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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

Linda in the ring to start the show isn't the best way to kick off the show, but I guess some things had to be addressed. I thought for a minute there she was going to reverse the decision or put Edge in the JD match because of the table spot last week, but Edge out is a surprise. Edge is a top heel but you must have your reasons and with all these injuries it allows the youngsters to shine. Having Masters and Haas come out makes them look quite important with it being the opening segment and all, and the match next week should be pretty good. Hardy coming down was interesting, coming down like that really showed his intensity and it allowed you to cover a number of feuds in one promo. Decent promo.

Very good interview with Shelton, it's good to see him get some mic time after his title win last week. I liked what he had to say but him pushing down Moore was a little surprising, I think this alliance should last a little longer tbh as they haven't been togther that long and Moore makes a good little sidekick, but I guess you think it isn't working out.

Another interesting segment with Jeter and Sydal. These promos are doing a lot for their characters and it's good they are getting this attention. I don't know what is going to happen with this storyline, but I think they'll come out of it looking good.

Good win for Shelton, he needed a good win after just winning the title. He looked impressive here and his title reign should be a good one. I wonder if Shannon Moore will come back to Shelton's first challenger.

Impressive win for Sydal as well, I wasn't sure which way this was going to go with him being quite subdued at the moment. The Cyclorama and SSP are always good to see. The aftermath was great with Jeter facial expressions, i'm looking forward to seeing this storyline develop further.

This was a good little segment with Mickie and Beth. This isn't over yet by the looks of it. Mickie's comment about Beth being on a little losing streak was good, I remember when I had Phoenix on a long losing streak in my old WWE thread, it didn't come off very well! I liked how it was split up too. Phoenix will most probably come out on top next time.

Another interesting segment here. This was a nice set up for the match later and it had a good feeling about it with them being family, and the idea of them teaming is cool. Teaming with HBK will do a lot for Shane, but i'm just wondering if he really has changed.

Three segments in a row is a little unusual for you. I liked this segment, and it looks like a new GM will be announced soon which is good. Tazz is cool and makes me laugh, not sure about him being GM though, I think i'd like it. I'm not sure if he will though, seems a little too obvious for you now, would've thought you'd announce a new GM without hinting before. Good to see the match is official too, seeing their opponents, I wouldn't be surprised if Shane turns back heel.

Good win for Elijah Burke, I'm glad he's getting a push, but i'm still not sure about his face turn though, I love the cocky Burke. Good to see his two awesome finishers too. This feud looks like it will be very good.

This was another pretty good segment, i kinda makes it obvious that it will be them who wins next week though. This was a very well written segment though and I liked the UK Pack talking about how much they complain. Hardy appearing again was cool to remind us he's after Punk.

This was a really great promo. Punk was great on the mic, I loved what how he kept winding up Hardy, and he sounded like Jericho for a while there going on about hypocricy. Punk's line about the Hardy's being similar was awesome, and I can just imagine that coming off really well. I liked how you had security stop Hardy from getting to Punk, really showed hus anger but allowed Punk to go on. Linda coming out I think was a pretty good decision as we didn't need to see a brawl between them and it couldn't really end another way without someone coming out. The match announcement is huge, can understand why it was left so long though as Punk's shock would be good to see.

Good match here with Shane and HBK picking up the win. Thought Shane might turn on him, but we don't need that feud with the HBK/Taker coming up, and that deserves a huge build. This does wonders for Shane as well. I hope the focus will be all on that though as we get closer to JD. Masters and Haas losing doesn't effect them too much considering who they lost to, and they will regain some credibility next week when they win the title shot i'm sure.

The main event is a match I would love to see, and I think ending it with a DQ was the right thing to do as neither can really afford another loss, and we don't need to see Hardy costing him again. The aftermath was good too, the chair shot will only make Hardy angrier and Punk won't be too happy either after he chokeslam. Nice to see HBK come out as well to give his feud with Taker some focus tonight.

Overall Nige it was a good show, not as good as previous shows as you probably know but it was a very enjoyable show, with some interesting storylines starting. I'm looking forward to next week. BTW happy new year mate, hope you had a good night last night!

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