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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Night Five: Screw You, Crazy Old Man

After an exceptional day with the Godfather being killed, everyone went to their homes full of joy. Lots of people even thought that the killing was over and they could finally return to their normal life. Yeah, that wasnít correct. MetalX was getting tired of everyone never listening so he went to talk with some birds. The birds eventually left and he kept walking down the streets. He was bored and thought about going to his sonís house. He turned around and went to the house but he suddenly heard some weird noises. He did not care and just kept walking. Not the best decision. Suddenly a bullet went right through his chest. He tried to say something to his attacker but he didnít listen to him. He died seconds later.

MetalX wasÖ

Congratulations you are Grandpa Simpson, Innocent Algined

Night Role: You are the Crazy Old Man Nobody ever listens to you, however for this game you are a vital asset to the innocents as you are an investigator of sorts. Each night you PM Dagax or CBR the name of the person you wish to investigate and you will find out their role and alignment, the Godfather will however come up as an innocent. However in the thread you are only allowed to post the first letter of the word you are trying to say and if you find a mafia member you cannot reveal his alignment. For example if you are trying to say Dagax is mafia you would have to put it as Dii (Dagax is innocent) it is up to the innocents to piece together the rest. You are allowed to lynch

After discovering the body next morning, everyone quickly changed their mood. The killing wasnít over and anyone could be the next one to die. The only thing they could do in that moment was head to the city hall to hopefully lynch a mafia member.

Itís currently day and with 20 alive it takes 11 to lynch.
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