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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


>>> Okay mate, so you know by now that Iím not Linda McMahonís biggest fan and there is no way in hell her microphone work could carry that entire segment IMO, even though we had some great talker interrupting her. She has zero charisma and the crowd is always dead when sheís in the ring. I hope you name a new GM soon. As for the Edge announcement, itís brave. 6 - 8 weeks without the best heel in the business on the show will be tough. He will be missed. As for the overall segment, well it was strange not to have big names come out. The Masters of the mat part seemed to low key to warrant screen time at the start of the broadcast. The Matt hardy interruption was better. I liked how intense Hardy was and it set up a storyline that should run the length of the show. The tag title match up announcement isnít a bid deal, but the match itself should be physical next week. Probably the most low key opening segment Iíve seen from you. It wasnít badly written, it just wasnít exciting. I think Linda and the lack of a top guy, top feud was the problem.

>>> Iím glad you threw in another segment before the commercial break as the opening promo was quite short. This segment was short, sweet and cut to chase. I liked the drama and intensity shown by Jeter, which was in stark contrast to Sydalís subdued presence. This storyline could be a diamond in the rough!

>>> The finish was fast and furious. Great energy captured in your writing. Shelton needed the win here after looking venerable and near defeat last week in his match up with Hardy. I canít say as Iíve ever been a Chavo Guerrero fan, but he looked good in defeat here.

>>> Two matches back to back, interesting. Even though you had them separated by commercial, it seems odd, but that doesnít mean Iím against it. This, much like the opener had great energy and the finish was fun. The shooting star press is always a formidable sight. The real event here of course was the aftermath with Jeter showing he has more faces than Mount Rushmore.

>>> I never spot spelling or grammar mistakes in your show, so this is a treat ďMickie James is getting her make up down backstage by the resident make up artistĒ HEHE. This was a fun segment. Iím a fan of both divas. I liked how you broke up the conflict before it became a full blown brawl, that was smart. This feud has been done to death in real life, so I hope you can inject some life into it over the coming weeks.

>>> Sweet segment, a little soppy, I think reading my BTB is rubbing off on you. LOL. Iím kidding of course. This was a well constructed segment with back-story and heart. I donít know if Iím willing to believe Shane has turned over a new leaf, but I actually hope he has. The idea of HBK and Shane teaming up is cool, though maybe itís a little to soon and Iíd like to see more of a reason behind them wanting to or having to team up.

>>> G-wiz another backstage segment, youíre getting as bad as me for it. HA. Iím not complaining, you know how much of a promo whore I am. HA. Nice tease here. Tazz as GM, Iíd mark out for it. Okay so HBL getís a tag match, but I mean there is no reason for this match other than the fact HBK wants to team with his cousin. Anyway, you made seem like the crowd are begging for these two to team up, so I guess Iíll buy into it as a big deal, but only just mind!!! HA

>>> Nice victory for Burke, whoís push seems to be going into overdrive. The feud between Burke and MVP is being built slowly and I like how youíve not resorted to violence. This so far has been a war of words, which is a refreshing change.

>>> The Masters of the mat are getting some major screen time tonight. The verbal interaction between The Masters of the Mat and the UK Pack was fun. A lot of egoís involved and it was funny watching the two teams blow off steam. The best part of this whole segment was the CM Punk tease at the end. I love those attention grabbing few seconds before commercials, itís one sign of a great writer.

>>> Okay, here I go!!! This promo was great up until the point Linda came out. Punkís line about Jeff being a pot head and Matt being a hot head was a bona fide classic. Matt showed intensity, anger and frustration whilst Punk played the cocky, self righteous, calm and collected heel. Just brilliant. But then Linda ruined it. Now Iím not going into what I said earlier about her being sh*t on the stick and having zero personality. The problem here is you actually tried to get us believe she could sell pissed off and quite frankly she canít! The biggest problem I had though was the announcement of Punk VS Taker this late in the show, I mean you got to admit thatís a booking error. A match of this calibre should be announced right off the bat and this promo would of worked much better at the start of the show than it does here.

>>> What can I say, I was so wrong it hurts. I thought you were trying to trick us and youíd have Shane stab HBK in the back here. In saying that, this wouldnít of been the best time to do it, so maybe that may still happen. This loss, does it hurt Haas and Masters??? After all they have that big tag match next week and seemed to be on their way up. Reminiscent of Miz and Morrison being jobbed out to DX, but for no good reason. Fun match though.

>>> Kind of saw the finish coming and I canít knock you, It was the only logical way to go. Though Taker has won his last two matches, he hasnít pinned wither opponent. To be fair to you, you donít need to push someone like Taker to make him look strong going into a world title match. Punk looked great up until the choke slam, didnít hurt him though. The mutual respect gimmick will work a treat in the HBL, Taker feud.

OVERALL: Well I donít know really. Correct me if Iím wrong, but did you drastically change up your layout. Itís just normally your shows are so well balanced, but this show seems quite the opposite with matches running together and promoís running together. I wish youíd get rid of Linda, sheís just killing the show for me if Iím honest about it she ruined to promos tonight! The matches were strong, but the main event was booked to late in the show and I didnít get why the Masters of the Mat got jobbed out to HBK and Michael Shane. There are some interesting stuff brewing between Sydal and Jeter as well as Beth and Mickie. Iím also liking the MVP, Burke and Punk, Hardy feuds. Also, once you get into the Taker, Michaels JD build, things should pick up. This was good by any standards, but it wasnít as good as some of the more recent editions of SD.

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