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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

[center]A Town Mourns, The Mafia Strikes

The last night was a bad one as they lost their beloved Lenny Lenard. At his funeral PHENOM was heard shouting “NOT LENNY!”While others cried at the fact that Lenny was taken. Some had wished it had been them, and the great Lenny could still be here. To celebrate his life Wesson, CM Dealer, Chelseafan, Aerts, and JiGSaw went out to the New Moes for a beer in his honour.


PHENOM was at home cleaning up a mess that his husband left.

“I swear I don’t k now how he manages to get potato chip crumbs on the roof,” he says as he takes a broom to it. Suddenly he hears a knock at the door. He goes and answers. There is a mystery man standing there.

“Can I help you?”

The man says nothing before using a knife and sending it deep into PHENOM’s Adam’s apple. He clenches his throat as the man stands over him with a sick twisted smile on his face. PHENOM begs for his life but to no avail as the man bring the knife down onto the top of his head. He twists it around a few times before pulling it out and looking at the bits of brain along the knife...the man licks the knife clean before watching the limp body of PHENOM fall to the ground. Hearing footsteps, the man took off towards his home.
A drunk party stumbled upon the body a few moments later.

“Hhsaihdasn*hiccup*abdcasbdcsb” said Wesson

“Shut up you drunk fool,” Chelseafan told him.

CM Dealer bent down and grabbed the note from PHENOM’s pocket...PHENOM was...

Originally Posted by PHENOM’s role

Congratulations you’re Marge Simpson, Innocent aligned.

Night Role: You have no night role but…

You’re the Clean-Up. Not liking a mess, once during the day phase of the game you may cancel an ongoing lynch but this has consequences. If the lynch is against a Mafia member, you’ll die. If is against a Simpsons family member, the Godfather dies. If is against somebody else, nothing happens.

Also, you are a member of the Simpsons Family. Lisa is looking for you and you may leave her clues in the discussion thread. BUT YOU CANNOT OUTRIGHT STATE WHO YOU ARE OR THAT YOU ARE A FAMILY MEMBER.
On the other side of the town it looked like the spirits of Moe and Mayor Quimby had struck as the body of TR1 was found smashed through a computer screen he was...

Originally Posted by TR1’s Role

Congratulations you’re the Comic Book Guy, Innocent aligned.

You’re a Vanilla Townie, meaning that you are roleless.
Beside his body was a note that simply said “Maybe you should have tried to help the town out more. C.Q, M.S”

Nobody seemed to bothered by his death and why should they?
The good news is that the town could now try and kill somebody, the bad news? They needed a good lynch to have a chance.
With 13 alive it is 7 for a lynch.

The split is 3/1/9

Credit: Bro
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