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Re: GTA Mafia Game Thread

It was night. Again. Having failed to reach a lynch the innocents had stopper their chance of killing the mafia, not the mafia were happy. They were out on the kill. Mikhail Faustin was the man they’d chosen to commit the kill tonight.

He stepped out of his car and saw his target, he saw Niko in his sights.

As he was about to go over Niko pulled a gun and shot at someone in the crowd, die you scum he said.
King Kenny was:

Congratulations, you are Kent Paul, innocent aligned.
You win when all mafia and individuals are dead.

You have no night role, but you are allowed to talk to Maccer(Thunderman) outside of the game. You also have an awesome Australian accent, which you HAVE to use to post. Always. Not doing so will result in a modkill(though I guess what’s defined as Australian is vague In the event of your death you will be able to choose someone to kill after your death.
Niko threw his gun down in shock..devastated that he kept killing innocents (ugh..like was he reading the thread???). Turning around he never stood a chance, the cold Russian bastard had had enough death. He never saw Faustin untill it was too late when the shotgun took him right in the chest..staggering forward niko grabbed him by the neck trying to strangle Mikhail..but another shot blew him away ( Yea it takes lots to kill Niko, bitches).
Nas was:

Congratulations, you are Niko Bellic, innocent aligned.
You win when all mafia and individuals are dead.

You survived the war in Serbia, a war that scarred you and made you who you are today. You are relentless and will kill anyone and everyone without hesitation. Ice cold. You are the vigilante, meaning that each night, you may choose a player and you will attempt to kill them. Choose wisely though, as you may or may not take out a fellow innocent. You may also talk freely with your cousin, Roman(???) outside of the game.
The city was in trouble. The mafia were in control. Mikhail fausting grinned as he drove home knowing another few nights like this and the city was doomed.

King Kenny Please choose your kill in your next post, in the format Kill: player name( put it in bold)

18 alive means 10 to lynch.
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