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Re: The Dark Knight Mafia Discussion Thread

Night 2

Two-Face kills Rising

Rising was -
You are Lana Lang - Innocent Aligned

You have an “Auto lynch Power”. This means that during one day phase you may PM the name of one person and they will automatically lynched, irrelevant of the current lynching status. You can use this three times.

You win when all threats to Gotham City are demolished (this includes Batman)

But waiting in the shadows is NightWing and he kills Two-Face

Two-Face was Nov -

You are “Two-Face” – Mafia Aligned

You have the role of “The President”. This means that you have the ability of an Auto – Lynch. This means during any day stage you get the chance to use your role to override the lynch and lynch whoever you want. Note you can only use this role twice.

In order to win you will have to secretly talk to your mafia outside the thread (usually by PM).

You win when Batman is killed and the Mafia out number the remaining innocents.

Godfather - The Joker - *****
President - Two-Face - Nov
*****- The Riddler - *****
Silencer - Poison Ivy - MetalX
*****- The Scarecrow - *****

With 21 left, its 11 to lynch. Also check the first post to see which players are back in after replacing others.

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