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Re: GTA Mafia Game Thread

Night 6

With niko dead the mafia were the only ones out killing tonight. Their godfather was dead but the mafia weren’t beaten. Not by a long way, it seemed the McReary’s were in trouble too, so all looked good.
They’d collectively decided on the kill, and the man to commit it was the man who had killed Niko Bellic.

His target this time? Roman Bellic, easy meat.

Mikhail opened the door of Roman’s apartment and walked in slowly. Hello roman he said grinning, it’s time for you to die.
Roman looked up and began to plead, as the piss began to flow down his leg, but Mikhail Faustin had no mercy and pulled out a pistol and shot him twice in the chest.

Sxe was


Congratulations, you are Roman Bellic, innocent aligned.
You win when all mafia and individuals are dead.

You are Roman Bellic, a cowardly son of a bitch, who tends to wet his pants when in trouble. You feel you need to help your city-allies though, and you want to be a deciding factor in this war. Therefore, you can only cast the deciding vote, which means you can only hammer someone during a lynch. You cannot vote, unless your vote is the one that reaches majority. You are also free to talk to your cousin Niko(Emperor Nas) outside of this thread.
“This fucking city is gonna be ours“, Faustin screamed to no one in particular as he left the flat. It was quite clear he was fucking mental.

It’s now Day 7
With 14 alive it takes a majority of 8 to lynch someone
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