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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

4 down, 2 to go.

The town gathered at city hall knowing today would be crucial if they wanted any chance of taking the town back from Mr. Burns and Co. There was no straight forward target was set in place as almost everybody who showed up was targeted at least once with a lynch. For a while CM Dealer and MagsFan were both going back and forth claiming to be the same person and it looked like one would die to see who was lieing. Some people didn't want to take the chance of killing a jester.

By sheer luck majority was reached on King Kenny and everybody seemed surprised. But surprise soon faded as they wrapped a noose around his throat and fastened the rope. He begged a pleaded for his life.

"I'm Disco Stu, don't kill me I'm innocent I swear!"

"Kick the platform out," yelled Chelseafan.

And with that Don.Corleone kicked the stool out and watched as Kenny twitched and swung from side to side until his body went limp. Postage approached the body cautiously and pulled the note out hoping he didn`t make a mistake being the final lynchee of the day. A smile spread across his face as he show the note to the crowd. King Kenny was...

Congratulations you are the Mafia Bodyguard Nelson, Mafia Aligned, having experience as a schoolyard bully Mr. Burns recruited you to help protect the mafia in this game, it is yours and your mafia’s duty to get rid of all the Innocents and individuals, and by doing so you and your Mafia win the game. So get ahold of your fellow Mafia members so you find out their alignment.

Night Role: You are the Mafia Body Guard Each night you can PM me the name of somebody from your mafia you want to protect, if they are targeted by any of other members the target fails.

Your mafia family is...
Mr. Burns- Sticksy
Mr. Smithers-TheHitmanHart
Sideshow Bob-****
Fat Tony- Nov

The town cheered and went home happy...but how long would it last they wondered.

Credit: Bro
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