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Re: WWE 2007 and Forward


January.2nd.2007: Madison Square Garden

A Highlights Video of The best moments of 2006 was aired

Opening video
Mounds and Mounds of Fireworks and other Pyro are set off more than usual for the New Year

Michael Cole:
Hello ladies and Gentleman and welcome to the busy New York City to celebrate the new year of 2007!

Joey Styles: The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps and The most famous arena in the world Cole!

Michael Cole:
Let me Tell You, I know that last year set high expectations for this year, And they certainly will be set this year.

Big Hits as The Big Show enters Madison Square Garden to an avalanche of fan jeers. He grabs a Microphone and begins to talk

"I am the Big Show. I am The Worlds Heavyweight Champion. And More Importantly, I am the greatest Wrestler in this business. You see, I have Beat every single athlete back there, And whoever Is Next, I will beat them also."

Teddy Long's Music hits and Many of Thousands of Fans stand up to cheer The General Manager On. He also grabs a microphone.

"You See Playa.... Tonight there will be a 9 Man Battle Royal Tonight to decide your next opponent for the Royal Rumble."

"Well Who ill be in The Match Teddy?"

"Good Question Show, The Participants in this match will be Carlito, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Batista, Booker T, Mr Kennedy, The Great Khali, Rey Mysterio, and Ric Flair!"

"Great, I'll Pummmel who ever it is that wins the match at the Rumble and Still be Your World Heavyweight Champion!"


Match #1
MVP vs. Chavo
(Non Title)
FINISH: In The Closing Minutes Of This Match, MVP hit the Playmaker. He lie for a while when he went for the Cover, 1.2 Kickout! Chavo got up and Did Eddie Guerrero's 3 Suplezs and got on the top rope, Going for his covedent Frog Splash and MVP got up and Caught him Right In Mid Air. He slamme him on the ground and went for the Cover. 1.2.3! MVP Wins! He Celebrates to a mound of Mixed Reactions as Chavo makes his way to the back.

Best Of 2008 Package Plays yet again.

We Cut To The Announce Table as Styles and Cole talk about the last match and the New Years Battle Royal tonight.

Backstage Rey Mysterio is interviewed and talks trash on his opponents and tells his strategy for winning the Battle Royal.

Just Then, A Lamborghini pulls up to MSG and Batista Steps out and pulls off his glasses with a smile to a large pop.

Match #2
Mick Foley vs. Mike Knoxx
(Non Title)
FINISH: Mike Knox was hit out of The Ring onto the floor and Foley soon came out and tossed Knox headfirst into the Barricade. Foley then picked Knox Up and Rammed His Back into the barricade. The Ref was at a 7 count. Knox was straining his back in pain as Foley got into the ring. Knox Charged into the ring at the refs 8 Count and clothes lined Foley out of The Ring this time. Knox Rushed Out and charged to cross body Foley But He Moved out of the way, Ramming Knox onto the barricade headfirst yet again. Foley went for the Double Arm DDT and Got Countered into a suplex. Knox then put Foleys feet onto the barricade and Corkscrew DDT'd him to the floor Knox Got into the ring to brake the count and did another Corkscrew DDT to the floor. The Referee then announced that Mick Foley was Unable to Compete. He had been Knocked Out. Knox Had Won!!!! Knox Had Beat The Hardcore Champion! He went up the ramp in celebration staring down at the Medical assstants thhat were helping the fallen Hardcore Champ with a fiendish look in his eye as we cut to Commercial


Backstage we see that Mick Foley was lieing on a hospital bed with the doctor pointing a small flashlight into Foleys Eyes. Eve Torres walks in and asks what is going on. The Doctor explains that he has just discovered that Mick Foley has a concussion.

A WWE Royal Rumble Tae is cut showing The Greatest Eliminations and Entrances and Showing Last years winner, Triple H eliminating John Cena to be the #1 Contender to the title at Mania

Match #3
vs. Layla
FINISH: These Women had a very vitalized fight which had many pops but mostly had many back and fourth moments. In The End Eve hit her just revealed finisher known as EveBomb (which is a Fisherman Suplex with a jump and twist) out of no where to pick up the victory.

The show resumes to Carlitos Music hitting as carlito is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone.

