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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Night Three: Investigator = Dead

After a great lynch during the day everyone was optimistic and happy. They knew they had done a good job until then and with that attitude, everyone went to their homes hoping for the best during night. But someone didn’t learn from Postage’s dead and went out to investigate. This person was Don.Corleone. He was walking down the streets of Springfield when he heard a noise and thought that it might be one of the non-innocents. He quietly approached the noise but it suddenly stopped. He thought he was just too tired and turned around, just to be shot in the head.

Don.Corleone was…

Congratulations you’re Kent Brockman, Innocent aligned.

Night Role: You’re the Investigator. Working for the news has made you want to get the hard hitting stories, this time it’s life and death for you and the fellow innocents win and take out Burns’ Mafia/ Each night you may PM Dagax and CBR the name of a player. You’ll investigate that player, finding out his alignment.
Note: The Godfather will come up as an Innocent.

Next morning, after finding out that the investigator was dead, the town recovered their initial feeling of fear and knew that if they could get Corleone, they could easily get them. They knew a good lynch was needed and with that they went to the city hall.

Night is over. With 24 alive it takes 13 to lynch.

Corleone, you may replace Doddsy as you didn’t get any investigation results
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