was chaotic. I wonder whether or not HHH will be mad at Batista after what happened??? It was a pretty good night for the heels. Orton and The McMahonís looked strong as did Dibaise and Dykstra.

OVERALL: No need to go into much detail, a pretty brilliant show. The only thing I didnít like was your over use of Santino. Apart from that this was just a great read mate.

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