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Re: WWE 2007 and Forward


January 5th 2007 @ Honda Center in Anaheim, CA

A video of the Best moments of 2006 Airs, Along with the theme to Raw.

Mounds of Astonishing Fireworks are blown off in celebration of The New Year as we are introduced by The Announcers, JR and Jerry Lawler

JR: Hello Ladies and Gentleman and we welcome you to The Honda Center for The First Episode of Raw here in 2007!

King: Yes JR and Do we have a main event for you! Tonight Live on Monday Nights it will be Shawn Michaels vs. Bobby Lashley vs. 'The Game' Triple H!

A silence happens, Everyone in the stands quieting down.

Umaga's Music Hits As he and his trainer, Armando Estrada, Mae there way to the ring and Estrada grabs a microphone.

"Me and Umaga Have Been Talking"

Heat Erupts

"Me and Umaga have been talking, And we know That The Royal Rumble is coming up."

Mixed Reactions from the crowd happen, Knowing that one of the most covenant PPV's has been said.

"Me and Umaga have been discussing The Royal Rumble. We want NO Part of that match!"

Cheers come from the stands, hearing that the samoan bulldozer does not want to be in the rumble.

"We Want to face Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship"

Umaga hits him self in the chest and screams while lifting his taped thumb in the air. Meanwhile, Heat bows abruptly from the fans in attendance.

No chance hits a Mr. Mcmahon enters the arena to miles of tracked fan heat.

"Umaga, You will not be facing Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship"

Cheers rom the fans are heard

"Umaga will be in the Royal Rumble Match."

Armando Estrada and Umaga get a fierce look as Estrada looks at Vince standing right in front of him and Starts his argument

"Vince, vince, vince, vince! You need This man to face Shawn Michaels! You need Shawn Michaels to lose that WWE Championship! What a better man to do it than The Samoan Bulldozer"

No reaction from the crowd who await the Chairmans reply

"Well, I'll tell you the deal. I already have many matches scheduled tonight, But next week you will have a One on One match in the main event against Shawn Michaels, If you win that mat-"

The Game hits as Triple H walks on stage in Jeans and a T-shirt and staires down the Ramp at Vince who is extremely angry that The Game would interupt him, Cheers EXPLODE from the stands

"Well you know Vince, I'd like to face Shawn Michaels also. I mean look at the facts, Me and Shawn have been best buddies, But also fearst Rivals."

"Triple H, How dare you interupt me! I'm working with somene here!"

"It's okay Vince, Don't get your thong in a bong"

"Hunter, You can go backstage and let Vince Tell me what is going on!"

"Okay, Heres what'll happen, Next w-"

Dominator hts the arena as many more cheers come from the stands, Vince and Estrada grab the heads going "What Now?" Bobby Lashley Has a mic!

"I want in also."

"FINE! Is there going to be any more interuptions?" Huh? Anyone else like to come out here and ask for a Title shot? C'mon anyone?"

A long Silence begins and lasts a while.

"Thats what I thought. Now Next We-"

My Time Is Now hits as JOHN CENA enters the arena. Everyone stands on there feet, Cheering Nonstop

"If anyone deserves a title shot it is-"

Jeff Hardy's music hits and he just comes out and finishes John Cena's Sentance

"Jeff Hardy!"

CHEERS POUND onto the situation, amd Vince feels like killing EVERYONE.

"I have never even held the WWE Championship and I been in the business more than Cena and Lashley COMBINED!"

Vince gets really angry and puts the mic to his face.

"Good Since You al have matches tonight te wi-"

Randy Ortons Music Hits and HE enters the arena to millions of Jeers

"Forgeting someone?"

"Okay! Now you all have matches tonight, and Edge will also be in this, He isn't here yet and I KNOW he would've came out also, so Who ever wins will advance to next week and whoever wins the match next week faces Michaels at The Rumble. And Since Shawn is in tonghts Main Event, If He Wins tonight, Then it will be a One On One Match. If he Loses, The winner of that match will go on to next week and face the other competitors in a Triple Threat Match to decide who will face Michaels at the Rumble"

Estrada wonders about Umaga sinbce He Has No Scheduled Match for this evening

"Whatta Bout Umaaga?"

