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Re: Backlash Presents: WWE 2007 and forward

RAW Review:

Good to see Umaga being pushed into the title shot, as he can be a credible contender for Michaels' belt. All the interruptions were good, but Vince giving in that easy was a little unrealistic, but you had to set up the tournament somehow, so it was a good way to announce it.

Kingston/Morrison, maybe a start of something here with the attack after the match? Seemed like a decent match to kick off the night, let's see what you can make of psycho Morrison.

Lashley/Orton, very nice match to be the second of the night, maybe almost too high profile for the second match on RAW, but it's a tournament, so the matches gotta happen. Nice to see Orton advance, as he is a credible contender, and a threat to Michaels.

Priceless/Hooligans, another decent match. Surprising finish with Priceless picking up the win over the champs. Gonna lead to a title shot down the line I would assume, as this was a solid match, and maybe a start to a fued.

Matt Hardy stepping up. So I guess Kofi is just gonna get attacked and disappear? Would have been nice to just see Kofi come back at him, but Hardy is a suitable replacement, as the two could have some pretty good matches and promos.

Cena/Hardy, WOW! Hardy picking up the W. Not sure that I agree with the decision, as Cena can be the guy to face Michaels and still have a great match, and Hardy v. Michaels seems iffy, especially around this time of year. Very nice match right here, and so far we have Orton and Hardy in the match next week.

Punk/Marella was not for me. Punk needs to go over Marella clean here, so that he can be pushed into better things. It was a nice, destructive move that ended the match, but a double countout between these two was not a great ending here, IMO.

Nice little promo in the back with Edge getting pissed at Umaga. Boy, Umaga really wants that title shot, he won't give up.

Triple Threat, man, got H and Cena getting pinned clean in the same night!? Your pushing the envelope. I guess that's the decision you have to make though when you have a ton of Main Eventers. I thought the ending was cool, and it was pretty realistic, so Edge v. Orton v. Hardy, something tells me that Hardy wins next week though, and we get Edge/Orton going into WrestleMania.

I liked the show tonight, although some capatilizationa and your puncture was off. Just read everything over a second time, or pop it into Microsoft Word. Looking forward to the next show, hope to see my prediction come true. I'll be reading. 7/10

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