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Re: GTA Mafia Game Thread

Night 4

Sweet was walking down the street, as he was enjoying a nice beer. He was looking somewhat pleased as he had already pressured some people into admitting lies and scummy tactics. Suddenly, however, the smile on his face disappeared, as Mikhail Faustin was standing in front of him.

“It’s too late to turn around now.”, he said, as he pulled out a gun and shot Sweet’s brains out. Sweet was dead. He was Browniedude.


Congratulations, you are Sweet, innocent aligned
You win when all mafia and individuals are dead.

You’re gangsta. You are cool, you’re straight from the hood and you’re badass. If you grab someone by the throat, they will talk, they will squeal, as you’re Sweet and you’re truly gangsta. Each night, you may PM me a name of a player, who made a post during the day that you want to investigate. Also post the precise post you want to investigate. The results will be that he’s either lying or telling the truth. Be careful though, as there could always be misinterpretation. You may also talk freely with CJ(???) outside of this thread.
Meanwhile, CJ, Sweet’s brother, was sitting at a local bar, talking to some chick. Suddenly, Dmitri Rascalov snuck up behind him, undoubtedly looking to kill him, or at least silence him. CJ felt something, somehow though and turned around, as he pulled his gun and shot Rascalov in the head. Dmitri Rascalov was dead. He was Tatiana.


Congratulations, you are Dmitri Rascalov, mafia aligned.
You win when your mafia group is the last faction standing

You are one sneaky son of a bitch. You are perhaps the most devious of all mafia-members and you will go over dead bodies to get what you want. You are the silencer, meaning that each night, you may PM me a name of a player who you wish to silence and that player won’t be able to post in the thread the next day.
CJ, a little stunned and shocked, stepped out of the bar and started running down the street. Suddenly, someone started running after him.

“Wait! Wait, you prick, I want to show you something!”

CJ looked at his gun and saw that he had still one bullet left. He turned around and shot immediately at his chaser, hitting him in the heart. As CJ saw who it was, he was shocked and sad. He had shot Tommy Vercetti, the superduperawesome hero. Tommy was Invincible.


Congratulations, you are Tommy Vercetti, innocent aligned
You win when all mafia and individuals are dead.

You are the coolest GTA character ever. Seriously, you rock. You are the ruthless legend. Each night, you may give a role of someone who has died in previous nights to a player you select. Should you try to give a role to either mafia or indy, it will fail. You are also ruthless, meaning that at one time in the game, you will be able to shoot somebody straight to hell. Use this one-shot kill wisely though.
In another part of Liberty City, Niko Bellic was strutting down an alley, holding his trusty shotgun in his hands. He suddenly saw Dwayne Forge, looking at some house, over some fence. Niko didn’t like this scene too well and he approached Dwayne.

“I don’t like you lurking around at night. You’re scum.”

-“Wait, what?”

Dwayne turned around as Niko blew his head off. Dwayne Forge was dead. He was Postage.


Congratulations, you are Dwayne Forge.You win when all mafia and individuals are dead.

After getting out of prison, you had no friends left in the city. You usually go out at night, wandering about, looking for something interesting to happen. Now, you can actually use those ‘walks’ for the good of the city. Each night you may PM me a name of a player, and it’s to that player’s house you’ll be walking. You’ll see if the player’s at home or not. You are allowed to post your results during the day.
Inside a Clucking Bell at Broker, OG Loc was enjoying a nice cluckidy cluck meal.


OG Loc turned around and there he was, his arch nemesis, Madd Dogg. OG Loc jumped off his seat and started yelling at Madd Dogg.

“I’ve had it with you, man. You always in my way, trying to hol’ me down. I’ve had it, man. Yo, OG Loc’s in the place! Better respec’ me when a gun’s in yo face!”

Madd Dogg just looked at OG Loc, almost laughing at him.

“That’s it. It’s over! Respect me now!”

Loc pulled out a gun and immediately shot Madd Dogg multiple times! The customers at Clucking Bell started running about, screaming and crying, as OG Loc ran off. Madd Dogg was dead. He was Sticksy.


Congratulations, you are Madd Dogg, innocent aligned.
You are a very talented, very badass, very cool rapper, who wants to wipe out the only so-called competition. This competition being OG Loc. Each night, you may PM me a name of a player, who you think is OG Loc. Should you locate him, you’ll kill that no-talented ass and you’ll be the sole rapper in the city. If OG Loc is still alive at the end of the game, you’ll lose.

And so another bloody night came to an end. Who would ever be able to win this awful war?

It is now Day 5. With 20 alive, it takes 11 to lynch.
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