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Re: WWE 2009-- Wrestlemania 25 and on!

April 6th 2009, Monday Night Raw


The show starts with edge in the ring, the crowd chanting “You Got Beat” for the product of Wrestlemania 25.

Edge- Be Quiet!

The Crowds Boo’s, is giving off a massive amount of heat.

Edge- I didn’t come out here to be disrespected like this!

The Crowd Boos and Starts a “You Suck” Chant as Edge waits for it to settle.

Edge- You see, I have been thinking about that match, and now that I am down to it, The Undertaker cheated!

Heat gets louder as thousands of people in attendance boo!

Edge- You see, The Undertaker threw me through a table! In a regular Match! And There Was No Disqualification!

{Big Show}

The Big show walks down to the ring and grabs a mic.

Big Show- Edge, If you think that you got cheated, shut your fat mouth.

The Crowd Cheers and yells in joy.

Big Show- Edge, I have thrown Bobby Lashley through one of those announce tables, It’s perfectly Legal.

Edge- Oh Yeah?

Edge and Big show get into a pushing frenzy, Big show actually got a sucker punch to the Gut.


The General Manager, Shane McMahon, Walks onto the stage

Shane McMahon- Gentlemen please stop.

The Big Show and Edge drop everything and look at the pleading General Manager.

Shane McMahon-
Now instead of you guys going 1 on 1 here tonight, you will be in a…

Edge and The Big Show get large grins in haste to what they could do to each other.

Shane McMahon- Let me finish, You two will be in a Tornado Tag Extreme rules match together against the new champions The Undertaker and Bobby Lashley!

The smiles and grins evaporate off the faces of The Show and Edge.

{Commercial Break}

A promo is cut to show what Matt Hardy deliberately delivered to the big red machine at Wrestlemania.


Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring to a bunch of cheers as he does his normal entrance.


Kane Arives at the ring to a bunch of mixed reactions.

Match #1
Matt Hardy vs. Kane
With the newly rivaled essence between the two from Wrestlemania, It is no surprise to see high impact action straight forward. After almost getting carried off by a medical assistant at Wreslemania, these two can be destroyed and lifted out of this place in a stretcher this week! Taking each other on one on one, with no one to interfere the match up.

Hardy Irish whipped Kane into the ropes and he tried a standing drop kick but Kane grabbed the ropes and avoided it, with Matt Hardy crashing to the canvas. He lies there making faces in pain. Kane was stalking Hardy for a choke slam when Hardy got up turned around and was grasped by the throat by Kane, and Hardy kicked kane in the gut, ending this backward spiral of pain and suffering. Hardy Hooked kane’s head spun in the motion for the twist of fait and then got pushed by Kane into the ropes as Hardy bounced back, Kane lifted his massive boot and nailed hardy smack across the face and went for the cover…
Matt Hardy Got up and kicked Kane right in the calf of his left leg. Kane was now on one knee, as Hardy Irish whipped Kane into the turnbuckle and went flying over there and gave Kane a cross body, sending Kane stumbling into the middle of the ring were hardy gave Kane a neck breaker, and went for the cover…
Kane lifted up the shoulder and defiantly was frustrated by the actions of hardy moments ago. He Irish Whipped Hardy into the Corner and got on the second turnbuckle and started pounding Matt Hardy. One punch at a time. He suplexed Hardy Into the center of the ring. He lifts him off the mat and CHOKESLAM!

Winner: Kane by pinfall @ 9:45

Matt Hardy still lies on his back as Kane rolls off the cover to his feet. He crawls out of the ring and starts walking up the ramp breathing harder than ever, panting through the curtains to the locker room. Matt Hardy rolled on one shoulder, shaking his body in frustration when the camera cut to the Announce table.

Jerry Lawler: What did you think of that brutal match J.R?

Jim Ross: Well King, I thought t was a well dominated match that Matt Hardy should have won!

Jerry Lawler: Well after the break we will hear from the World Champion BOBBY LASHLEY! So don’t go any were!

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, we are backstage, in the interviewing area where Eve Torres Standing By with the World Heavyweight Champion, “The Dominator” Bobby Lashley, who is wearing a Dominator T-Shirt and thin sports sweat pants.

Eve Torres: Well Bobby, You heard what The General Manager Shane McMahon said earlier, later tonight it will be You And The Undertaker vs. The Big Show and Edge. What is your reaction to this?

Bobby Lashley: Well, A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. I have never teamed with or faced The Undertaker, but I think We will make a good team.

Eve Torres: Do you think you will win?

Bobby Lashley: Now what kind of question is that? Of course I think I’ll win?

Eve Torres: Do you have anything to say to The Big Show?

Bobby Lashley: Big Show, If your watching this, Tonight I will wipe the floor with your 20 pound head and once you use that rematch I will beat you, and once you whine of losing afterwards I will hurt you.

Bobby Lashley walks off set pumped and ready.

