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Re: The Simpsons Mafia Game Thread

Night coming up right now...

One clusterfuck of a night

Just as everybody had started getting settled into bed for a nights sleep this nights town watch was out on duty.
This included Chelseafan, MagsFan,Doddsy and Aerts. Each picked a corner of the town to protect. Doddsy and Aerts
stood at one end and Magsfan and Chelseafan stood at the other, waqiting for the mafia to make their move...and
it didn`t take long out of nowhere came Nov who pulled out a large hunting knife and went to thrust it into
Chelseafan but being the good sameritan that he was MagsFan stepped up in front of him and took the knife.
He collasped falling to thbe ground...Magsfan was...

Originally Posted by MagsFan's Role

Congratulations you’re Reverend Lovejoy, Innocent aligned

Night Role: You’re the Elite Bodyguard. Being a man of God it only makes it fitting that you are the protect
er of innocents. Each night, you may PM Dagax and CBR the name of a player and you’ll protect him that night phase.
If the player that you’re protecting is targeted you’ll die, however, you’ll also kill the attacker.
Chelseafan stood there dumbfounded looking down at the man that justbsaved his life when he could have left him
to die. He slowly looked over and seen that his attacker too, was dead. He picked up the note that had fallen from
Nov's pocket and read it. Nov was...

Originally Posted by Nov's Role

Congratulation you are the Mafia Framer Fat Tony, Mafia Aligned.. It is yours and your
mafia’s duty to get rid of all the Innocents and individuals
, and by doing so you and your Mafia win the game. So get a hold of your fellow
Mafia members so you find out their alignment.

Night Ability: You are the Mafia Framer You have the ability to frame somebody in the game. If during the
night phase somebody targets a member of mafia that did something, the taregter will get the name you framed
instead of the mafia name. You can only use this role 3 times, so make it count.

Your mafia family is:
Mr Burns: ***
Mr. Smithers: TheHitmanHart
Snake: ***
Nelson: ***
Sideshow Bob: ***
Chelseafan sighs a sigh of releif realising he was targeted by the mafia on this night. Slowly he waddles
away back towards his home as his shift comes to an end...not seeing the dark figure standing behind him with a
shovel. Who was he there to kill? We wouldn't find out on this night...

The sun was starting to come up...it wouldn't be long until the town began looking to get in a lynch on this day.

With 26 alive it is 14 for a lynch.
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