"It is simple Umaga is out of it. He will indeed be in The Rumble"

Kofi Kinsgton
vs. John Morrison
FINISH: This match had very low expectations, But it indeed turned out to have many, many turning points. In The End, Kingston was knock to the out side and Morrison climbed the turnbuckle and tried to hit Kofi, But he missed and splatted on the floor like a bug on a windshield. Kofi then got into the ring and Morrison was counted out as a result of the hit to the stomach. Kingston won. Kofi celebrated in the ring as John Morrison got up and went into Rage attacking Kofi Kingston. He nailed him in the back of the head with his forearm, knocking him to the canvas. Mounds of boos came from the crowd as Morrison left The Ring and went to go get a chair he got the cair and got in the ring and nailed Kofi in this stomach. He shortly left the ring and walked up the ramp with a devilish look in his eye.

Edge is seen walking down the hallway and entering the locker room, indicating his appearance.

We cut to the annonce table and they annonce that Edge is here, Announce that Orton vs Lashley is next!

Best of 2006 package is aired yet again, Highlighting the greatest moments of 2006


Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton
FINISH: Te match started off wth very high expectations. Many punches were thrown and many times both of the supertars were knocked to the outside. Many submissions were applied but were easily countered. Lashley impressed everyone when him rammed orton into the steel steps. In the Final minutes, Lashley picked Orton up off the canvas and tried to throw him against the ropes Orton haulted and Threw Lashley against the ropes. He bounced back and nailed Orton with a clothesline. Orton quickly got to his feet and Lashley speared Orton! Orton fel to the mat and Lashley went for the cover! 1....2 Kickout by Orton! Orton Kicked Out of a spear! Orton got up and tried for an RKO and was caught in mid air and thrown out of the ring by the Dominator. Orton got up and Lashley jumped ver the second rope and nailed Orton headfirst! They both got up at an 8 count and got back in the ring at nine. They started to Pound away when Lashley went for the Dominator! Orton Countered it into a swining neck breaker and started to climb the Turnvuckle Orton Jumped on to of Lashley and hit a crossbody.Went for the cover and 1...2 Rolled the shoulder. Orton Got up and started tauntng his opponent for the RKO, Lashley started to get up, And Orton started to get into an RKO position. Lashley Got up, Turned Around and Ran after Lashley, but Lashley lifted him up into the Dominator and Orton Gabbed The Ropes. But Lashley Wouldn't give up. He pulled away away hoping that Orton would let go. He did, Slithered out of it and Hit an RKO!
He went for the cover! 1....2......3! Orton won! Orton is moving onto next week! Bobby Lashley just stayed there, Lieing in the Ring. Orton got his hand raised by The Ref and Got into the corner. Lashley was on his hands and knees by now. Orton was going to punt his head off! Orton ran and he Lashley moved out of the kick and Got Orton Up and DOMINATOR! Lashley stood there with an evil face as he walked backstage.

Willianm Regal, The GM has just informed that WWE has aquired Scott Stiener from Total Nonstop Action.


A WWE Royal Rumble Tape is cut showing The Greatest Eliminations and Entrances and Showing Last years winner, Triple H eliminating John Cena to be the #1 Contender to the title at Mania.

vs. The Hooligans
(Non Title)
FINISH: In the end, Rhodes was in and was in for a long time. He really needed to tag Debiase! Paul London Hit a bulldog on Rhodes and He tagged in Kendrik. Hendrik Ran into to Rhodes hitting a thunderous clothesline. Kendrik Got onto the top rope and jumped looking for a leg Drop but he missed and Rhodes made the tag. Debiase came in and Knocked Kendrik down and kepy momentem moving and bounced off the ropes, came back and Kendrik hit a Textbook dropkick on Debiase Rhodes then dstracted the Referee and Debiase gave Kendrik a Low Blow! Rolled him up and won the match. Priceless beat The Tag Team Champions of the world!

We then See Morrison walking backstage as he runs into Matt Hardy.

"Whats Wrong with you man?"

No Reaction From The Crowd

"Why did you just attack Kofi Like That?"

"Because I can, And I will."


"You know Morrison, Someone has to get into that thick skull of yours."


"Who is it going to be, You?"

"Yes, Me. I challenge You to a match Next Week, And I'll show you what is going to happen"

"I accept"


Shawn Michaels interview, He discusses how he will be winning the nights Main Event and Have a Nothing to worry about the Rumble.

