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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Day Five: PHEN0M Owns The Godfather

After another bad night with the death of the Reviver, the town met once again in the city hall to decide who was going to be the next person lynched. Some people accused S-I in the first place but that suspicion died down when he revealed who he was. Day was going to end and with night approaching the town was in big problems once again. Suddenly, PHEN0M started screaming saying that they needed to start a lynch on Postage, who initially was angry. However, PHEN0M said that he needed to trust him and with that the town started lynching him. Suddenly, PHEN0M pointed to one man: Sticksy. He accused him of not only being mafia but the Godfather as well. He laughed and denied this accusation and asked him for proof but PHEN0M just grabbed a gun and shot him in the chest. The town didn’t know what to do. Everyone was shocked at what just happened but PHEN0M told them to check his wallet. They found a note…

Sticksy was…

Congratulation you are The Most hated Man in Springfield Mr. Burns, Mafia Aligned, it is yours and you mafia’s duty to get rid of all the Innocents and individuals, and by doing so you and your Mafia win the game. So get ahold of your fellow Mafia members so you find out their alignment.

Night Role: You are The Godfather, the big man and you are trying to kill everybody not aligned with you. Each night you PM Mr. Smithers telling him who the mafia wishes to kill. Also when investigated you turn up Innocent.

Your mafia family is:

Mr: Smithers (TheHitmanHart)
Snake (***)
Nelson (***)
Sideshow Bob (***)
Fat Tony (Nov)

The town jumped up and down and thanked PHEN0M. No one even cared how in the hell did he know that Sticksy was the Godfather. Everyone went to their homes with a smile on their face. But there are still three members of the mafia left and they sure forgot it.

Day’s over. Start sending me and C…B…R your night roles
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