Meanwhile at ringside

Match #2
5 man tag match with Trish Stratus as a special Guest Referee

The high intensity of this match rose as the fan started to Chant “Stratus, Stratus, Stratus” As both Candice Michelle and Maryse stared at Trish. The started hopping, stretching for the match.

The match started slow with few breaking points. The real action started with another boot to the face by Maryse, the same thing which erupted the Diva Volcano at Wrestlemania. Maryse Tagged Beth in and they really started the action. Punches were flying! Beth phoenix finally hit a fisherman’s suplex and went for the cover.
Candice Michelle ran after beth and went for the punch and missed and nailed Trish in the back of the head, knocking her down. Trish Got up and hit Candice With a Stratusfaction! Glamazon went for the cover!

Winner: Beth Pheonix & Team by pin fall @ 4:36

All the divas were now bombing the ring, doing exactly the same thing they started at Wrestlemania 25, but apparently everyone knew it hadn’t been over yet. All the divas were thrown out of the ring and they were still brawling. Melina finnaly got on the top turnbuckle and jumped, knocking Candice’s team to the ground as the brawl continued. Trish broke everything up and sent both teams forced up the ramp.


We cut to a shot of Edge, sitting in the locker room dressed to compete as the Big Show walks in to the shot.

The Big Show: Look Edge, We have our differences, but tonight we need to work together, as a team. Me and you are strong, Powerful, wise. You on the same page?

Edge: Yeah, I agree. The Undertaker Has Messed Me up for the last time!

The Big Show: Good, I’m glad we have an understanding.

The Camera Cut’s to the ring, Where Vince McMahon Is Standing With a microphone.

Vince McMahon: Ladies and Gentleman, I welcome you, The Champ, The Wrestlemania winner, John Cena!

{My time is now}

John Cena comes out to a crowd of 5,000 booing adults and about 200 cheering children. He hops in the ring and grabs a mic.

Vince McMahon: John, I sent you out on a mission. A mission at Wrestlemania. A mission to beat the hooligans known as DX. And you know what John, You did it. You really did it. And for once in my lifetime, I’m proud.

John Cena: Thanks Vince, You know, your like a father to me. You’re always there for me. I remember When I used to be all “Gangster” and thinking I was so cool but really just looked like a baboon on unicycle. Since I have had these matches with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, I figured, They hate Vince, But there’s nothing wrong with him. So I decided to join forces with you and cut this whole “DX” thing off.

Degeneration X appear on the screen and Vince and John start yelling, but not into there microphones.

Shawn Michaels: Whoa Whoa Whoa Guys! Chill out it’s not like we’re here to give you bad news

Triple H looks at Shawn Michaels with just a really abnormal look

Shawn Michaels: Oh Yeah, I forgot.

Shawn Michaels turns the camera towards Vince’s Limo, Which was all thrashed and hijacked. Windows were broken, Bumpers were bent, Roofs were dented, A big Green DX was spray painted onto The Rims of the popped tires, and Hangin out of the window, was one unconscious Shane McMahon, With “DX” Spray painted all over his clothes and on his forehead.

Vince and John Cena looked at each other like they had just seen the worst car accident ever (Which is kind of Ironic)

Triple H: Vince, We don’t like what you put us in at Wrestlemania. And we want our dignity back. So unless you want more of the carnage you saw happen to your precious Car, I suggest you’ll schedule a match for us next week. DX……Vs……….

Shawn Michaels: John Cena……. And Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Vince McMahon: No. Absolutely not. I am the chairman of this business and I am not going to be bullied to make a match for two Degenerate Baboons!

Triple H: Fine. Your Choice.

Triple H and Michaels walk into the building through a backdoor as the camera man follow him. Vince and John have a confused masqueraded look. Triple H was carrying a sedge hammer the whole way, and once they got to Vince’s Office they tried to get in but the door was locked.

Vince McMahon: Haha! You can’t do anything now!

John Cena High Fives the Chairman

Shawn Michaels: Watch us!

Shawn Michaels spray paints “DX” on Vince’s door as Triple H knocks the Doorknob off as he opens the door. Vince gets that car accident look again.
They break in and they are just about ready to smash everything when Vince finally gives up.

Vince McMahon: Stop!

Triple H and HBK stop pulling the dirty deed for a second to listen to Vince.

Vince McMahon: Next week it will be, Me and Cena, Against you guys.

DX starts smiling and then they look at eachother. Triple H takes a sledge hammer and smashes Vince’s computer monitor. As they start to walk off screen, Triple H says….

Triple H: Thanks Vince!

Vince, Yet again has that car accident look. John Cena starts taking to the chairman as they walk out of the ring. He tries to pump him up for the match sating “We’ll win Vince, We’ll Win.” The camera Cuts to the announce table.

Jim Ross: Well king, you heard the woman! Trish Stratus Is Back and Kickin’!

Jerry Lawler: That’s Right JR! Wow! I can’t wait to see the high octaine level there will be here next week on RAW!

Jim Ross: Well folks stay tuned, because the rock takes on Randy Orton in a Wrestlemania Rematch here, Next!

{Commercial Break}

{Do You Smell}

The rock comes out and hops into the ring.

