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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Wow, someone on this forum does FCW! (That's a good thing BTW. )

First time reading this thread, just gonna review the last show - haven't been following so apologies if anything sounds weird.

On a very first note, it's nice to see you giving The Colons a push - even if it turns out temporary.

FCW Review
I really like the opening segment, and am in a way glad there was no physical altercation. One thing I don't like is Reid Flair and Joe Henning. I hope the references to their fathers was just a one off... I think it'd be better to have them grow into their own characters... it's like the name "Henning" or "Flair" onto the end automatically makes you liked. On that note, I think Henning should use something other than the Perfect Plex. Certain moves seem reserved for certain superstars - I think it would be better if you gave Henning his own finisher that no one else uses instead of using his father's. Saying that I wouldn't mind if he did use it for his beginner matches anyway if it helps him to get over with the fans.

Thank god you haven't called Nementh Ziggler. You could have gone with "Nick Ziggler" or "Dolph Nemeth".... but yeah, Nick Nemeth is fine. Nice to see him getting a push as well. I don't have high esteem of Ortiz anyway, and I think it'll be stupid of you to put Ortiz over against possibly the next biggest talent on FCW (well... in the next few months anyway).

Why do I think the Katie Lea storyline is going to eventually get Dusty fired? Is it just me? I don't think the tag champs would assault Dusty... or would they? Nice backstage angle with the assault as well... you've played that out well.

Typical heel tactics from Reiher there... if I'm to be honest though it may have been better if he deliberately got himself disqualified... which would have probably infuriated Afa more than just the countout?

Apologies for only a "partial" review, but on the whole a good show.
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