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Re: GTA Mafia Game Thread

Night 7

Night time! The time for the mafia to do what they do best; kill people. And with the bodyguard dead, who could stop them? No one?

Mikhail Faustin stepped out onto the street grinning. The crazy bastard loved the thrill of being the killer.

He got in his car and drove like a manic straight for Avery Carrington, who was stepping out of his house on the way to his limo when Faustinís car struck him smashing into him. He was dead instantly, but Mikhail got out and unloaded the uzi into his dead body, just for fun.

Magsfan was:

Congratulations, you are Avery Carrington, innocent aligned
You win when all mafia and individuals are dead.

You love to show that youíre in control, that you have power. You also love to intimidate people, yet you arenít always as silent. Each night, you may PM the moderators a name of a player, who you want to watch. The result given, will be if heís targeting someone or not, and if so, who heís targeting. Be careful, however. The fact that youíre not the most silent or serene of persons, may not be the most positive of characteristics.

Editorís note: The player he targets will be informed he was targeted by Avery.
Another important innocent dead, and now they were in trouble. The mafia were amost in control..was it too late to stop them..and what had happened to the McReary day killer? Would he strike again?

Tr1 was sucking cock..and choked on a big one ( fuck you for not posting)
He was:

Congratulations, you are Willy, Love Fist aligned.
You are a part of the LEGENDARY and ultra-awesome rockband, Love Fist. In order to win, you, and your fellow Love Fist members, have to complete a song. To do this, you can post one sentence of the song below per day phase. Each member of your band can do so, so that the group can post up to four lines per day phase. Your fellow Love Fist buddies are Jezz(don.corleone), Dick(Ownage) and Percy(Nov).
With 11 alive it takes 6 to lynch
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