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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Cult Finished?

Kantos, Chelseafan, S-I and King Kenny were sitting around drinking a few beers after witnessing JiGSaw being Hudini and escaping the mobs grasp a few hours earlier. Each is commenting on how the other is to blame.

"You know Kenny, it's like you wanted him to escape." S-I says to Kenny.

"You're one to talk you just stood there while Kantos and Postage moved in for the kill,"

It went on like this for a little until Kantos finally broke the argument to make an announcment.

"With the ammount of beer I've consumed it's time for me to go piss like a race horse."

And with that Kantos disappeared into the house. He took his long drawn out leak and headed to the fridge for another cold one. But now there was some company waiting in the shadows and as soon as Kantos put his head in the fridge he attacked, slamming his head in the door knocking the poor guy unconscious. He dragged him into the backyard tied a rope around his neck and suspended him from a tree hanging him to death.

Back out on the porch Chelseafan, S-I and King Kenny were in deep discussion about the final three members on the mafia. Finally S-I spoke up.

"Kantos has been gone a long time, I'm going to go check on him."

Moments later Chelseafan and King Kenny came running after hearing a blood curdling scream, from S-I.

"Man, S-I, do you ever sound like a girl when you... " He trailed off as he noticed the lifeless body of kantos hanging from the tree. He ran over and grabbed the note out of his pocket and read it.Kantos was...

Originally Posted by Kantos role

Congratulations you’re Principal Skinner, Innocent aligned

Night Role: You’re the Night Watcher. Living with your mom at you age has made you really pathetic. You still have a curfew and because of that you spend your time spyiong on the neighborhood. Now is the time to but that spying to good use and help the innocents. Each night you may PM Dagax and CBR the name of a player. You’ll watch that player, finding out if he used his night role.
But there was more to his role as on the other side of the note it said...

Originally Posted by Kantos' new role
After night 3...

Congratulation you are now part of the cult and win when either you and/or Jimbo(Aussiefan) are the last one alive. Unfortantly you now have no role
The three of them left their friend hanging there as day was starting, would the town get the lynch right today?

With 19 alive it is 10 for a lynch
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