The Rock:
At Wrestlemania, Randy Orton Has Made a fool out of me, So I have challenged him to a rematch, Right here, Right now!

The rock drops the mic and awaits the arrival of Randy Orton.


Randy Orton walks down the ramp and does “The Legend killer pose” as he stands with his arms spread as wide as they can. The rock runs over to the ropes, angry at the legend killer for his lousy excuse for beating the celebrity at Wrestlemania—trying to injure him. Randy Orton hopped into the ring and he awaits The Rock to take off his T-Shirt.

Match #3
The Rock vs. Randy Orton

With high intensity of this match flying, there was no stopping these two now. Would The Rock get Retribution after being carried out on a stretcher at Wrestlemania by the blood of Randy Orton? There was a huge difference between these two, so there was no questioning the early going of this match.

Fists of brutalizing pain had yet again opened a match, with high expectations of the match, The Rock Clotheslines Randy Orton and poses to the crowd as Orton rises off the matt. He looked extremely frustrated and aggravated that the rock would do that. Randy Got up and squared up with the rock in the center of the ring. The rock trips Orton up into a side headlock in the center of the ring. He keeps it on for a minute or two but eventually Orton breaks out. Randy Orton Irish whips The Rock into the corner as he runs over shooting his leg up into the air to kick The Rocks face but misses and does the standing-splits as his lower body crashes into the turnbuckle. Randy Orton willows in pain as the rock gets up and walks over and gives him an abnormal inverted DDT on the spot. As Orton rolls back in forth in pain holding his neck and groin, The Rock goes for the cover.
Randy Orton Rolls over and gets on his knees, The Rock climbs up the Turnbuckle and leg drops Orton. The rock starts stalking Orton for Rock Bottom, Randy gets up and The Rock converts him into The position for rock bottom, but Orton pushes the rock towards the ropes and Orton grabs the neck for an RKO but The Rock throws him against the ropes, and Orton flies back and Rock gets into Rock Bottom again but this time, The Rock Connects! He goes for the Cover!

Winner: The Rock By Pinfall @ 8:56

After the match, Orton lies in the ring on his back as the rock runs to the announce table. He tells one of the WWE crew members to get up as he takes the steel chair he was sitting on. He takes it to the ring and Smashes Orton Right in the jaw, And The Rock grabs a mic.

The Rock: Randy, Randy, Randy!

The crowd is absolutely silent as they wait for what The Rock has to say.

The Rock: After what you did at Wrestlemania, You deserved everything that I have done to you.

{Commercial Break}

{Big Show}

Big show walks in and does his pose in the ring.


Edge walks to the ring in his normal smoke stage entrance. The big show and Edge shake hands and wait for there opponents to appear from behind the panels.


Bobby Lashley walks down to the ring showing Off His New World Heavyweight Championship as he climbs the turnbuckles as the referee; Charles Robinson, struggles to keep The Big Show away.


The deadman makes his usual aw inspiring entrance as Edge stairs upon him, seeming scared.

Match #4
Edge and The Big Show vs. Bobby Lashley and The Undertaker

There would be no doubt that this match was a main event with two former champions performing against the new breed of champions. Tonight these contenders would only face there respective partner in which they faced off against at the grandest stage of them all.

The match started with Bobby Lashley in the ring against Edge, Two obvious confrontations that didn’t add up at all, but they went at it. They tied each other up in the center of the ring. Edge one that battle and took Lashley to a side headlock. Edge kept it locked in for a while. Bobby started to scramble towards the ropes, but Edge kept his ground as he pulled Lashley back to the center. Lashley finally got to his knees, establishing a vertical base and started elbowing Edge to try to get that headlock off but Edge clinched it in harder. Lashley, still on his knees in the headlock lifted Edge up and threw him over his back as he landed in the center of the canvas. Now it was a battle to the tag! Both Edge and Bobby Lashley tried to reach there partners but Bobby Lashley reached The Undertaker first. The Undertaker Hopped in and started to sprint over and grab Edge, but he tagged in The Big Show. The Big Show went for a punch to The Undertaker but Taker ducked causing The Big Show to knock out the referee. Both teams started to Riot as they all got in the ring.

Batista Stormed down the ramp!

He got in the ring and nailed Undertaker in the jaw as another ref was sent to the ring. Big Show pinned the The Undertaker!

Winner: The Big Show and Edge by pinfall @ 12:00

After the match, Batista, Surprisingly Edge, and The Show were all standing in the ring raising hands as Lashley and Taker lie unconscious on the mat.


Backstage you see Shane McMahon sitting in his office when knocking on the door goes down. Shane opens it and there is an Injured Finlay, and a sad Hornswoggle. They are let into the office and sit down on the leather couch.

Shane McMahon: Gentleman, I have the news. By talking to the rest of the WWE staff, including my father, we have agreed that you Hornswoggle will be taking the title with you, as for now it will be vacant from the business.

Hornswoggle and Finlay gets a happy look and walk out of the office.

{End Of Show}

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