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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Night Seven: Two Down

RKO920 was walking towards his house after a successful day of lynching. He was walking down the street and he arrived home but before coming in his phone ringed. It was a wrong number so he hang up but he was suddenly shot in the head. He didn’t make it.

He was…

Congratulations you’re Lenny Leonard, Innocent aligned

Night Role: You have no night role but…

You’re the Town Favorite. You are a roleless innocent but if you are killed, the next day phase will be skipped, as the town will be too upset that you have died and will be mourning over the death of the ultra popular Lenny Leonard.

But it wasn’t over. S-I was leaving the city hall late because he was… um… you know. He closed the door, turned around and was shot twice in the chest.

He was…

Congratulations you’re Edna Krabappel, Innocent aligned

Night Role: You’re the Roleblocker. You love having a good time and it really doesn’t matter with who. Each night, you may PM Dagax and CBR the name of a player and you’ll distract him, or her, into coming over to your house for a little extra fun during the night phase, meaning he won’t be able to send his night ability.

Night is over but it’s night once again. Start sending in your night roles
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