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Re: GTA Mafia Game Thread

Night 3: MURDER

The mafia were happy, things were going their way. They decided tonight was the night, this guy had been annoying them long enough it was time to die.

Steve Scott walked out of his house, ready to go in search of Candy. He’d not found her yet. It was driving him mad, he needed her, she was such a good actress he thought to himself (LIKES THE COCK LOL )
Just as he was about to get in his car he noticed someone walking towards him, it was Dmitri Rascalov, he pulled out a pistol and shot Steve Scott right between the eyes. 1-shot kill.
Sticksy was dead he was:
Steve Scott

You win when all mafia and individuals are dead, or your primary win condition is to find Candy Suxxx. Should you find her, both you and her leave the game to shoot the legendary porno.

You are the porn director, the most lucky man on the planet. You want to direct a new movie, but you can’t have anyone but Candy Suxxx as the star of the film. Therefore, you must find Candy Suxxx. Each night, you may PM me a name of a player, trying to locate Candy. Should you have found her, she will be persuaded to become innocent aligned. Should she die before you find her, you will commit suicide, because of the fact you weren’t able to cast her for your epic porno in time.
Meanwhile on the other side of the city Zero was out for a walk. He knew that he needed to help people so he’d left his recently discovered explosive device at home, he was out investigating instead.
Just as he was coming out of an alley, on the trail of someone who he thought was dodgy he walked straight into Niko Bellic.
Time to die Niko said as he stepped back and blasted Zero with his shotgun…
As Zero lay there dying ..he murmered the words…“but I was innocent”
“Ooops” said Niko as he walked away
Sxe was Zero (Idk if this is the right pic lolz)

You win when all mafia and individuals are dead.

You are a technological genius. Everything you invent, works. You are, what they call, the brains of the city. However, recently, you’ve developed a bomb. If anyone tries to kill you, the bomb will go off, killing you and the person who attacked you in the process. Also, should you be lynched, you will detonate the bomb and it will drag along the player who lynched you last, with you.

And on Night 3 became the Investigator. which meant he dropped his bomb
It is now Day 4

And I was waiting on Sxe actually

Night results going out.
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