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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by -Blaskohiro Tenryu- View Post
Most anime I watch is usually comedy or ones under 50 episodes, since most ones over 50 or no-comedic are filled with fillers.

Some anime fan I am.
I'm not much for the over 50 episodes either, but the fillers are actually the saving grace at times for me. Inuyasha is a good example, Naruto is great example (by the way Seph, Naruto is not exactly the best example to use when its fillers are at least twice or more entertaining than the main plot.) Fillers actually tend to put the anime's characters in a new light. Not only that, but smaller, lesser used characters are used more in fillers (Shikamaru, Shino, Shippo for example. Kazu and Emiri from Air Gear had a huge roles in the one filler episode of the anime.) The second half of Getbackers was nothing but fillers, mostly comical insanity that originally drew the fans of Getbackers into the Mangas.

It really sounds like people rather focus on the bad fillers rather than the good. Or to be more exact, filler episodes as a whole. I'm guessing because it leaves the "official cannon" of the original story. I'm not exclusive to that issue either, DBZ almost dealt me in when it came to fillers.

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