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Re: The Dark Knight Mafia Discussion Thread

quick not as Word is yet to post, he has been replaced by ECWECWECW.

Night 1

Batman kills Poison Ivy

She was MetalX-

You are “Poison Ivy” – Mafia Aligned

You are the Silencer of the Mafia. Each Night you may PM the name of one player to silence. This player is then silenced for the next day and night cycle. You cannot silence the same person twice in a row.

In order to win you will have to secretly talk to your mafia outside the thread (usually by PM).

You win when Batman is killed and the Mafia out number the remaining innocents.

Godfather - The Joker - *****
***** - Two-Face - *****
***** - The Riddler - *****
Silencer - Poison Ivy - MetalX
***** - The Scarecrow - *****
Two-Face kills Batman

He was Postage -

You are “Bruce Wayne/Batman – Bat-Team Aligned”

As Bruce Wayne you become immune from investigation and as Batman you become the Vigilante. Although the Innocents are after you, just as well as the Mafia, it is your job to take out the Mafia. With your trusted assistant Alfred (******), who has investigative powers, you must take down the Mafia. However you must also uses these powers to find “The Green Arrow” (who is working on his own- “Individual”) before he kills you and convert him onto the good side.

You win when all threats to Gotham have been demolished.

(You are allowed to talk to ****** outside the thread)

With the fall of one hero, we look to sky and see

But what side is he on? Time will tell?

With 25 left, its 13 for a lynch as Day 2 Begins.....

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