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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Night Nine: Do’h!

After another successful day of lynching, everyone went home. CM Dealer was also heading home when he remembered that he ran out of beer. He went to the store to buy some and he encountered MagsFan. He wanted to tell him a joke but Dealer wasn’t in the mood, MF insisted and Dealer told him to GTFO. MagsFan started jumping up and down when Dealer had enough. He grabbed his gun and shot him in the head.

MagsFan was...

Congratulations you’re Krusty the Klown, Individual Aligned
You’re the Jester. Your main goal is to get lynched. If you’re lynched twice you win the game.

Night Role: Unfortunately your roll only helps you during the day, at night you are vulnerable.

Dealer felt relived and went in to the store but apparently no one was there. He turned around and a bullet went through his chest. He died instantly.

He was…

Congratulations you’re Homer Simpson, Innocent aligned.

Night Role: You’re the Jack of all Trades. Having had so many jobs from an employee of the Kwik-E-Mart to being an astronaut, you’ve done it all. Now you’ll have to be that much better if you want to lead the innocents to a win. You’re crucial to the innocents as you get 1 kills, 1 investigations and 1 roleblock and 1 mystery ability. You may use these abilities PM’ing Dagax and CBR during night phase. You can only use one ability per night.

Also, you are a member of the Simpsons Family. Lisa is looking for you and you may leave her clues in the discussion thread BUT YOU CANNOT OUTRIGHT STATE WHO YOU ARE OR THAT YOU ARE A FAMILY MEMEBER.

On another side of the town, Wesson was sitting on a bench when a package was delivered to him. He opened and it was a box of milk. He drank it and started feeling really bad. Seconds later, he was dead.

He was…

Congratulations you’re Barney Gumble, Innocent aligned

Night Role: You have no night role but…

You’re the Town Drunk. You can only talk nonsense in the discussion thread. You’re still allowed to lynch.

It’s now day. With 9 alive it takes 5 to lynch.
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