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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

EWF Knockdown Dragout II

EWF Heavyweight Championship; Submission Match
Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Ryan Taylor ****1/4-****1/2

EWF American Championship
Vizzion (c) vs. Terex **1/4

Mikey Nicholls vs. Rockstar Cordova **1/2

Espiritu Infernal vs. Jeremy Jaeger **1/2

Hook Bomberry vs. Chris Kadillak ***1/2

EWF Cruiserweight Championship
Blackstar (c) vs. LTP *-*1/4

Sonny Samson vs. Marcius Pitsonopolous **

EWF Tag Team Championship
Black Metal & Extreme Loco (c) vs. TJ Perkins & Liger Rivera **1/2

LOL At Attempts To Un-Cuff Mondo Vega


EWF Independent's Day IV: Revenge Served Cold

EWF Heavyweight Championship
Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Joey Ryan ****-****1/4

EWF Tag Team Championship
TJ Perkins & Liger Rivera (c) vs. Ryan Taylor & Hook Bomberry ***1/4 (Damn That Referee)

Grudge Match
Black Metal vs. Extreme Loco **1/2

Chris Kadillak vs. Jeremy Jaeger ***1/2-***3/4

Candice LeRae vs. Shane Andrews ***1/2

Brandon Gatson vs. Dave The Bruiser *3/4

Mikey Nicholls vs. Marcius Pitsonopolous **1/4


EWF Gold Standard II: Raising The Bar

EWF Heavyweight Championship; 30 Minute Iron Man Match
Brandon Gatson (c) vs. Joey Ryan vs. Mikey Nicholls (Damn That Man Can Swing A Chair) ****1/2

Blackstar vs. Hook Bomberry **

Terex (The 400 Pounder Did A Standing Moonsault...I Have Now Seen It All) vs. Liger Rivera ***

NWA Heritage Championship & EWF American Championship
TJ Perkins (c) vs. Ryan Taylor (c) ***3/4-****

Black Metal vs. Chris Kadillak **3/4

Roger Ruiz vs. Tha Chef **1/4

EWF Cruiserweight Championship
Jeremy Jaeger (c) vs. Sexy Chino **-**1/4


EWF Anarchy '08

EWF Heavyweight Championship
Black Metal (c) vs. Brandon Gatson ***1/2

EWF American Championship
Ryan Taylor (c) vs. Nick Jackson ****-****1/4

Johnny Paradise vs. TJ Perkins **3/4

Joey Ryan vs. Liger Rivera ***

Billy Blade & Kadin Anthony vs. David Jones & Ryan Stone **** (Great Chemistry)

EWF Cruiserweight Championship
Jeremy Jaeger (c) vs. Shane Haste ***1/2-***3/4

Chris Kadillak vs. Roger Ruiz vs. Chase Patrick *1/2

Bonus Match

EWF Vendetta II; EWF Heavyweight Championship
Brandon Gatson (c) vs. Black Metal **1/2

"I pledge allegiance... to the greatness
Of the conqueror who stands before me
And to his dominance; For which I stand
One Cenation; Under John
Now divisible
With no more hustle, loyalty or respect for all!"

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