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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Death of the Reviver.Did he revive?

The night opens up in the Springfield cemetary were we see dan_marino working furiously to revive the recently deaceased....at this point we cannot tell who it is
but we can see that dan really wants this guy back alive. Suddenly from in the shadows steps out a dark figure with a knife. He hovers behind dan for a few moments
before driving the knife down into the top of his head. He wiggles the knife around for a few moments before he feels dan's body go limp. He pulls the knife out and
licks it clean, before walking away. A late night walker stumbles upon the body later on in the night and finds a note. dan_marino was...

Originally Posted by dan_marino's role

Congratulations you’re Dr. Hibbert, Innocent aligned

Night Role: You’re the Reviver. Each night you may PM Dagax and CBR the name of a player who has died and they will be brought back into the game,
But beware because there is a 50/50 chance that by you bringing them back they can turn evil and join the mafia.

They ran back into the town eager to let them know that Dr. Hibbert was dead...but the question remained, had dan_marino been successful in bringing his target
back to life? The town would have to wait for the next night to find out the answer.

With 23 alive it is 12 for a lynch.
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