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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Prods Raw Feedback

Openning: I tought this was ok, Orton was certainley in character and i liked that he brought up Kane's title reign ten years ago. The only thing i wasnt to keen on was Paul Bearer on the mic, i dont think he has any authority, Orton giving him an RKO and leaving was very good though, it is something he would do alright. Bearer having a neck brace put on etc was cool aswel ha.

Cryme Tyme v Colon Brothers:
There was some good action in this match, with nobody really seeming weak. The right team won aswell for me. Im kind of new to this so im gonna gues eddie is Primo's real name?

Kingston backstage: This was a enjoyable confrontation. It involved three different relationship situations in the one segmant. I can see this going to a Kofi and Rhodes fued with kelly having to make a big decison but at the moment its going really well. Not one of you main fueds but still a good one which says alot.

Regal/ Santino: This was gas. Santino saying China is priceless, can imagine him saying it. Not quiet sure what Santino was looking for though, i tought a match with Finlay would have been made but it was still a good segmant with characters spot on again.

Nice work with Kane taking out his anger backstage.

Kelly v Melina: Impressive preformance by Kelly and glad she won. Im confused though, Hornswoggle and Finaly came down but what happened after? The inetraction with Kofi and Rhodes was good again.

Regal/Evoloution: This was a very real segament. With Triple H using his head to egt what he wants and what will be a brilliant match later. When he was on the phone to Bishoff you described it well with the pauses etc. Regal would be the type of person to get pressured in to doing what he is asked so i liked that.

Miz v Kendrick: Was a decent match, Kendrick was the right person to win but i would have liked to see Morrison egt an attack in after the match. The whole Kendrick kinda ignoring London thing is interesting, not sure if you mean anything by it or just wanted to add to the atmosphere.

McMahon men: English fairy lol!! another good promo with JBL getting soem good words in and showing that they arent happy with the match.

Cena and Finlay v Kenny and Dibiase: Im suprised that they won the match, i know you are giving them a good push which i agree with but didnt think they would beat Cena and Finlay but the fact that Santino cost Finlay the win amd eup for it. None the less it was a good match.

Ha good decision having Santino put against Kane for his actions.

Kane/Santino: Good twist as Orton had earlier left the arena. Im not sure how the punt to the head will go down and how it will affect Kane but time will tell.

Main Event: A match with great action in it but i think it might have been too short if iw as to be ultra critical. A dirty win for JBL was the right way to do it. Shane doing the cost to cost was cool as i love that move and he got some offense in.

Overall: A top class show. Only things i can think of is that Santino was probably involved too much but the matches and promos were spot on. Well done
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