"Me. In a #1 Contenders Match? Now dats Cool."

The Crowd Gives off a large jeer and start a "You Suck" Chant

"Shut up, You know I aam going to win. I will go on the the Royal Rumble and cut the Big Show's Title Rein like he was butter and I am the hot knife!"

Kurt Angle's Music Hits and he enters the garden to a bunch of cheers and standing fans holding there signs.

"You Know Carlito, I'm sure everyone here would love to see someone beat the Big Show, But that sure isn't you."

Kanes Music Hits and he comes out with a mic

"Your right Kurt. It's me"

Gong happens, And The Lights Go out. They Come Back on and Undertaker has got Kane and Angle by the throats He Lifts them up and they get out of it and Run Backstage. Carlito Runs Into the stands and Undertaker is left standing on the stage.


Match #4: Tag Team Match
Red Neck Wrecking Crew
Vs. Cryme Tyme
FINISH: In the beggining there were many tags mostly by Cryme Tyme, And Many boring moments. But in the end
JTG and Cade were thee legal men and JTG hit Moonlight Drive and went for the cover and Murdoch broke it up and Shad Took him outside as JTG pinneed again and won. Cyme Tyme and JTG Won!

We next see the announce table as Styles and Cole talking about the past events this evening and more about our Main Event.

Backstage we see Batista walking down the Hallway where he runs into Stone Cold and gets in his face. Batista and Austin go into a staredon and Batista starts talking

"Austin, You will be beaten to a pulp tonight when I am through with you."

The Crowd has just got a bunch of Mixed Reactions

"You Know, I want you to shut your mouth right now before I pop your mouth up through that pair o' shades you got there"


Match #5

Big Show vs. Val Venis
(Non Title)FINISH: This was a match completely dominated by the Big Show. He completely destroyed Val The Whole Time, And Completely Finished him off with a chokeslam....Not much to the match, An Obvious Big Show win, Gaining momentum to the rumble.

Ric Flair Then Walks tight Into Mr. Kennedy and Kennedy says Natche, Your going to lose match, yada ya, Flair ignores him and Keeps walking

Main Event: Battle Royal
(Non Title)
In The Final Minutes , Ric Flair, The Undertaker and Kurt Angle were left standing in the ring after eliminating Khali. Undertaker got the hand around the throat of Angle and Flair just stared at him, Not doing anything. 'Taker lifted Kurt offf the mat and Flair gave him a legsweep causing Angle to reverse The Chokeslam inyo a DDT. Flair and Angle Then Worked Together to try to eliminate The Phenom, By pushing him over the top rope. He then caught both of them by the Throats and lifted them up and Flair Squirmed out of it but that wasn't the fate of Kurt Angle. He was Then Lifted Up and Chokeslammed! Angle was knocked out of The Ring by both Ric Flair and The Undertaker.

Undertaker and Flair were now left standing.Undertaker Ran after Flair and Flair Gave him a thumb To The Eye. The Undertaker bent over, blinking repeteadly as Flair Tripped him up into a figure four leglock! He had the Figure Four Locked In! Undertaker Countered and inflicted the pain onto the naure boy. Flair soon got out but Undertaker was not fatigued. He got up and clothesling Flair over the top ropes and he landed on the steps. The Undertaker Got out of The Ring and got onnto the steps and Flair and Taker exchanged punches. Ric Flair lifted the Undertaker and Dropped him on the steps after an escape effort. The Undertaker climbed into the ring.Flair soon followed. Flair Ran after The Phenom and hit a swinging neck breaker. Flair then got onto The Top Rope and Went for a flying headbutt, and Undertaker rolled out of the way. The Undertaker got up and lifted Flair up, and Connected with a Tombstone Piledriver! He lifted up Flair Immediatly and Tryed to eliminate hime by pushing on his chest Flair Kicked Taker and Flair Suplexed Taker Out Of The Ring, Both of Them thuding to the floor!

The Referees all got together and came to the decision that at the Royal Rumble, It will be a Triple Threat for The World Heavyweight Championship. Both Undertaker and Ricc Flair Stared Eachother down as The Show came to an end.

World Heavyweight Championship
Ric Flair
vs. The Undertaker vs. The Big Show


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