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ROH Fueling The Fire

Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn vs The Briscoes

An ok way to start off the show. It wasn't quite a squash, but The Briscoes dominated for most of it, especially Hagadorn since Pearce wasn't in it all that much. Pearce still managed to bring some good heel moments which made up for him barely being in the action. This is just another match to make the reuniting Briscoes look good.


I have to bring this up, it's so good. Nigel cuts a promo for his match with Ruckus later on, when Rhett Titus interrupts to show the video of him and who we're supposed to imagine is Daizee Haze. Nigel, shocked at what he sees, says "Wow, I've seen 2girls1cup but that's...that's something else". Gotta love these Titus backstage promos.

Rex Sterling vs Pelle Primeau

Poor Rex Sterling, I think that's the second time he's lost to Pelle, ROH's littlest, most loved jobber. Well, jobbers gotta get wins at some point to make it somewhat worth something when they get squashed. So that's what happened here, Pelle gets the win in this uninteresting student vs local jobber match.


Rhett Titus vs Delirious

This was really fun. It had some good comedy moments but still maintained the seriousness of their rivalry. Titus was more obnoxious than ever and he was hilarious. Titus wanted to have a strictly competitive match with no strikes involved. One fan yelled that there should be no bowties either, to which he responded "Brother...there's always bowties!" That didn't last long, however, as he eventually hit a blatant lowblow. From then on, things got serious and more storyline-involved, such as Delirious going for a big dive, but Titus pulling Daizee in front of him. Delirious manages to make him tap to the Cobra Stretch for the win. It wasn't a great match, but it was very fun and entertaining.


Necro Butcher vs Roderick Strong

Dammit, Necro, get some tighter shorts or something! His ass was showing almost the entire match. Not much to say about this one, really. Roderick was fun to watch with his stiffness - the loud kicks to Necro's head and, of course, his chops. Necro was, for once, a clearly defined heel in this one which I was glad of because he's usually shit at getting heat, but he at least tried this time. That's all I can say, it was just a typical ROH filler brawl that didn't promote anything or build up any angles.


Motor City Machine Guns vs Team Work

Dream match time. Oh, how I wish this had more buildup to it. This was such a great match and everything just went right. It didn't go into overkill, it was dramatic, had a bit of history (Generation Next) and everyone was over. Both teams were faces so they worked on each other, building up to a hot tag each. I liked that they kept the Shelley and Aries interactions to a minimum before the second hot tag to build up the excitement and it was epic when they did clash as they went right into each other. After a great finishing sequence, it was declared a time limit draw. Enter the drama. It just didn't feel conclusive enough and the fans hated it, plus Aries and Shelley wanted to know for sure who was better. After some banter, five more minutes was announced and the crowd was hot. After a Sliced Bread #2/Powerbomb combo, Dragon was taken out the match, shortly followed by Sabin, leaving the epic battle between the former Gen. Next members. After many kicks to the face, knee (thigh) strikes, and submission attempts, all of the which the crowd were on their feet for, the time limit expired again, but it felt conclusive that they were equally great so the crowd didn't mind. After this match, I can't wait for a possible Aries/Shelley match. This could've done with more buildup though, because there wasn't even a mention on a videowire or a previous show, it just kinda happened and they let the commentary and the action tell the story. Nevertheless, this match was great.


Chris Hero vs Brent Albright

This was good. Hero's started calling himself "That Young Knockout Kid" by this point and he cut a good promo before the match, talking about how he's a conquerer and Albright isn't. Hero threw a lot of his stiff-sounding elbows and this match was all about Albright fighting through them and still trying to beat Hero. At one point, he got booted off the top rope and landed on the outside and it appeared he was KO'd, but he managed to continue and Hero just kept hitting elbow after elbow, but Albright fought through and used his power moves to equalise. Albright's plan was to beat everyone in Sweet 'n' Sour Inc. and he's off to a good start by pinning Hero after a Half-Nelson Suplex.


ROH World Championship
Nigel McGuinness vs Ruckus

This match is happening because Ruckus eliminated Nigel from the Honor Rumble and won a title shot. I think it's quite evident that Nigel's running out of opponents if they have to resort to Ruckus. This was pretty boring, I just can't get into Ruckus no matter what flips he does, and that was really his entire offense in this match. Basically the match was: Nigel does mat wrestling - Ruckus does flips - Nigel works on his back - Ruckus can't do flips - Lariat - London Dungeon - Tap - Nigel wins.


ROH World Tag Team Championship
Go Shiozaki & Naomichi Marufuji vs Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black

Go didn't tag the fans' hands! I'm so happy. That's one small step closer to being a proper heel, but why's he teaming with face Marufuji against the biggest heel team in ROH? Do they not care at all about Go? The weird thing is, they don't seem to mind tagging with each other even though it seemed like they were rivals a couple shows ago. This match is actually pretty boring and dissapointing. In the early stages of the match, I had a hard time telling who was meant to be the heels and faces because Go, who's meant to be a heel, but is suddenly friends with Marufuji, who's a face, is kicking Jimmy's ass for about 10 minutes, building up to a hot tag to Tyler. I just didn't have a clue, until I broke it down to: Go is a heel, but is a face in this match for reasons I cannot explain. Anyway, this match is really slow-paced and things don't pick up at all until the very end. I heard this was good, but I didn't really like it at all. The finishing sequence doesn't quite make up for the match, but it saves it from being a complete dissapointment.

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