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Re: The Dark Knight Mafia Discussion Thread

Nightwing is ready to leap at Kantos but someone whips Kantos away and Nightwing comes crashing into Aerts, killing him.

Aerts was -


You are Colman Reese - Innocent Aligned

Unfortunately you have no role, but you still play a very important part in keeping Gotham City save.

You win when all threats to Gotham City are demolished (this includes Batman)

The Green Arrow follows Kantos as he is being taken away by this mystery person. The Green arrow aims his arrow, he fires he scores as he kills Kantos’ kidnapper! It was Rising

Rising was -

You are “Catwoman” –Individual Aligned.

You are the “Thief” of Gotham City. This means that each night you may PM the name of one player and that players “role target” is changed to anyone you chose. For example you can direct Player A’s role to target Player B. You cannot choose the same player to steal and target, twice in a row. Also if you coincidently don’t actually change the “role target”, You become the target of that role.

You win when you are the sole survivor of the game.
The Green Arrow lets Kantos live and as Kantos scurries home he is shot in the back by The Riddler .

Kantos was -
You are Lucius Fox - Innocent Aligned

You are also “The Inventor”. Each night you may PM me the name of player you wish to give a role too for the following night. Choices of role include -

1) A Kill
2) A Silence
3) A Role-Block
4) A Bodyguard
5) An Investigator
(Any verification of what each role means, PM me)

You cannot give the same person a role twice in a row. Also you can only give yourself a role only once.

You win when all threats to Gotham City are demolished (this includes Batman)
NightWing hears this shot and he rushes over to see The Riddler running away, but NightWing turns around and is stabbed in the heart by The Joker! Nightwing aka Chelsea fan falls to the floor and dies.

Chelsea fan was
You are Dick Grayson –Innocent Aligned

With your acrobatic and fighting skills, you are a bodyguard. Each night you may PM me the name of a player you wish to guard that night. Although you do not stop roles affecting that player you do stop any “killing” roles against that player. You may not use your power on the same player twice in a row.

You win when all threat to Gotham City is demolished

And on Night 1 he became.....

You are “Dick Grayson/NightWing – Bat-Team Aligned”

As Night Wing you become immune from investigation and as Nightwing you become the Vigilante, it is your job to take out the Mafia. With your trusted assistant Alfred (******),

Each night PM the name of a person to kill off.

You win when all threats to Gotham have been demolished.

(You are allowed to talk to ****** outside the thread)

But as the dawn begins to rise it looks like there is a new face in the skies

With 16 left its 8 for a lynch………
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