John Cena vs. Jeff Hardy
FINISH: John Cena Lifted Hrdy up for The FU but Hardy Elbowed the champion in the head. He then slammed his head between hit legs and Jumped on the top rope and hit Whisper In The wind! Cover! 1....2 Kickout by Cena! Cena got up and Clotheslined Hardy. Hardy soon got up and Cena and Hardy got into a fist brawl, obviously won by Cena. Cena Tripped Up Hardy into The STFU! He kept it locked in for a minute or 2 and Hardy Countered it into a Crossface! Cena Lifted Hardy out of that and tossed Hardy to the outside! Cena Went out there and he Smacked Jeffs Head off of The Ringpost! Jeff lie on the ground as Cena got into the Ring and waited for The Egnigma to be counted out. He was not counted out though. He got upat 5 and got into the ring and Cena sarted to nail him. Cena Slammed Jeff To The mat with a Thunderous Crossbody! He then Stuck his hand in the air, Bounced of the ropes and 5 nuckle Shuffle! Cena wait n the corner and Hardy got up soon. Cena lifted him up for The FU but Hardy slithered out and through Cena out of the ring. Hardy bounced off the ropes and jumped over the third rop, Frontflipping onto Cena. Hardy got up and rushed over and got in the ring, Waiting for a 10 ****. At 5 Hardy got impationt and ran after Cena. He slammed Cenas head into the baricade and started stomping at him. Hardy Immediatly picked him up and put him in the Ring. Cena Lifted Hardy YET again for the FU but Hardy quickly countered and nailed THE TWIST OF FATE! He climbed to the Top Rope and Nailed a Swanton Bomb! cover! 1....2......3! HARDY BEAT CENA! HARDY BEAT CENA! How could that happen! After The Match Jeff Hardy Offers Cena a Hand Shake, And He accepts.


CM Punk vs. Santino Marella
FINISH: This was a very short matchup, CM Punk hit a flying kick on Santino which put him down, and Punk got him up and hit a clothesline over the Top Rope and He went Flying to the ground. CM Punk grasped the ropes with his hands and jumped onto them. He then proceded to jumping off and landing the Shooting Star Press on Marella. They were both counted out with little movement. They both got up and walked up the ramp.

Edge is seen walking down the hallway and entering The General Manager, William Regals Office. He walks over to Regal and wipes his hand up his face and through hair.

"Regal, I love these Main Event Plans"

Heat from the fans

"Yes, Yes There quite fine aren't they"

" I love that Tournament like Idea. It is going to be great when I-"

Edge is interupted by The Door to the office as Umaga busts in with Armando Estrada

"Mr. Regal we need to talk"

"Excuse Me, Umaga, or as Regal would call you, Youmanga, I was here First!"

Edge and Umaga go into a staredown.

"Gentlemen Please, Edge Let Me hear what Armando has to say!


Edge storms out of the office

"Why isn't The Somoan Bulldozer in The Race To The Rumble?"

"I don't know, That's Vinces Descision. If it were me, I would have made a match for you."

"Thanks Amigo, I'll go talk to Vince Then."

"He is busy Right Now, You'll have to talk to him Next Week""Okay, Thanks again Sir"


MAIN EVENT: Triple Threat
Triple H
vs. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels
FINISH: In The End Of The Match, Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music On Triple H and tried to cover but Edge still was taken into acount. Shawn Michaels Lifted Edge and set him on The Top Turnbuckle and michaels started ounching Edge Repeadidly like a piston. The crowd counted Michaels Hits all the way up to 10 ad He Finaly took control and Superplrexed Edge to the floor onto Triple H! Edge was fist up and got into the corner stalking the next person to get up. Michaels and Triple H
stayed down to The Referees 7 count and then they got back up. Edge Speared Michaels! Edge got up and Triple H ran after him and hit a Spinebuster! Triple H waited for Michaels to get up and gave him a Pedigree! Triple H was about to go for the cover when Edge got up and Speared The Game! Cover! 1...2.....3! EDGE STEALS IT! OH MY GOD! Next Week It Will Be a Triple Threat! Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Edge! Edge celebrates in The ring as both The Champion and Triple H are layed out, laying in there own Pity!

World Heavyweight Championship
'Nature Boy'Ric Flair vs.'The Deadman' The Undertaker vs. 'The Largest Athlete in The World' The Big Show


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