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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

80s All Japan > ROH. 70s All Japan also > ROH.

Giant Baba v Harley Race (AJPW, 12/9/75) ***1/2
Giant Baba v Billy Robinson (AJPW, 7/24/76) ****1/4

Tiger Mask II v Kuniaki Kobayashi (AJPW, 1/6/83) ****1/2
Tiger Mask II v Kuniaki Kobayashi (AJPW, 6/21/85) ***1/2

Can't be bothered going into detail on any of them, but I dig Kuniaki Kobayashi. I haven't seen much of him outside his stuff with Misawa under the hood, but that's a great series anyway. He's kinda like Koji Kanemoto at times in that "I'm a dick so me no sell your shit", but he doesn't get much credit compared to a lot of juniors from the decade.

My indifference towards Race continues as he just doesn't seem to draw me in to anything he does. He's really good, but I'm never invested in his matches, especially this one, as my dog trying to fight with a sock provided more entertainment. I'm probably overstating it a little since I watched Baba opposite Billy Robinson right after it, and my investment in anything involving Billy Robinson probably made my indifference towards Race seem more than it is since I'm glued to every damn thing Billy does. Basically, Robinson is fucking incredible. Seriously, having seem only about 20 Billy Robinson matches, I can say he's one of the greatest wrestlers I've ever seen. His ability to make everything seem realistic is mind-numbing at times, and he just fucking OWNED in the Baba match. He's got such a unique style, and some of the stuff he does is just straight up cool as Hell to see. Literally using his skull to try and snap Baba's leg is awesome. So yeah, Race = good yet uninspired. Robinson = better than every motherfucker.
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