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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Majority reached day post here.

Down goes the cult, Murder at school.

Aussiefan was walking to school on a sunny Friday morning, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, all was well in Springfield. He got around the corner and seen the school.

"Aw man another day with Principal Skinner." Aussiefan said while continuing his walk up to the school. He got to the steps but before he could step up a mob came out of nowhere and swarmed him.

"You're mafia," some yelled.

"Fuck you jobber, calling me mafia, I'm Dr. Nick," Sticksy yelled before landing a sucker punch that sent Aussiefan back, the rest of mob laid into Aussiefan with stiff kicks all over his body, Aussiefan was trying to scream for help but to no avail, he was left for dead, just to make sure though Chelseafan pulled out gun and implanted a bullet right between his eyes. Sticksy picked up the note from Aussiefan and read it to the mob. Aussiefan was...

Originally Posted by Aussiefan's role

Congratulations you’re Jimbo, Individual Aligned

Night Role: You’re the Cult Leader. Each night, you may PM Dagax and CBR the name of a player and he’ll be asked to join the cult. No other player can be recruited after you die.
Note: You’ll die if you try to recruit a Mafia member.
The mob left happy...they didn't get a mafia member but they killed off a threat to them all. All but one person left happy and he stood there dumbfounded. He had joined the cult, the only one and now here he stood all alone.

It is now night please start, or continue sending in your night roles.
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