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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


~ Orton opening is always good. He cuts a darn good promo, and this one was no different. I'm not gonna lie, Kane is not my favorite, and this title feud is not one that I would personally pick. However, you're doing great with it. This segment was great, especially the RKO on Bearer. I expected fire to shoot up from the stage as Orton tried to escape lol. The aftermath was very well done, with Orton "running like a scolded dog" (thanks JR), and Kane silently watching the medics attend to Bearer. Very strong opening.

~ Good match here between The Colons and Cryme Time. The Colons getting the cheap win was definatley the right way to go here as Cryme Time will now want revenge and the feud will continue.

~ Awesome backstage segment with Codefi and Kelly Kelly. I really like this storyline, it's the classic friend v. friend angle, and I really think you're doing it well. I loved how you played Kelly's match into it as well, and I expect that this will somehow continue during her match.

~ The Marellina segment was good as well. Santino was very in character, drifting off with the mention of Melina taking showers. I liked Melina too, especially her saying that she'd been having nightmare and taking multiple showers because of Hornswoggle. I don't rteally see anyhting long-term developing here, but it's still fun. The China line was gret too btw.

~ Uh-oh...Kane is PISSED! I don't feel like the beatdowns will end here...

~ Very good pre-match stuff with Codefi. I can't stress enough how much I'm liking this feud. Kelly Kelly had a good first match against Melina too. I love how you managed to continue both storylines with Finlay/Marella and Codefi at the same time. Brilliant!

~ The Evolution backstage segment was also very well done. From the intimidation of Regal, to the going against Bischoff's wishes (which I think will further turn Bischoff and Evolution against each other).

~ The Kendrick/Miz match was basically a squash. I would've liked to have seen more from Miz, but I understand wanting to make Londrick look like gold going into their title match. I saw a couple small details that hint to something big, but I'll keep those quiet to see if anyone else noticed them.

~ Wow...The McMahons didn't liek the announcement. Good stuff here. LOL @ "English fairy". Very intense stuff from the McMahons, the match later should be insane.

~ i liked the interaction between Dykstra and Cena. Good set-up for the tag team match. Regal is getting a lot of screen time tonight, but that kinda makes since seeing as how everything is kinda going crazy without Bischoff there. Perfect way to do this match. Cena and Dykstra battle into the crowd, so neither man loses any credibility by losing. DiBiase looks like a million bucks (no pun intended), and gets the win. Finlay and Santino continue thier beef...awesome!

~ Good Natalya promo. Kinda generic, but she is pretty new, so that is to be expected. Santino is getting a lot of TV time as well. You must have something big planned for this.

~ Great stuff here with Randy Orton beating down Kane and stealing the title. Some may complain that Kane looks weak here after beating people down all night, but Orton did use weapons, and the epic punt kick to the head, so I think what you did here was awesome.

~ The main event was kinda short, but still well done. The McMahons have the momentum for now, how will Evolution retaliate? Perfect way to end the show with the reader wondering where you'll go from here.

OVERALL: This show was darn near perfect. It kept me on the edge of my seat nearly all the way through. The storylines progressed well, each feud got its own time to shine. Everything fell into place perfectly. My only...ONLY problem was the overuse of Santino. I was with you up until the Kane match, I felt that was a tad too much Santino considering he had already appeared in two matches earlier, once as Melina's backup and once to interfere. Other than that, this show was amazing. 9.5/10

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