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Re: GTA Mafia Game Thread

Night 1: THIS IS WAR!~

The Liberty City war was going to get very, very bloody and violent tonight. Officer Frank Tenpenny was walking down a road, looking incredibly confident about some thing or another. He smiled away, as he suddenly stopped walking. He saw Ken Rosenberg walking at the other side of the street. Tenpenny crossed the street and stopped Rosenberg.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? It’s the city’s favourite lawyer.”

-“Oh, eh, officer. Shouldn’t you be, eh, patrolling the streets?”

“I’ve got other plans tonight.”

Suddenly, Tenpenny draws his club and swings it straight in the face of Rosenberg, who goes down. But while Rosenberg is falling, Tenpenny draws his gun and shoots him in the back of the head, just to make sure. Rosenberg falls face-first on the ground. He was Kantos.


Congratulations, you are Ken Rosenberg, innocent aligned
You win when all mafia and individuals are dead.

You are a cowardly little twat, yet you can use your advocate skills for the good of the city. You are the investigator, which means you have to pm me each night a name, of who you wanna investigate. You will get either ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ as a result. You are allowed to post the results during the day.

Tenpenny looked incredibly pleased with himself, as some civilians ran away, screaming for help. Suddenly, a car stopped next to Tenpenny and a slightly obese man stepped out.

“It ends here, dawg.”

Big Smoke pulled his gun and shot Tenpenny straight through the head. Tepenny was dead, he was Certs.


Congratulations, you are Officer Frank Tenpenny, self aligned.
You win if you’re the last man standing.

You are the corrupted police officer. You will never serve those idiots of the city, but you sure as hell won’t serve the idiots of the mafia either. So you’re on a crusade, trying to kill everyone and everything in sight. You are the serial killer. Each night, you may PM me a name of player you want to kill. Being a police-officer, you are also investigation-immune.

Meanwhile, at another part of Liberty City, an incredibly drunken man walked out of a night club. It was Percy, part of the ultra-popular Love Fist group. Percy probably couldn’t see straight anymore and he stumbled into a pile of old newspapers. As he crawled back up, a man stood in front of him, smiling, holding a gun.

“People like you make me vomit. I’ll make sure I don’t have to.”

Jimmy Pegorino shot Percy, who collapsed and was dead. He was Nov.


Congratulations, you are Percy, Love Fist aligned.
You are a part of the LEGENDARY and ultra-awesome rockband, Love Fist. In order to win, you, and your fellow Love Fist members, have to complete a song. To do this, you can post one sentence of the song below per day phase. Each member of your band can do so.

In Broker, Niko Bellic was sprinting. It looked like he was chasing someone. And indeed he was.

“Get back here! You can’t run forever!”

Niko was chasing Sweet, who looked to be equally fast as Niko. Sweet, however, tripped and fell to the ground, leaving him vulnerable for Niko and his 9-mm.

“You won’t fuck up this city any longer!”

Suddenly, however, Niko was bodychecked by an immensely muscled man. Brucie Kibbutz had taken down Niko.

“Don’t do it, baby! You can’t make any mistakes. That’s not you, Nicky! You and me, dog, we’re genetically different, baby!”

Sweet got up and ran away, still not sure of Niko’s intentions. Brucie helped Niko to his feet and both walked off in a different direction.

Meanwhile, Carl CJ Johnson was enjoying a nice drink at a local bar. Suddenly, a man sneaked up behind him and tried to slip something in his drink. Carl noticed, however, that Derrick McReary was trying to drug him.

“The fuck are you doin’, man?”

In an act of what has to be described as self-defence, Carl pulled him gun and shot McCreary down. Derrick McCreary was dead. He was S-I.


Congratulations, you are Derrick McReary, McReary-mob aligned.

The McReary mob is out there to make a name for themselves. You will win the game when the McReary-mob is the only faction left in the game. You are addicted to heroine, and your drug-addiction may come in handy for your brothers. Each night, you may pm me a name of a player, in who’s drink you want to slip a drug. This drug will cloud their judgment. In your PM, you should also mention the name of a second player. Should you have drugged a player with an investigative role, the target will change to the player you named in your PM.

In Alderney, a somewhat abandoned land, Maccer was on his own, walking down the street. His hand was in his pants, as he wanted to pleasure himself while he had nothing else to do. He wasn’t thinking straight for some reason though, cause he suddenly crossed the street without looking. A taxi ran over him and didn’t even seem to notice, as it just continued on its way. Maccer was dead. He was Thunderman.


Congratulations, you are Maccer, innocent aligned.
You win when all mafia and individuals are dead.

You always jerk off at every opportunity you get. Therefore, all of your posts have to start and end with *wank wank*. Should you not do this, you’ll be sanctioned. You have no night role, but you can talk to Kent Paul(???) outside of the game.

And so a very intense night came to an end, and Liberty City woke up. It is now Day 2 with 34 alive, it takes 18 to lynch.
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